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Cyber Week Sale 2022 is just around the corner, and all eyes are on Surfer SEO Black Friday Deals.

Everyone wants to improve their SEO game without spending a lot of time, effort, or money.

In such a case, tools like Surfer SEO come in.

Surfer SEO is the content intelligence tool that connects content strategy, creation, and optimization into a streamlined process, helping content marketers grow their brand’s visibility, search traffic, and ultimately revenue.

So don’t miss the upcoming Surfer SEO Black Friday deals if you wish to improve your SEO results.

Sign up below and get an instant 42% off SurferSEO plans and some exclusive perks.

What is Surfer SEO Black Friday Deal in 2022?

As part of the Surfer Black Friday Cyber Monday deal, the company provides a whopping 42% discount on annual subscriptions made upfront or a 10% discount on monthly subscriptions in the first six months.

All plans include a content planner and SERP analyzer as standard.

Besides that, Surfer SEO offers exclusive Black Friday perks when it reaches a certain number of deals (subscriptions sold) from level 1 to level 5.

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  • Level 1 (250 subscriptions sold): Unlimited Organizations seats
  • Level 2 (500 subscriptions sold): +30% Audit credits
  • Level 3 (1000 subscriptions sold): +2 Grow Flow projects
  • Level 4 (1500 subscriptions sold): +30% Content Editor credits
  • Level 5 (2000 subscriptions sold): Secret perk to be announced

Surfer SEO Black Friday Pricing Plans

The Surfer SEO Black Friday Cyber Monday deals start on 25 November 2022 and will last until 29 November 2022 (Cyber Monday).

The company offers a 10% discount on monthly subscriptions for the first six months or a 42% discount on annual subscriptions during the sale.

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Surfer SEO Black Friday Pricing Plans: 42% OFF

Please check out the Surfer Black Friday sale pricing plans below.

Surfer SEO PlanDiscounted Price (42% OFF)Regular PriceLink
Basic $411.6 for 1 Year$59/MonthBuy Surfer Basic
Pro$831.6 for 1 Year$119/MonthBuy Surfer Pro
Business$1,671.6 for 1 Year$239/MonthBuy Surfer Business

SurferSEO offers a 10% discount on monthly subscriptions for 6 months or a fixed 42% discount on annual plans when paying upfront.

For your convenience, I have provided both discounted prices and regular monthly prices in the above table.

In the following section, you’ll find a detailed breakdown of Surfer SEO’s pricing.

1. Surfer Basic Plan

Key Features:

  • Optimize and track 2 high-impression websites and unlimited low-impression websites
  • Receive SEO insights ‍every 7 days
  • Write and optimize 10 articles per month with Content Editor
  • Audit 20 pages per month
  • Free NLP for the first Month
  • One team member

Regular Price: $59/Month

Discounted Price: $53.1/month for six months or $411.6 for 1 year (if paid annually)

2. Surfer Pro Plan

Key Features:

  • Optimize and track 5 high-impression websites and unlimited low-impression websites
  • Receive SEO insights ‍every 7 days
  • Write and optimize 30 articles per month with Content Editor
  • Audit 60 pages per month
  • Free NLP
  • 3 team members

Regular Price: $119/Month

Discounted Price: $107.1/month for six months or $831.6 for 1 year (if paid annually)

3. Surfer Business Plan

Key Features:

  • Optimize and track 10 high-impression websites and unlimited low-impression websites
  • Receive SEO insights ‍every 7 days
  • Write and optimize 70 articles per month with Content Editor
  • Audit 140 pages per month
  • Free NLP
  • Dedicated backlink building and metric reports
  • 10 team member
  • API Acess and while-labeling support

Regular Price: $239/Month

Discounted Price: $215.1/month for six months or $1,671.6 for 1 year (if paid annually)

How to Activate Surfer SEO Black Friday Cyber Monday Deals?

Here is a complete guide on how to activate the Surfer SEO Black Friday deals and save big.

Step 1: Visit the Surfer SEO Black Friday sale page by clicking this link.

Surfer Black Friday Sale 2022 Landing PagePin

Step 2: Hit the GET 30% OFF button.

Step 3: It will redirect your to the Surfer Black Friday pricing section.

Surfer Black Friday Sale 2022 Pricing PlansPin

Step 4: Pick an appropriate Surfer plan from Basic, Pro, and Business that fits your needs. You can save a flat 42% by purchasing the Surfer annual subscription.

Step 5: Sign up for Surfer by entering your email address or password. Alternatively, you can Sign up with Google.

Surfer Black Friday Sale 2022 Sign up Page, Sign up to SurferPin

Step 6: Enter your credit card details, billing email, and other personal information.

Step 7: Review the Order Summary and if everything looks good, click Purchase to complete your order. 

Congratulations! You have now successfully redeemed the Surfer SEO Black Friday Cyber Monday deals.

Why Should You Use Surfer SEO?

Surfer SEO is undoubtedly a powerful on-page SEO tool that serves a wide range of purposes.

It helps you improve your content, thus, your search engine rankings and organic traffic.

In the following section, we’ll look at some top Surfer features.

1. 500+ Ranking Factors

Surfer SEO’s unique algorithm analyzes your article for over 500 ranking factors and suggests the most effective changes possible to improve your article’s ranking.

You can use Surfer’s analysis to gain insights into search visibility, backlinks, content structure, media, and web page quality.

2. Content Editor

The Surfer Content Editor tool enables you to write highly readable articles that rank high in search engines. 

In addition to providing you with an SEO-optimized content structure and a detailed list of relevant keywords, Surfer’s Content Score also offers real-time feedback on overall on-page optimization.

Using the built-in Outline Builder, you can easily create a detailed outline or content brief with unique headings and questions.

Additional features like authenticity checks (plagiarism detection) and multilingual support make Surfer Content Editor an excellent option for writers and marketers.

3. Keyword Research

You can find plenty of keywords associated with your primary keyword with Surfer’s powerful keyword research tool.

With the Keyword Surfer extension, you can access the keyword research feature for free.

However, premium subscriptions unlock topic clustering and other advanced SEO features that help you take your SEO game to the next level.

4. NLP Support

NLP refers to Natural Language Processing. Google’s NLP algorithms interpret your text’s meaning, structure, and sentiment. They evaluate your content’s relevance to your niche, which impacts your ranking. 

Surfer extracts relevant words and phrases based on your main keyword using natural language processing (NLP). 

Surfer’s NLP-based guidelines will let you know what terms to use, where to use them, and how often to use them – so that Google understands that your content is highly relevant to your target query.

5. Surfer Content Planner

With Surfer’s Content Planner tool, you can create topic clusters to establish topical authority and demonstrate your expertise. 

It lets you find dozens of relevant topic clusters based on your primary keyword, saving you hours of research.

Therefore, you can plan and execute a successful content strategy that yields tangible results.

6. SEO Audit

Surfer analyzes top pages and calculates your content’s performance. Insufficient keyword density in headings, keyword stuffing, and other factors can prevent you from catching up with your competitors. 

In addition to suggesting ways to fix these issues, the SEO Audit tool also provides recommendations on improving already published content.

The tool can also help you discover missing terms on your pages and provide automatic internal link suggestions.

7. Integrations with Popular Apps

Besides the Surfer API and Keyword Surfer Google Chrome extension, the software integrates with a few popular apps like Jasper AI, Semrush, WordPress, and Google Docs.

As a result, you can write, optimize, and publish content quickly and effortlessly. 

For example, Jasper and Surfer integration has proven a big time saver for many SEO writers.

Surfer Pros and Cons

Please check out the Surfer pros and cons below before you activate the Black Friday deal.

Surfer Pros

  • An intuitive user interface
  • A built-in keyword research tool
  • SEO Audit tool with NLP terms recommendations
  • Content Planner to build effective topic clusters
  • Content Editors with a shareable link option for seamless collaboration
  • Automatic internal link suggestions
  • Keyword Surfer Google Chrome extension
  • Free Outline Generator
  • 30-day money-back guarantee for all new customers
  • Extensive learning resources
  • 24/7 live chat support

Surfer Cons

  • Beginners may find it expensive
  • A Surfer free trial is not available

Surfer SEO Black Friday Deals: FAQs

If you have questions about Surfer SEO, please refer to the FAQ section below.

1. What is Surfer SEO?

Surfer SEO is a popular content intelligence tool that assists in optimizing written content. The software analyzes content against hundreds of on-page signals and provides suggestions on how to improve it. It also includes a keyword research tool.

2. Is Surfer SEO free?

Surfer SEO is a paid content optimization tool, and there is no free trial available. However, the company offers a 7-day money-back guarantee on your purchases.

3. What is NLP analysis in Surfer SEO?

The term NLP refers to Natural Language Processing. The key objective of this approach is to help search engines gain a deeper understanding of the content and its context by analyzing the page’s context, entities, and sentiment. Besides that, it also recognizes the user’s intent and the sentiment of the overall message.

4. What is Surfer SEO Content Editor?

The Surfer SEO Content Editor is an AI-powered text editor that analyzes the prominence of each word on your competitors’ pages and then provides you with the most accurate and competitive guidelines to help you optimize your content. In addition, it allows you to quickly review your work and make necessary edits to create content that is both readable and search engine friendly.

5. How do you get a high score on Surfer SEO?

Expand your content piece to the recommended length. Include paragraphs, headings, and images where necessary. Make sure to add a good blend of your primary keyword, Surfer-suggested keywords, and NLP entities, especially in the first few paragraphs. 

6. Which Surfer SEO plan should I choose?

If you are a blogger or freelancer, the Surfer SEO Basic plan is enough for you. This plan offers access to 10 content editors/month, 20 audits/month, free NLP for the first month, and access to most Surfer features. However, if you run a content marketing agency and need more credits per month, you should choose the Surfer SEO Pro or Business plan.

7. What is Surfer’s refund policy?

Surfer offers an unconditional 7-day money-back guarantee. So if Surfer does not meet your expectations, let their customer service know within seven days, and you will get a full refund.

Surfer SEO Black Friday Sale 2022: Summary

Surfer offers AI-driven content guidelines for a reasonable price. 

You can optimize your content with the most-powerful on-page SEO suite and achieve higher rankings in search results with fewer backlinks.

Successful redemption of the Surfer SEO Black Friday deal allows you access to all Surfer features, including Content Editor, NLP entities, SEO audit, Content Planner, Keyword Research, SERP analyzer, and many more.

Surfer allows you to tweak your content and get stellar results for your SEO campaigns with minimal effort.

Hurry up! Surfer Black Friday Cyber Monday discount offers are available for a limited time.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity!

Surfer SEO Black Friday Deals

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Name: Surfer SEO

Description: Surfer integrates content strategy, creation, and optimization into a seamless process - assisting content teams in improving brand visibility, organic traffic, and conversions. If you want to automate routine tasks and empower your creativity with complex data, check out Surfer SEO Black Friday deals and save up to 42% off the regular pricing plans. Plus, you will receive exclusive bonuses if specific sales figures are met.

Offer price: 411.6

Currency: USD

Operating System: Linux

Application Category: SEO Tools

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