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If you’re searching for the best Pinterest scheduling app or Instagram automation tool, then you should not miss the Tailwind Black Friday deals.

Every website or blog needs targeted traffic to grow their online business. Pinterest is the best free platform to promote your visual content, including images, infographics, and video clips.

Similarly, Instagram is also a top social media network focusing on visual content. 

By combining your efforts and power of Tailwind automation, you can drive tons of referral traffic, engagement and followers.

If you have set up sales funnel properly, then you may get leads and sales on demand.

What is Tailwind Black Friday Deal?

Tailwind is offering 33% off when you purchase an annual subscription as well as one month free credits for its new customers.

Registered non-profit businesses can get 50% off on any plan.

Usually, Tailwind monthly plan costs $14.99 and you can schedule up to 400 pins per month. 

If you want to signup for a monthly plan, then you can get 1 month of free subscription.

However, I recommend you to get the annual subscription of the Tailwind scheduler because:

  1. You’ll get a huge 33% discount on any tailwind plan when you purchase yearly membership.
  2. You can schedule unlimited pins.

People who know the power of Pinterest should invest in the annual subscription of Tailwind.

Yes, we are using Tailwind since the last year and this tool has helped us to grow our traffic and lead generation.

Tailwind Annual Subscription Plus PlanPin
Tailwind Plus Plan (Annual Subscription 2018-19)
Tailwind Plus Plan (Annual Subscription 2019-20)Pin
Tailwind Plus Plan (Annual Subscription 2019-20)

How to Activate Tailwind Black Friday Deals?

If you have decided to purchase a Tailwind subscription, then follow the step-by-step process mentioned here to get your discount. You’ll also receive free access to our Tailwind Tribe.

Step 1: Visit the Tailwind Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals page.

Step 2: You’ll receive $15 Tailwind credit by signing through our referral link

Step 3: Sign up to Tailwind with Pinterest or Instagram depending on which social media platform you want to automate.

Remember, Tailwind allows only one social media account for Plus users.

Step 4: You may need to verify your mobile number or email address to continue using the services. iOS users can download the Tailwind app.

Step 5: Pick the monthly or yearly subscription of Tailwind (we recommend buying an annual plan) and complete the transaction using a credit card.

Step 6: People with an entrepreneurial mindset and bloggers who want to unleash the true power of Pinterest marketing can upgrade to Unlimited PowerUp Bundle.

Step 7: Log in to your Tailwind dashboard and start scheduling your best pins. You can also use the Tailwind Publisher Google Chrome extension for quick scheduling.

Step 8: Join the relevant Tailwind tribes to boost your social media marketing efforts.

Keep rocking and you’ll see amazing results with Tailwind.

Top 5 Reasons to Buy Tailwind Black Friday Deals

Tailwind is an official Pinterest partner for content marketing and an official Instagram partner for community management.

Compared to other scheduling applications, you have fewer chances of getting banned from Pinterest or Instagram unless you’re spamming or violating their TOS.

Here are a few more benefits of using the Tailwind app for Pinterest and Instagram scheduling. 

1. Simple UI

You don’t need to spend hours learning how to use the Tailwind app. This tool has a minimal user interface and even a beginner can start scheduling content in minutes.

You can access all menus, scheduled pins, tribes, SmartLoop, and other options from your dashboard.

I have used many other social media automation tools, but Tailwind has the best UI among all of them.

2. Best Time for Posting Content

Tailwind finds the best time for sharing the content by analyzing when your posts get maximum engagement.

This simple feature enables you Pins or Instagram posts to reach the maximum audience.

3. Multiple Ways to Schedule Content

You can schedule content by directly uploading pins to the Tailwind app, using Tailwind Publisher chrome extension, or directly from the Tailwind suggested feed or tribes.

Tailwind Pinterest and Instagram SchedulerPin
Tailwind Pinterest and Instagram Scheduler

You will never face any difficulties to get content to share on your account or boards.

Although we encourage to create maximum pins or Instagram posts to schedule via Tailwind, sharing other people’s content helps you grow faster and build genuine followers.

4. SmartLoop

Tailwind allows you to share individual posts or schedule repeated content. Using a SmartLoop feature you can reshare your older pins.

Some content may not reach all of the targeted customers for the first time. The SmartLoop ensures that your every pin will get seen by maximum people by sharing it separately on your account.

Additionally, you can set intervals between two consecutive posts to avoid the spammy look. It helps a lot especially when you share a single pin across multiple boards.

5. Easy to Use Analytics

Tailwind Analytics is beneficial to get insights about your account, including an increase in the number of followers and engagement rate.

By studying the results, you can modify your social media marketing strategy or add more efforts.

After using Tailwind for a year, I have decided to continue with this service for Pinterest marketing of my blog.

If you’re a busy person like me, you must consider buying Tailwind Black Friday deals.

Tailwind Pricing

Tailwind plus plan costs $14.99 per month per account that can be used for only a single Pinterest or Instagram profile.

You can schedule or post 400 posts per month along with additional features depending on the social media profile you use.

By purchasing Tailwind annual subscription, you can save 33% as well as unlock unlimited posts scheduling per month.

Tailwind Plus plan for Pinterest allows you to access 5 Tailwind Tribes with 30 monthly submissions, Smartloop feature with a limit of 250 posts per month, and interval pinning.

Tailwind Plus plan for Instagram enables some exciting features such as 1-click hashtag suggestions, Smart.bio custom links, auto posts, and comment monitoring.

Still not convinced?

Get a free Tailwind account and see whether it works for you or not. No credit card required.

You can schedule up to 100 posts using a free trial.

Later you can upgrade your free account to the Tailwind Plus plan by paying standard subscription fees.

Don’t forget to grab $15 credit when you decide to upgrade.

Tailwind FAQs

1. What is Tailwind?

Tailwind is an intuitive social media automation tool that mainly focuses on Pinterest and Instagram. It supercharges your social media marketing by finding the best time to schedule your posts and drive maximum engagement.

2. How much is Tailwind monthly?

Tailwind Plus plan costs $14.99 per month per account. However, you can get a $60 discount by subscribing to its annual plan.

3. How do you use Tailwind on mobile?

I mostly prefer using Tailwind chrome extension and web app, but Tailwind has mobile apps for Android and iOS users. You can use the Tailwind App to schedule your posts for Pinterest and Instagram, edit drafts, and view analytics.

4. Is Tailwind worth the money?

I’m using Tailwind for the last four years, and this tool has helped me improve engagement rate, leads, and affiliate sales coming from my Pinterest account. If you’re a smart blogger or social media marketer, Tailwind is worth every penny you spend purchasing this tool.

Tailwind Black Friday Deals
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Name: Tailwind

Description: Tailwind Black Friday sale is the best time to grab an exclusive 33% discount on your favorite Pinterest and Instagram scheduler app. Get Started for free.

Offer price: 9.99

Currency: USD

Application Category: Social Media Automation

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