How to Increase Website Traffic Fast

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“How to increase website traffic fast?” is the first question that comes to everyone’s mind after starting a new website.

Traffic generation is a very hot topic.

You’ll find millions of blog articles claiming to drive massive website traffic overnight, which is not possible unless you have spent enough time nurturing your blog/website.

Viral marketing and paid advertising are the other two ways to drive huge website traffic, but it requires proper knowledge and a significant budget (for ads).

Driving a ton of website traffic is not magic. That’s why you’ll need proper strategies to get consistent visits.

You might have tried many traffic generation techniques before visiting this article but didn’t get any success.

Don’t worry!

I will discuss how to increase website traffic by 200% in just 30 days. I’m sure that you’ll love these traffic generation techniques.

How to Increase Website Traffic Fast

Skyscraper Content

How to Increase Website Traffic Fast via Skyscraper Content Technique
Skyscraper Content

You might have heard many times that the content is the king.

Producing great content is the first step in generating massive website traffic.

However, you can use the content skyscraper technique to get consistent traffic for a long time.

What is the skyscraper technique?

In simple words, the skyscraper technique means creating 10X valuable content that solves audience problems.

First of all, find what problems people face and search for quality articles in that niche. 

You’ll find the most relevant articles on search engine results’ first couple of pages.

Now, find the contents that have not been updated for a long time. Sometimes, you may need in-depth research, but it is worth your effort. 

You can also try to locate the trending and long-tail organic keywords.

Google Keyword Planner and other free keyword research tools boost your keyword research.

However, you can leverage premium SEO tools, including Semrush and Ahrefs, to get a holistic view of keyword metrics.

The next step is to create a better version of the existing content available on the web. 

Study high-authority web articles/journals and create engaging content so that every person reads it till the last word.

For example,

Someone has written about three tips to get a flat belly; try to write an article about 15 tips to get a flat belly in just three months. 

However, never make fake promises. Do proper research before creating your content.

The next step is strategically promoting that content using SEO, email marketing, social media channels, and other ways.

It’s not an easy task, but it’s a powerful method to drive massive website traffic over the long run.


How to Increase Website Traffic Fast via Facebook
Facebook Marketing

Even in 2024, Facebook remained the king of social media.

You can’t afford to ignore Facebook marketing whether you want to use its free features or leverage Facebook’s paid adverts for broader reach.

Here are the top ways to promote your content on Facebook and receive good referral traffic.

  1. Share website content on your Facebook Timeline.
  2. Participate in various niche-relevant Facebook groups and share your link if allowed.
  3. Build an online community around your website in the form of a Facebook page or group to share the latest news and product updates.
  4. Post Facebook stories
  5. Add Facebook like box or buttons on your website.
  6. Run Viral marketing campaigns with memes and engaging videos
  7. Run paid advertisements for quicker results.


How to Increase Website Traffic Fast via Twitter Marketing
Twitter Marketing

Twitter is another popular social media network, with 666 M monthly active users

Whenever you create new content or update your old posts, don’t forget to share them on Twitter.

You can also add a Twitter Follow/Share button on your website. 

If people like your content, most probably, they’ll share it as a tweet and follow you on Twitter.

You can use the content locker to force people to share your content.

However, make sure that you’ve locked the important content only, and it becomes available immediately after clicking on the tweet button.

Important: Don’t spoil the user experience while doing that. Treat your audience in such a way that they feel you’re taking advantage of their need.

Advanced users can run Twitter ads to reach a target audience and drive more website traffic. 


How to Increase Blog Traffic with Pinterest
Pinterest Marketing

Pinterest is a social media network and a popular image search engine. 

With over 442M monthly active users, Pinterest is a great source of referral traffic.

Plus, Pinterest calls itself ‘the world’s catalogue of ideas.’ 

Many people share their creative work, especially images, and infographics, on Pinterest. 

You can get ideas and create attractive visual content that drives massive website traffic.

Group boards and tribes (via the Tailwind app) are the other two ways to become a successful Pinterest marketer. 

Since ~97% of Pinterest’s top searches are unbranded, you have a great opportunity to get a pool of targeted traffic that eventually converts into leads or sales.

If you want to know how to increase website traffic with Pinterest, here are a few quick tips:

  1. Always create fresh pins. You can use free graphic designing apps such as Canva or Crello.
  2. Convert your Pinterest account into a Business account, verify your site, and enable rich pins.
  3. Join various niche-relevant group boards and contribute the best content to these boards.
  4. Use Pinterest automation tools such as Tailwind to create and schedule pins. 
  5. Analyze your Pinterest account to see top-performing content and create similar pins.
  6. Create video pins.
  7. If you’re using the Tailwind app, take advantage of its unique features, including an automated pin creation tool, smartloop, pin intervals, and exclusive communities called tribes.


Using Youtube to Drive Traffic to Your Website
YouTube Marketing

YouTube is the second-largest search engine and the most popular online video-sharing platform, with over 2 billion monthly logged-in users.

You can’t afford to miss it, especially when you’re searching for how to increase website traffic fast.

However, YouTube marketing isn’t limited to creating videos and uploading them to your channel, waiting for people to consume them.

First of all, choose a topic and find high-volume/profitable keywords. Record a video or create a screencast if you don’t want to show your face.

Edit your video to give it a professional touch. 

Upload it to your YouTube channel, write an attractive title/description, and add relevant tags.

Don’t forget to add your blog’s link in the description and mention it in your video. 

Finally, share the video link to your blog, Facebook, Twitter, and other places to boost it.

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