13 Proven Ways to Increase Website Traffic Fast

How to increase Website Traffic
13 Proven Ways to Increase Website Traffic Fast

“How to increase website traffic fast?”

It’s the first question you might have asked yourself when you started your blog or website.

Am I right?

Ever since blogging has existed or mostly in the last few years, it’s a very hot topic.

You’ll find millions of blog & articles claiming to drive a massive website traffic overnight, which is not possible unless you have spent enough time in nurturing your blog/website, have knowledge of viral marketing or a massive budget for paid advertising.

Driving a ton of website traffic is not a magic that’s why you’ll need proper strategies to get consistent visits.

You might have tried so many techniques before landing here without any significant results.

Don’t worry.

In this article, I will show you how I increase my blog traffic by 400% in just 30 days. I’m sure that you will love these techniques to get massive traffic to your website.

How to Increase Website Traffic Fast – 13 Legit Ways

1. Skyscraper technique

You’ might have heard that the Content is the king for millions of time.

What if I say it’s not 100% right?

Producing a great piece of content is the first step in generating massive website traffic but you’ll need to use the skyscraper technique to get consistent traffic for a long time.

But what is skyscraper technique?

In simple words, the skyscraper technique means creating 10X valuable content that solves audience problem.

First of all, find what problems people are facing and parallelly search for the quality articles in that niche. You’ll see most of them on the first couple of pages of search engine results.

Now, find the contents which are not updated over a long time. Sometimes you may need an in-depth research but worth your efforts. Also, try to locate the trending & long tail keywords for which people are searching.

You can use BuzzSumo, SEMRush or even free tool by Google-Keyword Planner.

The second step of this technique is to create mind-blowing contents better than the existing on the web. Study high authority articles/journals and craft your copy in such a way that every reader should read it till the last word.


Someone has written about 11 tips to get the flat belly, try to write an article about 101 tips to get a flat belly in just three months, etc. But don’t fake it. Do proper research & then create contents.

I know it’s not an easy kind of jobs, but you should do this. (Don’t copy anything, only get ideas from others to create your copy better).

The third step is the most critical because you’ll have to promote your contents in every possible way whether it’s social media, email marketing or other channels.

It’s a very powerful method to drive massive website traffic over the long run.

2. Social Media Promotion

Social Media marketing is one of the simplest ways to drive huge website traffic. Optimizing your accounts, executing proper methods and analyzing the results could make your site go viral in just a few weeks.

Since social media promotion is almost free for everyone (if you are not using PPC advertisements), you can get a ton of targeted users to your blog who may become your customer in future.

I have listed some of the most popular social media channels & explained how to use them to get more traffic to your blog.

A. Facebook

Even in 2016, the Facebook remains the king of the social media. So, you can’t afford to ignore Facebook marketing whether you want to use its free features or leverage the wider reach of Facebook through paid adverts.

#1. Direct sharing your contents

Facebook gives you an opportunity to connect with your friends, family, relatives and sometimes your professional network. It’s may or may not be great to share your blog posts directly to your Facebook profile.

If you blog about something that relates to your friends, then you may receive a good amount of referral traffic.

Caution: Don’t spam your Facebook profile with irrelevant articles or links that don’t add value to your friends.

#2. Facebook Page

If you want to grow up your blog to the next level, then create a Facebook page. It’s not only a mean of blog post sharing but also the easiest way to get thousands of fans.

Don’t forget to optimize your Facebook fan page and have professional yet out of the box design.

It’s always better to add your logo as a profile picture while the Cover image can contain a short intro video, banner with CTA or minimal design that helps you in branding your website or business.

There is one more benefit of having a Facebook page.

You can run the FB ads to quickly grow your business website, get likes, comments, shares as well as website clicks.

#3. Add Facebook Like Box/ Buttons on your web page

If you don’t have Facebook like the box and Like/Share Buttons on your web page consider adding them. Facebook Like is the social version of digital marketing.

You may have also heard that sharing is caring, so add the Facebook share button to your every single page.

#4. Facebook Groups

It’s again going to drive a huge & consistent traffic on your blog. When you’d have got enough fans, then create a Facebook group (Let it be a closed group). These fans will always remain in your touch & you’ll get a sufficient number of audience on a regular basis.

It’s not just one; you can join other groups too. If you are performing well, then people will likely to land your blog/website. Only ask the terms & conditions of these groups before joining them.

Having groups is fun, isn’t it?

B. Twitter

Twitter is another social channel to get more visitors. Whenever you’ll create new contents or update your old posts, don’t forget to send them on Twitter.

Also, add Twitter Follow/Share button on your contents. If people like your contents then most probably they’ll follow you on Twitter or share your materials as the tweet.

If you have more researched articles & think that people won’t find that elsewhere, then you can use the Social lock to force people to like or share your content. But always make sure that you’ve locked the important contents only & make them available immediately after clicking on like or share button (Use social locker plugin).

One thing to remember is that don’t spoil user experience while doing that. You should treat your audience as your guest & never let them feel that you’re taking advantage of their need.

C. Pinterest

The Pinterest is a great source to get referral traffic to your blog/website. You know that Pinterest is called itself ‘the world’s catalogue of ideas.’ Many people share their creative work especially images & infographics on Pinterest.

If they are doing then why not you?

Create a Pinterest account & share all your creative work on Pinterest. If you already have done that, then it’s a great thing. You can use your graphic designing skills or even you’re poor in that use Canva. It’s just awesome tool & free for online use.

D. YouTube

I know, creating videos is not a simple task. It needs capturing videos either live or on screen, editing & improving, etc. a lot but it worth doing because you can tell your ideas to your audience efficiently & in a practical way.

You can embed these videos on your blogs too. When you upload these videos to YouTube or other video channels like DailyMotion, you can earn money for these videos & same time the traffic also by only adding a link to your blog & redirecting your audience.

There are other social & professional channels like LinkedIn & Google+, or even you can leverage WhatsApp, WeChat at the initial level.

If you are loyal & have built an excellent blog, then people will definitely love you. Just start, not today but now. Because

The Biggest obstacle in your path to success is fear in your mind what people will say.

For using social media effectively to drive traffic to use content or image sharing plugins like SumoMe or Social Warfare on your blog/website. Because more the shares better will the traffic flow.

3. SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Search Engine Optimization is that you can’t neglect in case. Because if you do proper SEO, you’ll get massive website traffic from the search engines like Google, Yahoo & Bing, etc. (organic traffic).

There’s not a way to boost your SEO traffic overnight if you are doing white hat (ethical) SEO. If you are opting for black hat SEO, then please leave it. Because Google takes it very seriously & penalize you for the unethical practices you made to increase the website traffic.

Don’t buy such courses or website traffic if anyone would offer because you’ll get severely affected & Google will remove you from its index.

Now, take a look at the SEO practices listed here below.

A. On-Page SEO

Improving on page SEO is not difficult, but you must study properly. If you don’t know anything, take help from the web or hire SEO experts.

I’m listing a few important factors affecting your SEO:

#1. Headlines

Focus on crafting better headlines because 80% of people just look for great headlines & only 20% read the rest. (Source)

Craft your headlines in such a way that they’ll get maximum CTR (click through rate) but same time maintain the quality of contents too.

Remember, organic CTR is one of the SEO ranking factors for Google.

Make your headline 7-12 words & around 55-60 characters long. Use proper keywords for what you want to rank for (but don’t stuff keywords).

See 10 Awesome Tips To Create Mind-Blowing Headlines.

#2. Content

Now, head over to your contents. Make sure you have written an excellent copy but long enough probably more than 2000 words.

If you are thinking about 300 words, then it would be the biggest mistake for you. There are millions are blogs live on the internet & if you’re not putting the value, then your contents will fall in SERP.

Only in a few niches where the number of articles or blogs are less, this strategy can survive. If you’re not able to write a long copy, start practicing from now & read more. In case, you’re ready to pay a few bucks then hire a freelance content writer for your blog.

Use subheadings (H1, H2, H3…tags), styling, color schemes appropriately. Use proper content layout.

Here you will find 25 Proven Strategies To Master In Writing An Engaging Copy.

#3. Meta Description

It tells about your web page. Using a proper meta description can get more CTR (click through rate) which is one of the ranking factors for SERP.

Here also, write an attractive description of your post & use keywords correctly. You have just around 150 words to write your meta description, keep it in mind.

#4. Image Optimization

Images are a vital part of the blog post because a single image speaks a thousand words. Adding images is one part of SEO but unnecessarily adding them can increase your page loading time and the same time the bounce rate too.

So optimizing images for search engines is crucial. The first of all add the essential data like ALT tags & title, description, etc. to every image uploaded to your blog/website. And the second one is to check, whether your images have compressed to minimum possible size without compromising quality or not.

The most important thing, if you’re using images from other sources or stock photo sites then consider attributing them correctly.

#5. Navigation

Making on-site navigation easier is another good practice. Enable breadcrumbs which are helpful for the human audience to surf your site & search engine bots to crawl faster.

Interlink your contents to keep your visitors on your blog for the maximum time. And, it’ll reduce your site’s bounce rate too.

Use proper layout & design. Arrange posts in appropriate categories for better retrieval. Consider spending a few bucks for a high-quality premium theme which is designed beautifully & for SEO. You can use a navigation bar or AJAX loading or infinite scroll for your blog for easier navigation.

#6. Improved page speed

Page speed is another important aspect of SEO. People don’t like slow loading sites & eventually switch to other websites. If your site is heavy in loading, then try to make it faster. Optimize your site by removing unnecessary plugins or using a few multipurpose plugins, using CDN (content delivery network) & removing clutter from the web page, etc. The Web hosting is also one part of optimizing the page speed which I have experienced personally. So select better web host with minimum latency & upgraded hardware like fast CPU, more RAM & SSD, etc.

Don’t forget to look for the CSS, JavaScript & HTML optimization. Proper optimization of these codes gives you better loading speed & less bounce rate. Use only a few necessary plugins for this purpose.

I had a similar problem & spend the entire day to bring my blog running smooth.

#7. Technical Errors

It’s the again important to look for your blog/website is running smooth & fine or giving any error like error 404, broken links, etc. If you have broken links, try to get rid of them

Maintain your blog on the priority basis. When people type the address of your web page, they should land on your site & get the specific information they are searching for, not errors.

#8. Submit The XML sitemaps

The last but not the least is adding your site’s XML sitemap to search console. When you add your sitemap to search console, then it’s easier to search engine spiders/bots to crawl your pages.

It can improve your organic traffic & you don’t have to pay.

B. Off-Page SEO

Of-Page SEO is improving your website/blog’s position in search engine results & not just getting tons of backlinks.

It depends upon the keywords on your page for which people are searching. The social proof is a good sign for the quality of site & you should work on improving this.

If you have a solid reputation in social media like more content share, likes or followers connected to your blog then you can earn a better position in search results.

In links, it’s it important to note that the quality of links along with numbers. If you have linked to a few authority sites, then it’d be far better than tons of inferior sources. It again depends upon geographic also.

4. Guest Posting

It’s a favorite source to get massive traffic, especially for newbies. Only you have to search top blogs with high authority & request them to let you write a guest post on their blog. This source of website traffic can be beneficial for you & same time you can earn legit & natural backlinks from that blog.

But remember, guest post isn’t for just link building. It’s a way to build a trust & relationship with other bloggers & their audience. You get exposure for your blog through guest posting, so it must be a well researched & useful to the readers.

If you’re doing for just building links then the most probably your application for the guest post will not get approval, or even someone gives you a chance, it’ll not make a huge difference for a long time.

Suppose, you want to write a guest post then prepare yourself before moving to write for others. Build your blog at a satisfactory level. When you’ll get, “Yes! It looks beautiful & has quality contents” then go for the guest post.

Here’s one example to write a blog post.

Write a well-researched blog post without any mistake. I know, no one is perfect, still try to give your best. Craft your copy as a final submission & then simply mail a blogger in your niche or whom for you have written an article/post.

Greet him & say that you’re his big fan & reading his blog for a long time (I mean it). Ask him whether he is accepting the guest post or not.

If he is accepting, then send a few samples of your articles & your blog link too. I’m sure, if you have done well, no one will reject your application or I mean the request for the guest post.

The next thing is to write a nice lengthy copy more than 2000 words or whatever the limit suggested by the admin. If you get succeed in convincing him to link your blog or any post, then it’d be great for you.

It’s just simple & you can do easily. Try to write such engaging copy that other bloggers should beg you to write for them.

5. Invite Other Bloggers to Write for You

It’s the second part of the guest posting & still beneficial. If you have a good quality & established a blog, then invite other people to write for you.

There are many people ready for that to get exposure on your blog. Not only the authority bloggers but even newbies who are willing to write under your conditions can be your teammates.

By doing that you can take rest for a while & utilize that time for other productive works. Another benefit for inviting peoples to write for you is that they’ll also promote your blog to get more exposure to their posts.

And it’ll be a win-win situation for you. Same time you can build a healthy relationship with other bloggers, and it’ll form a network of like-minded people. It’s nice, isn’t it?

6. Forum Marketing

If you want huge website traffic, then you should take more efforts. Without spending enough time & energy, you can’t earn massive traffic for the long run.

It applies to the forums & blogging communities also. Forums are founded to get satisfactory answers to your queries & solutions for your problems. If you spend enough time on forums & find open threads, then you can answer them and add the link to your site/blog. At least people will know you if you put honest words over there.

No one is perfect, so don’t fear to ask you own queries too. Just don’t bother them by starting a new thread unnecessarily if already have the same thread.

Here’s the list of few quality forums only for you. The interesting thing is that the people on these forums are very active & do-follow. It means you can get backlinks as well as the targeted website traffic also.

If you find any other forum let me know, I’ll add in this list.

7. Web 2.0 & Social Bookmarking

Apart from above all methods & forums, you can use social bookmarking technique & add your sites to social bookmarking sites like Delicious, Digg.

It’s a way for users to search, save/store, organize & manage the bookmarks. If people like a link or want to share that, then they can bookmark these links by using social bookmarking. These bookmarks are usually PR (public) & anyone can see & go through them. So it’s the better way to add your sites to such social bookmarking sites.

Do it with your pace bit don’t forget to do this. I personally use & prefer Google+ & Reddit. Both are high authority & high PR (PageRank) sites.

See, if you sign up for Reddit & add your link there in respective category (subreddit) with the eye-catching title (which is the most important), then you can see massive website traffic coming from Reddit. It’s just brief about one of the social bookmarking sites, i.e. Reddit.com.

The other social bookmarking sites are listed below.

These are only a few examples, and you can find more than listed here. Please consider adding your blog to these sites.

8. Q&A Sites

Quora Logo

Q&A sites are a reliable source to get massive traffic to your blog if you’re an expert in a particular industry or niche.

You have to find the high authority Q&A sites & sign up for them. You can say as it’s another version of forums. There are many Q&A sites like Ask.com, Quora, WikiHow & Yahoo Answers, etc. in which Quora is my favorite.

I consistently write the answers hence I have got more than 527K views on my answers on Quora. I love to answer the people on their queries. I’m not saying that I’m a perfect but trying to improve myself consistently.

I get suggestions & praise & even criticism for my work which makes me better every day. I think it’s more valuable than backlinks & website traffic.

And, not massive but around 20% traffic on my blog comes from Quora. And, it’s nice for a newbie like me.

9. Email Marketing

Email marketing is the most reliable source of getting targeted website traffic & it’s beneficial because these people are willing to buy from your portal.

So, adding an email subscription box, Opt-ins & lead generation plugins can get your email list to explode. Use Hello Bar, SumoMe or even the best free WordPress plugins like Icegram can generate the massive list of email subscribers.

You can use auto-responders too for gathering emails & automate your lead generation process. And, then another thing you can do with your emails is adding your signature & website link at the bottom of the page.

But whenever you collect emails from people, thank them for connecting with you. Mail them frequently with attractive deals & don’t forget to greet them. It’ll build relationship & create a list of targeted customers & repeated buyers.

The only thing to remember, just don’t spam them with lots of random emails. Be honest & see how this model works.

10. Influencer Marketing

Neil Patel

It’s a reliable technique to get massive traffic to your blog. Leverage the power of influencer’s daily tweets, emails, etc. Create a response post on that little title shared by them. I’ll not say it as the reaction, but you should make use of these things positively.

Another strategy is writing about the influencers or interviewing them. Such type of posts gets more hike. When you write a post on them, let them know & review. The most probably they will like & address in their next post or tweet.

Or you can write list articles like 14 Top Bloggers You Must Follow To Get Proven Success Mantras In 2018 or 12 Resources to get your blogging career on new height etc.

Contact the influencers in your niche & tell them you’re a big fan. It’ll build a relationship or a bond between you which is beneficial for both of you.

Don’t see what others are doing, just continue your honest work until you get the success. Because one or the next day, you’d be an influencer in your niche.

11. Blog Commenting

Blog comments is another way to get free traffic to your blog. Give your comments on top blogs as early as possible. Be one of the first ten commenters.

But your comment should be in a positive way. Don’t write the comment just as Great article/Well-written post etc. Add some value to existing post through your comment & the most important is to start the conversation. Give your honest feedback as comments whether it’s appreciation or criticism.

The next thing to remember is not to spam. People don’t like it & your comment will get rejected. If you already have expertise or research for that particular topic. then conclusively tell that.

Comment with your real identity so the people can find you. If you have better content on your blog, then you can add the link in your comment too. But don’t comment just for link building.

12. Advertisements

It’s a better way to drive massive traffic to your blog/website. It’s impressive because the traffic coming through ads is mostly the targeted traffic.

Use Google AdWords or Facebook advertisements which have the most effective retargeting algorithm for customer acquisition. You might have experienced this. Am I right?

But don’t pay your hard-earned money to scammers. Just go with the legit & trusted sources.

13. Bonus Tips to Increase Your Website Traffic

I have not categorized these tips but listed just randomly.

Here, you can ask your readers to poll better subject for your next post & schedule your post to leave suspense on board. Another thing is to write case studies & reviews that people love the most.

You can arrange a contest or even a giveaway to your readers in exchange of their emails. It’s beneficial for promoting the products & services when you have opted for affiliate marketing as your source of monetization. And, same time you’ll drive an enormous targeted traffic to your blog.

Engage with your readers & other bloggers & take their interview. Don’t think whether he/she is popular or not. It will lead people to share your content & you’ll get better ROI as the increase in website traffic & sales revenue.

The next is creating your ebooks for your audience in the exchange of emails between them. Or the best way is to publish Kindle book & promote it to get more exposure & website traffic. On Amazon or any other e-commerce site, you can write reviews for the particular products/services & drive traffic to your blog.

In the offline world, you can use the word of mouth publicity technique to increase your audience. If you have the business card, then consider adding your website address to your card along with other credentials.

The last but not least tip is to keep visiting here again & again for better tips. Huh?

If you like these tips, don’t forget to share with your friends. It’s one of the lengthier posts  I’ve ever written on my blog.

Do you like these insightful tips? If you have any better idea, then please share with me. I’m always happy to hear new suggestions & feedbacks.

In case, you have any query or want help to feel free to ask via the comment box below.