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With cyber week just around the corner, it’s the perfect time to start your shopping spree with some fantastic discount offers.

Numerous deals are currently available on popular themes, plugins, SEO tools, AI writing software, web hosting services, and more.

So if you are planning to buy AI writing software for your business, you should check out Copymatic Black Friday deals.

The sale begins on 24 November 2022 (Thanksgiving day) and continues until 29 November 2022 (Cyber Monday).

Copyamtic offers 4 months free with its annual plans during the Black Friday sale, plus an additional 40% off when using a special Copymatic coupon code BF40 within 24 hours of account signing up!

I.e., an exclusive 60% lifetime discount on regular Copymatic pricing plans.

Since the discount offer is only available for a limited time, grab it before time runs out.

How to Activate Copymatic Black Friday Deals in 2022?

Follow the instructions below to take advantage of’s 40% Black Friday discount offer.

Step 1: Click this unique link to reach Copymatic’s Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales page.

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Start Writing For Free

Step 2: Sign up for a Copymatic account by clicking the Start Writing For Free button. You do not require to provide your credit card information.

Copymatic Black Friday Start Free Trial Create Your AccountPin

More importantly, you will receive 1500 free credits to evaluate the quality of Copymatic’s AI-generated content once you complete this step.

Copymatic Onboarding Process Start WritingPin

Step 3: The dashboard displays all copywriting templates and account upgrade information once you log in to your Copymatic account.

Step 4: Press the Upgrade Now button. You’ll automatically receive 20% off if you upgrade within 24 hours of signing up for an account and a 40% lifetime discount by applying an exclusive Copymatic Black Friday coupon code: BF40.

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Note: The billing process will be carried out in your local currency. Since I am an Indian, so the pricing appears in INR (₹). Please don’t worry! Everyone receives the same Copymatic discount regardless of their currency.

Step 5: Proceed to the pricing page. The original and discounted prices are shown here.

Copymatic Black Friday Pricing Plans and DiscountsPin

Step 6: Choose the appropriate plan and click Upgrade Now.

Step 7: The checkout page displays the regular price prominently. Do not be disappointed since no coupons have yet been applied.

Step 8: Enter “BF40” in the Add Promotion Code field to get a 40% discount. A final discounted price will appear on the checkout page.

Step 9: Provide payment details and necessary billing information.

Copymatic Black Friday Sale Checkout Page 40% OFF Lifetime DiscountPin

Step 10: Review your order summary and click the Subscribe button to complete the checkout process. 

Congratulations! You’ve successfully claimed the Copymatic Black Friday deal, saving 40% off.

Copymatic Pricing Plans

Besides the free trial, the company offers two pricing options: Pro and Enterprise.

Copymatic Pricing PlansPin
Copymatic Pricing Plans

You can find more details about Copymatic pricing below.

1. Pro Plan

The Copymatic Pro subscription starts at $9 per month for up to 15,000 AI-word credits. However, when you subscribe annually, you receive four months free, reducing the cost to $6 per month.

During the Black Friday sale, you can get the same plan for as low as $3.6 per month.

The plan has multiple pricing tiers based on the word count requirements (up to 3.2 million words per month).

In addition, you will receive all the Pro features, including unlimited projects, unlimited user seats, SEO keyword research, multilingual support, API access, a WordPress plugin, and 24/7 email support.

The plan includes 5000 words of complimentary plagiarism checker credits. You can purchase additional credits anytime by visiting your Account > Plagiarism Credits.

2. Enterprise Plan

The Copymatic Enterprise plan caters to large companies and agencies with substantial content requirements.

The package includes everything in the Pro subscription, custom tools, advanced integrations, human editing & proofreading, and volume-based pricing.

In addition, you will receive premium technical support, a dedicated account manager, and an SEO campaign manager. 

This plan is a good choice if you want to outsource content writing. Since the package includes human touch, you can rest assured that the content you receive is unique and SEO-friendly.

Copymatic Features

As a result of advanced features and cutting-edge technology, the software lets you create high-converting copies quickly and easily!

No matter what your niche is, Copymatic Pro can generate unlimited written content for you.

Don’t spend all your time creating content or hiring expensive copywriters.

As a result, Copymatic greatly facilitates the copywriting process. 

So let’s look at some Copymatic features that make it an outstanding purchase.

1. Unlimited Content Creation

You can create unlimited content with Copymatic (up to 3.2 million words). 

Copymatic can handle your project quickly and easily, whether short-form content or a full-length article.

You are only limited by your plan’s word limits.

2. More than 70 Content Templates

Copymatic offers 70+ AI content creation templates.

With this AI writing software, you can easily create high-quality content for your blog, website, ads, social media, and even sales page.

While Copymatic offers tools to meet most marketing content creation needs, you can request a new tool by logging into your account.

3. Long-form Article Writer

Copymatic’s long-form article writer is one of my favorite features. 

You can write a 1500-word SEO-optimized article in less than a minute.

Copymatic will automatically create an outline, intro, and full article based on your content title and focus keywords.

This feature can be beneficial when you are extremely busy or aren’t very good at crafting content. 

4. Rewrite suggestions

You can rewrite text to improve its effectiveness using several Copymatic tools, including Article Rewriter, Sentence Rewriter, Grammar Rewriter, and Rewrite With Keyword. 

This feature is handy for people who wish to give their writing a more professional appearance.

5. Built-in Plagiarism Checker

It comes with a plagiarism checker built-in. 

This way, you can ensure that all your content is 100% original.

When you enter your text into the plagiarism checker, Copymatic scans billions of web pages to ensure it is unique.

The Copymatic Pro plan includes 5000 words of plagiarism detection credits, irrespective of the pricing tier.

Additional plagiarism detection credits cost only $2 per 10000 words.

6. 25+ Language Support

With Copymatic’s multilingual support, you can create content in multiple languages.

The Copymatic platform currently supports over 25 languages, including English, French, German, Dutch, Spanish, Hindi, Russian, Greek, and Chinese (Simplified). 

Choose the template, your language preference, and submit your content brief, and let Copymatic handle everything else!

The feature is highly beneficial if you target an international audience or a specific country.

Copymatic Copywriting Tools

Copymatic Black Friday Sale Copymatic Content Templates All AI ToolsPin
Copymatic All AI Tools

Copymatic provides 70+ AI copywriting tools for bloggers and digital marketers. I have provided a few examples below.

  • Article Generator
  • Blog Post Writer
  • Blog Ideas
  • Blog Titles
  • Blog Outline
  • Blog Intros
  • Blog Conclusions
  • Pros and Cons
  • FAQs
  • Startup Name Generator
  • Social Media Posts
  • Instagram Captions
  • Instagram Hashtag Generator
  • Video Titles
  • Video Descriptions
  • Quora Answers
  • Sentence Expander
  • Essay Intros
  • Paragraph Writer
  • Article Rewriter
  • Landing Pages
  • Pain-Agitate-Solution
  • AIDA Formula
  • QUEST Formula
  • Testimonials/Reviews
  • About Us
  • Feature To Benefit
  • Press Releases
  • Cold Emails
  • Email Subject Lines
  • Welcome Emails
  • Follow-up Emails
  • Google Ads Headlines
  • Google Ads Descriptions
  • Review Responder
  • Amazon Product Descriptions

Each tool in the Copymatic collection has its specific advantages.

Therefore, you can use this software to craft 100% original, professional-quality, grammatically correct, and perfectly structured content tailored to your needs.

Copymatic Pros and Cons

Be sure to compare’s pros and cons before going ahead and buying it.

Copymatic Pros

  • The Copymatic Pro plan offers extensive credits (up to 3.2 million words per month) at an affordable price for the AI writing assistant
  • A simple, easy-to-use interface
  • No grammatical, spelling, or structural errors in the output text
  • 70+ content templates to cover most of your writing needs
  • Write 1500 words of SEO-optimized blog posts within seconds with the long-form article writer 
  • All new users can sign up for a Copyamtic free trial; no credit card is required
  • A risk-free 30-day money-back guarantee
  • 24/7 email and live chat support are available
  • 4 months free with annual payments + 40% lifetime discount (limited-time deal)

Copymatic Cons

  • In some cases, plagiarism can exceed 10% of a document’s content 
  • You will only receive a limited number of plagiarism detection credits even if you purchase a higher-tier Copymatic Pro plan

Copymatic Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sales: FAQs

Please check out a few FAQs about the Copymatic Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sales in 2022.

1. What is Copymatic?

Copymatic is an AI-powered content generation tool that helps you create original content quickly and easily.

2. How much does Copymatic cost?

Copymatic has two different pricing plans depending on your content needs. The Pro plan pricing starts at $9/month for 15,000-word credits. In addition, a yearly subscription includes four months of free service. See the Copymatic pricing section above for more information.

3. What are the Copymatic Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals?

The Copymatic Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals feature 4 months of free service for all plans. You’ll also receive a 20% off if you upgrade within 24 hours and a 40% lifetime discount by applying an exclusive Copymatic Black Friday promo code: BF40

4. When do the Copymatic Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sales start and end?

The Copymatic Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sales start on 18 November 2022 and end on 30 November 2022.

5. How can I get the Copymatic Black Friday discounts?

If you want to get Copymatic Black Friday discounts, complete the registration process and apply the special promo code BF40 at checkout.

6. Does Copymatic offer a free trial?

Yes, the company offers a free trial with 1500-word credits to test its AI copywriting tools, including digital ads, blog content, social media, and marketing. Don’t hesitate to give it a try!

7. How good is Copymatic?

Copymatic is undoubtedly one of the best AI content writers. Most importantly, the content is original, creative, and SEO-friendly. The document doesn’t require much editing before it can be published.

We hope you enjoy the Copymatic Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sales!

Copymatic Black Friday Deals: Summary

Copymatic is an AI-based copywriting application powerful enough to handle a wide range of content needs.

The tool facilitates you to create professional-grade content for blogs, landing pages, social media, and digital advertisements, even if you have no prior writing experience.

Furthermore, you can revise content, fix grammatical errors, and check for plagiarism before publishing.

The tool is perfect for bloggers, freelancers, and marketing professionals who want to streamline content creation and boost productivity.

You will receive four months of free access with Copymatic’s annual subscription plus an extra 40% off with the promo code BF40.

Compared to standard Copymatic pricing, that’s a massive 60% discount.

So grab this Copymatic Black Friday deal before it’s too late.

Copymatic Black Friday Deals

Copymatic Black Friday Cyber Monday Deals, Copymatic Logo PNG

Name: Copymatic

Description: Copymatic helps businesses generate high-quality content faster using AI. No matter if you are a blogger, video creator, startup owner, or a large digital marketing agency, Copymatic makes content creation easy and affordable. So take advantage of the latest Copymatic Black Friday deals and enjoy four months of free access with an annual subscription + 40% lifetime discount.

Offer price: 3.6

Currency: USD

Operating System: Linux

Application Category: AI Copywriting Tools

Author: Ankit Main


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