SiteGround Hosting Plans: StartUp vs GrowBig vs GoGeek

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After comparing top WordPress hosting services in the market and reading reviews from real users, you might not have a second thought about hosting your website with SiteGround.

However, picking the right hosting plan between StartUp vs GrowBig vs GoGeek is a challenging task.

Let’s compare different SiteGround hosting plans to understand which plan offers the best value for money.

SiteGround StartUp vs GrowBig vs GoGeek

SiteGround offers multiple web services, including domain name registrations, web hosting, managed WordPress hosting, cloud hosting, and enterprise hosting.

However, SiteGround hosting is widely popular among beginners and intermediate users who want the managed WordPress hosting at an affordable cost.

I have compared the SiteGround StartUp vs GrowBig vs GoGeek plans in this article.

However, I have discussed which plan performs best under specific criteria instead of comparing StartUp vs GrowBig or GoGeek vs GrowBig.

By reading it, you can easily choose the best SiteGround hosting plan for your WordPress site.

Let’s take a deeper look so that you can choose the right hosting plan.

1. Server Resources

Let’s analyze all SiteGround hosting plans and decide which can be better value for money.

Number of Websites AllowedSingle UnlimitedUnlimited
SSD Disk Space10 GB20 GB40 GB
Number of Monthly Visits the Particular Hosting Plan Can Accommodate~10K~25K~100K
Data TransferUnmetered Unmetered Unmetered 
MySQL DatabasesUnlimited Unlimited Unlimited 
Email AccountsUnlimited Unlimited Unlimited 
Subdomains/Parked DomainsUnlimited Unlimited Unlimited 

As you can see, the SiteGround StartUp plan allows hosting only a single website. 

If you want to host multiple websites, then you need to purchase GrowBig or GoGeek plan.

Even if you don’t have plans to create additional websites, I recommend you to get the SiteGround GrowBig plan. 

SiteGround StartUp vs GrowBig vs GoGeek Plans
SiteGround StartUp vs GrowBig vs GoGeek Plans

You may cross the traffic limit of ~10,000 visits in a few months. With SiteGround GrowBig and GoGeek plan, you’ll always have room for growth.

The StartUp plan offers only 10GB of disk space, while GrowBig and GoGeek plans offer 20 GB and 40 GB of SSD storage. 

10 GB of web storage is more than enough for a small WordPress site.

However, growing websites and media-heavy sites such as a photography store or travel blog can always choose SiteGround GoGeek plan over Startup or GrowBig.

40 GB space and more server resources ensure that your website loading blazing fast without any downtime.

SiteGround also offers unlimited MySQL databases, unlimited subdomains/parked domains, and unlimited email addresses for each plan. However, the server resources for each plan are different.

For example, 

Database size and database table size varies according to different SiteGround hosting plans.

The SiteGround StartUp plan, GrowBig Plan, and GoGeek plan have a DB size and DB table size of 500MB/250 MB, 750 MB/250 MB, and 1000MB/500MB respectively.

Email accounts also have limits according to the hosting plans. 

The Mailbox size, email sends per hour, recipients per email, and some other metrics for StartUp vs GrowBig vs GoGeek are mentioned in the table below.

Email FeaturesStartUpGrowBigGoGeek
Number of email accountsUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Mailbox size2000 MB4000 MB6000 MB
Emails send per hour400400800
Recipients per email4040 80 
Attachment size50 MB50 MB50 MB 
Emails received per minute2020 20
Undelivered email retry time11 hours11 hours11 hours

Please note that many people often fall for marketing gimmicks, such as unlimited hosting. 

Unlimited doesn’t mean infinite.

It simply means the particular web hosting company hasn’t stated any hard limit for using the available server resources.

SiteGround clearly defines the limits for each plan so that you can take appropriate actions when his website starts growing.

Apart from the web storage and monthly traffic, it has mentioned limits for each hosting plan.

Took a look at the data table below to find which SiteGround hosting plan is right for you.

Server ResourcesStartUpGrowBigGoGeek
Simultaneous Server Processes102030
Simultaneous Single IP Connections101520
Avg Process Execution Time/Day2 seconds2 seconds4 seconds
Script Executions and CPU Secs/Program1,000/hour, 10,000/day, 300,000/month2,000/hour, 20,000/day, 600,000/month4,000/hour, 40,000/day, 800,000/month
Server Memory per Process768 MB768 MB768 MB
Shared service CPU UsageNo more than 20% of the SiteGround StartUp plan CPU usage for a period longer than 10 secondsNo more than 20% of the SiteGround GrowBig plan CPU usage for a period longer than 10 secondsNo more than 20% of the SiteGround GoGeek plan CPU usage for a period longer than 10 seconds
Minimum Cron Job Interval30 minutes30 minutes30 minutes

2. WordPress Features

SiteGround has established itself as a top WordPress hosting brand. 

You’ll get many WordPress-specific features such as free WordPress install, automated site transfer via SG Migrator plugin, automatic updates for WordPress core, themes, and plugins, advanced security, and pre-installed WP CLI with all SiteGround hosting plans.

However, GrowBig and GoGeeks plans offer more features such as WordPress special cache via SG SuperCacher plugin and one-click WordPress staging.

SiteGround caching mechanism accelerates your website by caching results from the database queries and dynamic data. 

Enabling this feature will help you speed up the WordPress site in no time.

Since the StartUp plan misses all three caching levels, choosing the GrowBig or GoGeek plans would be a better choice.

The staging feature allows you to create a copy of your website to test new code or design before pushing these changes to the live site.

Please note that you need enough disk space to create a staging site. I’d not recommend you create a staging site larger than ¼ of the total web storage allotted to your plans. 

SiteGround GoGeek plan offers an additional feature, i.e., SG Git. 

Unless you’re a professional WordPress developer, I wouldn’t recommend touching this option.

After analyzing the above features, you would be most likely to purchase a SiteGround GrowBig or GoGeek plan instead of StartUp plan.

The GrowBig plan is suitable for beginners and non-techie internet marketers. In contrast, the GoGeek plan is designed for developers and large websites that want to leverage the true power of WordPress CMS.

3. Hosting Performance

SiteGround is serious about the performance of the websites hosted on its servers. 

Currently, it has five data centers and integration with the Cloudflare CDN, spanning 194 cities across 90 countries worldwide. 

SiteGround Datacenter and CDN Locations
SiteGround Datacenter and CDN Locations

The best part is that Google Cloud powers a large part of the SiteGround infrastructure that ensures unparalleled server performance.

HTTP/2 enabled servers, SSD storage, low latency network, and Linux container-based shared hosting make SiteGround the top choice under the WordPress hosting category.

The above features are available in all SiteGround plans, but the main difference between StartUp vs GrowBig vs GoGeek is about the SuperCacher caching levels.

SuperCacher Level 1 is designed for NGINX Direct Delivery, Level 2 is designed for Dynamic Data Cache powered by NGINX, and Level 3 is designed for Database queries results cache, running on Memcached.

The SiteGround StartUp plan offers only Level 1 caching, whereas GrowBig and GoGeek plans offer all three caching levels.

If you want a fast loading website, you would probably skip the StartUp plan and choose the higher-tier plans to take advantage of all three caching levels of SiteGround SuperCacher.

4. Security Features

Being one of the most popular web hosting companies, SiteGround is serious about the user accounts and websites hosted on its servers.

Hardware and Power redundancy, Linux Container-based (LXC) stability, unique account isolation, quick server monitoring, proactive security updates and patches, anti-hack systems, spam protection, and automated daily backups are available for all SiteGround hosting plans.

GrowBig and GoGeek plans offer an additional feature, i.e., advanced on-demand backups. This feature is available as a paid add-on for the StartUp plan.

It allows premium users to create five on-demand backup copies at a time. 

You can also purchase a premium website security add-on – SG Site Scanner. The system scans your site daily and notifies you about the potential security threats, if any.

It gives you time to react to those issues and minimize the damage.

5. Client Management (For Designers and Agencies)

SiteGround allows website transfer from your account to the client account. Web designers, developers, and agencies that create websites for clients may find this feature helpful.

GrowBig and GoGeek plans allow adding collaborators who can maintain your site or contact support on your behalf. 

Adding Collaborators in SiteGround Hosting Account
Adding Collaborators in SiteGround Hosting Account

Since these people get separate accounts and individual login to Site Tools, you need not worry about sharing the account admin access.

By purchasing the SiteGround GoGeek plan, you can enable white-label access for the clients where they won’t see SiteGround branding. 

If you want to start a small web hosting reseller business without investing massive resources, SiteGround GoGeek plan is the best option for you.

6. Pricing and Support

SiteGround hosting pricing is competitive for the initial term, but the renewals are a little costly than its rivals.

SiteGround Pricing Plans
SiteGround Pricing Plans

The pricing for different SiteGround hosting plans is mentioned in the table below.

SiteGround PricingStartUpGrowBigGoGeek
Regular Price$14.99$24.99$39.99
Discounted Price$6.99$9.99$14.99

Please note that the discounted prices are valid for the initial terms only when you purchase SiteGround hosting for 12 months, 24 months, or 36 months.

So I recommend you purchase SiteGround hosting for 12 months to get the maximum discount.

After that period, your hosting will renew at a regular price.

If you think SiteGround renewal pricing is too expensive, here is a tutorial to get up to 60% SiteGround hosting renewal discount.

Another thing you should look at is the SiteGround pricing section and which plan offers a better value for money.

Although all SiteGround hosting plans offer unmetered data transfer, each of these plans is suitable for a specific amount of monthly traffic. 

Let’s compare all plans.

1. StartUp

~10,000 monthly visits for $6.99 in initial terms = ~1,430 visitors for each dollar you spend

~10,000 monthly visits for $14.99 after renewals = ~667 visitors for each dollar you spend

2. GrowBig

~25,000 monthly visits for $9.99 in initial terms = ~2,502 visitors for each dollar you spend

~25,000 monthly visits for $24.99 after renewals = ~1,000 visitors for each dollar you spend

3. GoGeek

~100,000 monthly visits for $14.99 in initial terms = ~6,671 visitors for each dollar you spend

~100,000 monthly visits for $39.99 after renewals = ~2,500 visitors for each dollar you spend

The above comparison clearly states that the SiteGround GoGeek plan offers the best value for money when you compare it other two SiteGround hosting plans.

However, I recommend purchasing this plan only if you have high traffic, else purchasing the GrowBig plan can save you a few dollars per month.

Customer support is quick and friendly irrespective of the hosting plan you choose.

However, GoGeek plan users can get access to advanced priority support that ensures exceptional quality and speed of technical assistance provided.

Since SiteGround allows GoGeek users to resell web hosting, this feature is quite useful in case you need a quick solution for a particular issue.

SiteGround StartUp vs GrowBig vs GoGeek: Conclusion

I have compared all SiteGround hosting plans in different categories so that you can decide which is suitable for you.

The beginners who want to host a small website and have a limited budget can choose the StartUp plan. 

However, the GrowBig plan offers more features and better value for each dollar spent. 

You’ll get access to unlimited websites, more visits per month, advanced on-demand backups, and three levels of SuperCacher to boost site performance.

I wouldn’t recommend you pay extra money on GoGeek unless you need more server resources and advanced development features.

Now, it’s your turn. 

Pick the best SiteGround hosting plan between StartUp vs GrowBig vs GoGeek and take your online business to the next level.

SiteGround Hosting Plans

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