10 Killer Strategies to Find Blog Post Ideas That Go Viral

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Are you a blogger or a content writer struggling to find killer blog post ideas?

Are you ending with an indefinite result & can’t write that seems compelling & engaging?

Don’t worry!

I’m here to help you.

In this article, I’m going to reveal where you can find blog post ideas that go viral and make people read your content.

But before starting out here’s something for you.

The companies that published 16+ blog posts per month received almost 350% more traffic and 450% more leads than their competitors who published 0-4 posts per month. (Source: HubSpot)

It means you can’t neglect the power of content marketing and minimum posts getting published per month, can you?

Absolutely not!

If you want to drive more traffic to your site, you must work on your content first. You have to produce ultimately qualitative & unique content which are helpful to your audience. You have to write more than 1500+ words article to boost your SEO score & tell your topic in depth.

But you have seen almost every topic is covered prominently before you & already ranking on the first page of SERP.

Whenever you find a keyword or a phrase related to your niche, you’ll get tons of search results in front of you. Google or any other search engine will display all related & high-quality content from industry experts in your browser.

You might think then what’s left to write?

Where to find the ideas to craft unique content that will attract people & appeal to their problems?

Or, you can ask where to steal blog ideas for writing the next posts.

I mentioned stealing blog ideas. Really?

Yes, stealing ideas (not contents). LOL!

Or, I mean to say where to get the ideas that can be helpful to your audience.

Finding better ideas & crafting them into an extraordinary copy is an important part of your blogging. By doing that you can boost your blog readership too.

Here you’ll get how & where to locate the killer ideas for your upcoming blog post.

1. Google Is Like The Magic Lamp of Aladdin

You might have read the story of Aladdin & his magic lamp. He used to rub the magic lamp, and the genie does his work.

The same thing is about Google. It’s your magic tool. You can get your all work done from it.

Now, you may ask how it is possible.

Yes! It’s possible to use Google as a magical tool. Google has so many features that you can use to get tons of ideas for your next blog post.

Google Search

Whenever you search for any topic, Google displays thousands of results within a few microseconds. It opens an entire library of resources & you can easily pick any one article for your reference. Just place a keyword in a search box and hit enter, and you’ll amaze by the power of Google.

Go through all top search results & study them thoroughly. You’ll get ideas and same time some valuable information too.

Google also has the auto-complete feature which suggests the top recommendations for your query based on top searches.

Google Trends

If you haven’t used Google trends, then you’re missing a big deal about blog ideas. It’s a useful tool to find what’s hot going on.

You always can’t go with your passion if you’re planning to earn big & quick. So being with trends is very important.

With Google trends, you can find tons of ideas that are categorized according to the region, top charts, related topics, etc.

Blogging ideas Google trends
Google trends

You can find YouTube’s top searches with the help of Google trends. And, the most important is that you can subscribe to Google Trends to get ideas directly into your inbox.


What do you do when you get stuck on a problem?

You ask your friends or relatives for help.

But sometimes they also don’t have any perfect solution.

What do you do at that time?

You search online, most probably, on YouTube.

Am I right?

And, that’s your most useful resource to get ideas for your next blog post.

Find the most viewed YouTube videos in your niche and try to write a skyscraper blog post about it. It’ll not just help to bring a quality article, but your traffic will be boosted tremendously.

You’ll also get expert advice from YouTube videos. Many channels post quality videos that you can use to get new ideas.

There are lots of YouTubers & finding an expert is a bit difficult task. So, make sure you have subscribed to authority channels only in your niche to get updates whenever they publish new videos.

Google AdWords

Though Google has changed the interface of AdWords, it’s still a very useful tool to get ideas for your blog post.

You know that Google is the no. 1 search engine in the world & has reach into almost every niche of the World.

Then why not leverage the power of Google?

Don’t you get it?

Let me explain.

Google is a powerful search engine & present in every corner of the world. It knows where the people accessing any particular topic & what is the number of searches. I have told you this before.

But why AdWords & how to use it?

When you sign in to your Google AdWords account, it will give you access to its Keyword Planner tool. Just type your keyword & it’ll give you no. of searches & other relevant topic keywords or phrases similar to yours. It’s great, isn’t it?

Use this method & get thousands of new ideas in just a few clicks. If you’re not working on a competitive niche, this method will be a path-breaker for you.

If you use this technique, let me know your feedback.

2. Social Media Channels

You have been using social media channels for a long time. Have you ever thought that social media will help you to get new ideas for your blog post?

Probably not.

There are nearly hundreds of social media channels that you can utilize for your sake. I have listed a few of them below. You’ll get tons of ideas from social media & no matter for which niche you have been working.

See the following list.

Though it’s small, you can get what I’m going to say.


If you are blogging now, then you definitely have a Facebook account.

Am I right?

It’s rare to find a blogger who doesn’t have a Facebook account. Whatever your niche is, you’ll get your Facebook feed full of new posts every day.

Bonus Tip: Don’t neglect Facebook ads. If you find ways to get ideas from Facebook ads, it is again beneficial to get more traffic.

Another important tip to get ideas about your blog post is to like the high-quality Facebook pages in your niche & joining the Facebook groups.

Whenever something new is posted, you can get it on your Facebook feed & by screening all ideas, you can get enough to write on every single day.


Twitter is another popular social media channel and is very beneficial for getting new ideas for your blog post. Follow the influencers in your niche & your inbox will get flooded with tons of new ideas every day.


Though you’ll get maximum benefits for fashion, traveling, etc., other niches also receive tons of ideas from Instagram. Basically, it’s a photo & video sharing channel, but you can utilize it for your own purpose.

New trends in the fashion industry, different gears, tech accessories, and a lot more can be found on Instagram.


If you’re leveraging social media for blogging, then you can’t underestimate the power of Pinterest.

“Pinterest is the world’s catalog of ideas.” The sentence explains itself. If you haven’t gone through Pinterest then first of all land there. It’s an ultimate resource, or I mean to say the gold mine for new ideas for your next blog post.

You’ll find images, infographics & much more on Pinterest along with the link to the source. It’ll help you to flourish your content & make it lively.

There are many other social channels like Reddit, LinkedIn, Stumble Upon, etc., and you can use them in similar ways as I said earlier.

3. Q and A Sites

If you really want to do something different & write a killer copy (not actually), then question & answer sites are the place to look. There are plenty of Q&A sites around the web like Quora, wikiHow, Yahoo Answers, Stack Overflow, Answerbag, etc. You can find millions of people accessing these sites & asking their queries. If you surf properly, you’ll get uncountable ideas for your blog posts.

Quora blog ideas
Quora Blog Ideas

Bonus Tip: Find the unanswered questions on these sites and try to write the articles and share them with the audience. It’s not a tip for getting more ideas but also massive traffic when you build authority.

4. Forums to Find Blog Post Ideas

Are you a member of any forum or group?


Then you should join the forums & start the conversation with your fellow guys & make friends there.

You’ll notice many people especially, newbies have a lot of queries & problems. Offering them help with your blog posts on these particular topics can be an excellent idea.


Someone is asking me how to select the best web hosting. Then I can easily write at least 5-10 posts for web hosting including the features that a web hosting service should offer or reviews for different web hosting services.

Take another example,

A week ago a person ask me what is better to go with, Blogger or WordPress.

I write a blog post for this question & invite him to read my article. He got his answer & I got a reader.

It’s nice, isn’t it?

5. Steal The Diamonds-Study of Authority Blogs

It’s a controversial subheading, I know it, but I don’t mean it.

I’m not saying to steal the real diamonds, that will be the worst idea & don’t dare to do that. You may get punished & send to jail.

Stealing the diamonds means getting ideas from top blogs from your niche.

Suppose, my blog is about copywriting then how I can forget about Copyblogger if I’m writing about SEO then Backlinko is the obvious choice for me to get ideas & study material.

These are just examples. You’ll find many authority resources for your niche. Take a tour & find which blog is filled up with quality stuff & study their strategies. You’ll definitely get many ideas from there.

And, if you’re too lazy, don’t worry. Subscribe to the newsletters for such excellent resources & get the ideas in your mailbox.

How is this idea? Nice, Huh?

But be careful, don’t copy the contents from these blogs or from anywhere.

Every blogger works hard on his content and stealing is completely unethical. Just grab the ideas & create your own copy because people know what is original.

And, just for knowledge,

“An original is always worth more than a copy.”

6. Work with Your Competitors

You might think what nonsense is this?

But this is a great strategy to get ideas for your next blog post.

Believe it or not, but putting your hands forward for friendship with your competitors is an excellent idea.


No one is perfect & he should be missing something or can’t post on some topics where you can get the chance. Try to create heart-touching content for that topic and get the rock.

Making friends is better & it will help in getting ideas, sharing your content, and building authority by getting some backlinks.

Actually, this is not our topic. So leave it on one side.

But how is the idea to get more ideas?

On another hand, you can steal your competitor’s keywords using some SEO tools like SEMRush and KWFinder.

7. Walk Through The Comments in Section

Do you just read an article & move on to another? or do you leave comments or at least read the comments given by other people?

If not, please go to the comment section of every blog post you read. People ask some queries or leave feedback to add certain points to that particular post. Some of them add links to similar useful resources.

So from today, don’t forget to read comments on the blog posts at least for the posts by influencers in your niche.

It’s important not because the post is written by the expert but because the people are engaging in conversation. It is a good sign that the topic is a favorite.

Fill your arsenal with these comments & questions listed on the posts of industry leaders & target your aim for the months upcoming.

8. Engage with Your Readers

If you are really not getting powerful ideas for your blog posts or you’re exhausted, ask your regular readers what they want to read.

Getting a reader poll is a super idea to write your next blog post.

Giving a chance to your audience to speak their mind will build a healthy & sustainable relationship as well as develop a reputation among your readers.

People will likely accept your invitation & give their poll what they want. It’ll help you to build a long-term venture by creating in-depth & valuable content for your readers.

9. Leverage the Power of Keyword Research Tools

Are you already using the tools like Semrush, KWFinder, or BuzzSumo?

Then you must be knowing that how useful these tools are. There are plenty of tools to find the keywords & you’ll get the search results, high-ranking sites & other useful resources.

Suppose, you are using Semrush and type the word smartphones, you’ll get the results & similar keywords with the number of results, demographics, and top sites for that particular keyword.

And, it’s just fun. You can use free as well as premium tools. I’ve already listed a few of them here.

10. Look at Your Surrounding

Again confusing, Huh?

Not that much. What do you think about any particular thing when it becomes familiar to you?


It’s just a regular thing for you. But for other people, it may be new & unknown, and it’s true that people are curious about new things they see.

So observe your surroundings, I’m sure you’ll come up with uncountable ideas when you’ll go to bed. Not just the environment but books, people, the internet, and news. all you find useful in your daily life are the resources for the ideas.

The great resources among them are magazines & television shows. Both will provide you with everything you need i.e. blog ideas eye-catchy headlines and even the content. Find the most trendy & hottest among all your surfing and pick for your next post.

You have to make sure that you’re not only watching but observing something. That’s it.

The last but not the least important thing is to write down your ideas because we humans tend to forget & it’s obvious.

Write down all your thoughts & concepts you get from anywhere either on paper or in digital form. You can even take photos of what you think is necessary.

And, don’t forget you are human & your brain can produce thousands of ideas itself.

Wrapping Up

I have revealed the most valuable resources to find the ideas for your next blog post.

Mining ideas have always been a challenging task but not now. These tips can make you happy & simplify your way to get numerous of ideas.

So use them and create high-quality blog posts to keep your reader engaged.

I hope you have found new ideas to get more ideas for your next blog posts. If you have anything to add to this article, please let me know in the comments box below.

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