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If you want to build an online empire and make $1000+ in passive income online with the Amazon affiliate program, this article is going to get you zero to hero within a few months.

You only need to follow the step-by-step tutorial and put your efforts to make these strategies work for you.

You know, making thousands of dollars in passive income online is a dream of every internet entrepreneur and blogger.

However, only a few people consistently reach that mark while the rest struggle to cross the minimum payout limits.

Do you want to know:

“How do successful affiliate marketers consistently make a solid passive income with Amazon affiliate program and how to become one of t?”

“What do they do differently from others who don’t earn anything, and how you can become one of those successful Amazon affiliates

Why Affiliate Marketing?

Hey, if you are going to start working online and earn huge money, then you’ll probably need to go with affiliate marketing.

You can find many people earning handsome income from affiliate marketing, especially from the Amazon affiliate program.

Some of them have monthly revenue of more than $1000, or even a few have reached $30K per month. It’s not a small number to achieve by your regular 9-5 job.

So monetizing your online work by affiliate marketing or other means like Google AdSense or other advertising networks is very important.

Some people may feel comfortable with Google AdSense but integrating affiliate marketing in your income source may help you to get a rocket boost.

Here, I’m going to explain one of the affiliate programs which I like most and easy to start, even by newbies.

It’s not different than regular affiliate programs. Yeah, it’s Amazon Associates, or you can say Amazon affiliate program.

Here in this article, I’ll tell you how to build a successful affiliate marketing with Amazon. So be focused and read till the last word.

And, you can go with or other country-level affiliate programs by Amazon like or, etc. whichever is suitable to you.

Before proceeding further, take a look at the Amazon e-commerce business.


Amazon is an e-commerce giant and founded by Jeff Bezos in 1994 in the United States.

It is a global leader in the e-commerce business and offers online retail, digital product store, computing services, CDN service, consumer electronics, and much more.

Amazon LogoPin

Look at the Amazon logo, an arrow designed as the smile from A to Z.

Amazon sells almost everything from A to Z, and you can buy these products and services easily.

Amazon will deliver them to your doorstep anywhere in the world to see the smile on your face.

This has helped Amazon to grow into such a significant global presence. If you don’t know anything about Amazon yet, try to search it on Google.

Now let’s start with the main topic of how to start affiliate marketing with Amazon.

I’m going to explain it step-by-step, and at the end, you’ll be ready to start with the Amazon affiliate program.

What Will You Learn Here?

  • Selecting Profitable Niche
  • Selecting Platform For Promotion
  • Website Development
  • Crafting Contents
  • Signing Up Affiliate Program
  • Working On Promotion & Marketing Strategies
  • Important Points To Remember

Quick Guide For Amazon Affiliate Program (Infographic)

how to make money with amazon affiliate programPin

Once, you decided to start affiliate marketing or here with Amazon, the first thing to do is researching the market and customer relationship. I mean,

Don’t sell the products; find the people facing problems and sell them solutions.

Study the concept of affiliate marketing thoroughly. Or read this article to the last word.

1. Selecting a Niche

If you have planned to go with Amazon’s affiliate network, then choosing the niche for your website/blog or other channel is very important.

Find products with maximum benefit to your customers as well as a generous commission to you.

Consider the best selling & popular products because people want to buy those products (Demand-Pull).

Another thing is to find a product with a lot of reviews. It means many people have already bought that product and you can easily get them for your affiliate promotion. These two methods will boost your affiliate income tremendously.

Amazon has variable commission according to categories and selling volume by individuals.

Find the products with decent commission rates too and try to sell products that have a selling price over at least $100 because you’ll be earning higher commissions for high-end products.

Amazon Affiliate Commission RatesPin

You might have also seen; some niches have commissions of around 10%. But think twice before selecting that niche whether you would give justice to your choice.

Those niches include apparel, shoes, etc. which are either not getting sold to an enormous volume or the returns are also high (thus maximum commission).

Here, if you sell those products and customers wouldn’t get satisfaction, then you will lose your loyalty & visitors too. So be wise at the first step.

Unlike the niches like cameras or laptops offer less commission rate around 4%, but still, it’s profitable.

Selling a laptop with the price tag of $500 will give you $20 per sale which is worth more than promoting a T-shirt for $40 and getting $4 on each sale.

But you should possess expertise in this field & able to answer your audience if they have any problem. So choosing the niche, you’re passionate about is also beneficial. But you must go with it, only when it’s profitable.

The next step in selecting the niche is to find profitable keywords that people are searching Use tools like Google Keyword Planner or SEMRush for this purpose.

The few niches which may be profitable are:

2. Selecting a Platform for Affiliate Promotion

Congratulations! You have chosen a niche for your website/blog.

Now, you have to decide which platform you want to select for affiliate promotion.

You can promote affiliate products using either free or self-hosted websites/blogs, social media, emails, video channels, etc.

I would suggest going with the self-hosted WordPress blog. Because you can integrate all other platforms simultaneously like social media or email marketing & same time it gives you total control over your promotions.

Make sure you have the video channel on YouTube also. It can help you to get more traffic and hence more conversion.

In blogger, you can easily add widgets or affiliate links for Amazon products. But if you are planning for the long term, then you should go with a self-hosted WordPress website. It creates a kind of authority and looks more professional.

So select self-hosted WordPress website/blog for affiliate promotion.

3. Website Development

If you choose self-hosted WordPress for affiliate advertising the next thing to do is developing the website.

Initially, you need to buy domain & hosting, but it’ll be beneficial in the long term.

First, purchase a domain & hosting for your website/blog. Use Bluehost/eHost which offers a free domain and unlimited storage/bandwidth along with timely customer support.

Go to SiteGround and select hosting plan (shared/VPS/dedicated). At the initial stage, shared hosting is okay.

Enter your preferred domain name and select the hosting plan. If you have bought a domain separately, then enter that domain name.

But both the web hosts provide a free domain, so go with that.

Complete payment procedure for your domain & hosting. If you want then only add privacy or backup services but getting SSL would be beneficial.

After completing the payment process, you can log in to your web hosting account.

The next step is to install WordPress and SiteGround provides one-click WordPress installation. Install WordPress CMS on your hosting, select username & password, and complete installation.

Yah! You have completed the WordPress installation. Now, move over WordPress dashboard and choose the theme and essential plugins.

Try to get the premium theme, if you have few extra bucks. It’ll add more features to your website/blog. Customize your website/blog for maximum conversion rate.

4. Crafting Contents

Once you decided to promote the particular products to promote and start crafting content and articles around these products.

Take a look at customer reviews for these particular products or better to purchase and use the product personally, which I prefer the most.

You can write posts around these products and here are a few examples:

  • Review of a particular product
  • Comparison of products A & B
  • Listings of products
  • Interviews of actual users (Videos are more helpful here)
  • ‘How to use’ tutorials/recipes (for cameras, kitchen accessories, etc.)

These are the few examples, and you can write anything around your niche. But remember that your posts should be engaging & drive the sales. That’s your ultimate goal.

You have built a site with a single product niche like only DSLR cameras where you can win more traffic & sales even after 20-25 good quality articles.

And, as the product is in the high price-low volume category, every sale will reward your more money per sale.

Beautify your content with relevant, high-quality images. The design is a vital aspect.

Ask questions to your customers and keep them reading the entire post. And, finally, give a strong motive to buy the product recommended by you with bold & readily available CTA (Call To Action) button.

Don’t give a chance to choose the product from A & B at the end. Try to sell the product that you want to sell only.

The last but not the least important thing in this section is that make your content shareable. Use Sumo Me; it’s a great plugin.

It will not only help you in sharing but also lead generation which is the most praised method of digital marketing.

5. Signing Up Amazon Affiliate Program

Once, you have done with initial website development then create basic pages like about us, contact, privacy policy, disclaimer, etc.

Apart from that write few articles before applying for the Amazon affiliate program. It’ll increase your chances for approval.

If you would find your website looking great and you got satisfied then head over to the Amazon affiliate program.

Amazon affiliate Join NowPin

Search ‘Amazon affiliate’ in the search bar of your internet browser and press enter.

Find the Amazon affiliate program and just click on ‘Join Now for Free.’ Add your personal details, website, and other details like payment mode, etc., and sign up for the Amazon affiliate program. If you are an Amazon customer, then it’ll be easy for you.

Amazon affiliate Sign UpPin

Now, move on dashboard and search products for your niche.

You can find multiple ways for promotions like text, images, banners & widgets, etc. Apart from that Amazon offers Site Stripe which will help to link product pages directly from Amazon’s website.

You can get short links too associated with your affiliate ID. It also has a social sharing & earning report view at one click. The feature of the Amazon affiliate program I like the most.

If you are planning to promote the Amazon affiliate products on several different platforms, then you can also add tracking IDs to your affiliate links. According to me, Amazon affiliate program provides tons of feature to its associates.

Now, find products according to your niche and get links to promote as publisher for the Amazon affiliate program.

Use Amazon affiliate dashboard or site stripe to get quick links. Add these links, banners, or widgets to your blog/website for promotional purposes.

6. Working On Promotion & Marketing Strategies

You have done with half of your job. Now the main course has to start, i.e., promotion of the Amazon affiliate products which is the hefty part of your campaign.

Start with social media and try to share your articles on Facebook, Twitter, and other platforms too. Tell your friends to do so and get the audience from social media.

Simultaneously, try to boost your SEO score to get organic traffic. Apart from that, you can use paid options like Google AdWords or Facebook ads to get more visitors.

Use lead generation plugins & email marketing services like AWeber, GetResponse, or initially, you can use Mad Mimi as the free option for up to 100 contacts.

But don’t forget to link these services to the Amazon affiliate verified/authorized platform means your blog/website.

Similarly, don’t promote your links through PDF or ebooks directly, link them to the resources pages on your blog.

Invest some time in crafting videos to drive more traffic to your blog posts. Seasonal promotion can also boost your Amazon affiliate income which is made around special occasions like Friendship Day, Christmas, Halloween or Valentine’s day, etc.

Important Points to Remember

  • Niche research is critical if you are planning to earn huge money with Amazon affiliate program.
  • Why will people buy from your link? Think about that. It means to find the problems of people and help them to solve problems and be available when people ask for help/guidance.
  • Add value to your contents so that the people will click on the CTA button.
  • People ask for your opinion then give the real & honest opinion. Don’t lie only for increasing sales. Your comparison & reviews must be unbiased.
  • Don’t recommend products if you haven’t used them personally. Buying & using products can make you respond to the customer’s queries confidently.
  • Don’t lose hopes. It’s not a quick rich scheme, so be patient and don’t quit. Improve your promotional strategies.
  • Ensure that you are flooded with tons of traffic and use every possible way to get the audience and collect leads. Again, try to convert leads into buyers. But same time, don’t use keyword stuffing it’ll harm your SEO.
  • All affiliate links should be Rel=”Nofollow” to save your SEO juice.
  • Promote the products only relevant to your niche otherwise; you may lose a lot which you would not expect or know.
  • Use links in text (Contextual links via anchor text) & through CTA button to get more conversion. It’s better than visuals if you are writing the engaging copy.
  • Never use Amazon’s Brand name for your Amazon affiliate campaign. Because they may suspend your account and it has happened to many famous bloggers too.
  • Amazon affiliate links have cookie period of 24 hours so update your links frequently. It will introduce better deals to your audience and more revenue to you.
  • Try to bring more sell each month. Because more the volume, you’ll get the higher commission rate.
  • Never click on your links, it will probably lead to Amazon affiliate account suspension or even termination too.
  • Don’t use URL shortening services like for link cloaking. Use service or directly site stripe on Amazon website.
  • Don’t mention the prices on your blog as they are changing due to the evolution in deals & promotions. It’ll lead to dispute because the customer won’t get the products at a price seen on your website/blog.
  • You should have essential pages like about us, privacy policy & affiliate disclosure or disclaimer on your site.
  • And, the last but not the least, ‘Never give up because you are born to win.’

Over to You

You have read this article, and I hope you have understood how the Amazon affiliate program works or what to do & what not to do. I hope you have liked this article so please share it.

If you have any queries or feedback, let me know via the comment box below.

Start your Amazon affiliate marketing niche blog/website with my recommended tools.

Now, it’s your turn.

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