UpdraftPlus Black Friday Deals 2024: An Exclusive 20% Discount

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UpdraftPlus Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals go live this week.

You can get 20% off all UpdraftPlus plans during Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2024 using the special coupon code BFUDP20.

In addition, you will receive 40% off on your UpdraftPlus license renewals.

Please note that the promotional offers are only valid from 28 November 2024 to 02 December 2024.

So get your UpdraftPlus license before the deal expires!

How to Grab UpdraftPlus Black Friday Deals 2024?

Below are step-by-step instructions for claiming UpdraftPlus Black Friday deals.

Step 1: Visit the UpdraftPlus Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sales page by clicking this unique link.

Step 2: Click the Get Premium button and pick the most suitable plan for your website.

For newcomers, a personal plan (up to 2 websites) would be a good choice, but if you plan to build multiple websites, you should consider upgrading to a higher-end plan.

Step 3: After choosing your preferred UpdraftPlus plan, click the Buy Now button.

Step 4:  Decide if you want to bundle add-on services with your UpdraftPlus premium purchase, which further extends the plugin’s functionalities (optional).

Step 5: Enter the special UpdraftPlus coupon code BFUDP20 to get an instant 20% off.

Step 6: Next, enter your billing information and complete the checkout process.

Congratulations! You have successfully redeemed the UpdraftPlus Black Friday 2024 Deal.

What is UpdraftPlus, and Why Do You Need It?

Having a reliable backup solution in place is essential when running a WordPress website. 

In the real world, things can (and do) go wrong.

From hacking and malware attacks to server crashes, your website is vulnerable to many potential disasters. If you don’t have a backup, you could lose everything.

That’s where UpdraftPlus comes into play. 

Updraftplus is a WordPress backup plugin that makes it easy to back up your site. You can effortlessly schedule automatic backups and store them off-site on remote storage services like Google Drive, Dropbox, and Amazon S3. 

Moreover, you can restore your site from a backup with just a few clicks if something goes wrong. No need to panic!

UpdraftPlus Pricing Plans

UpdraftPlus Black Friday Cyber Monday discount offers are now available!

Enjoy up to 20% off this Black Friday and Cyber Monday sale period using an exclusive coupon code BFUDP20.

Below, you can explore UpdraftPlus’ standard and discounted pricing plans.

Plans Discounted PriceRegular PriceLinks
Personal Plan$56/year$70/yearBuy now
Business Plan$76/year$95/yearBuy now
Agency Plan$116/year$145/yearBuy now
Enterprise Plan$156/year$195/yearBuy now
Gold Plan$319/year$399/yearBuy now

1. Personal Plan 

  • Standard Price: $70/year
  • UpdraftPlus Black Friday Discount: 20%
  • Discounted Price: $56year
  • License Supports: Up to 2 WordPress websites 

2. Business Plan

  • Standard Price: $95/year
  • UpdraftPlus Black Friday Discount: 20%
  • Discounted Price: $76/year
  • License Supports: Up to 10 WordPress websites 

3. Agency Plan

  • Standard Price: $145/year
  • UpdraftPlus Black Friday Discount: 20%
  • Discounted Price: $116/year
  • License Supports: Up to 25 WordPress websites 

4. Enterprise Plan

  • Standard Price: $195/year
  • UpdraftPlus Black Friday Discount: 20%
  • Discounted Price: $156/year
  • License Supports: Unlimited WordPress websites 

5. Gold Plan

  • Standard Price: $399/year
  • UpdraftPlus Black Friday Discount: 20%
  • Discounted Price: $319/year
  • License Supports: Unlimited WordPress websites

Best UpdraftPlus Premium Features

UpdraftPlus is undoubtedly the leading WordPress backup plugin.

A free version offers some of the best backup and security features. However, if you already have a well-established WordPress website, you should upgrade to the premium version to unlock more advanced features and an added layer of security.

UpdraftPlus Premium offers an unparalleled website backup experience at a very reasonable price.

Below is a list of UpdraftPlus’s most exciting features.

I recommend you go through it so you can decide whether or not to purchase the UpdraftPlus Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals in 2024.

1. A Highly-Reliable and Flexible WordPress Backup Plugin

UpdraftPlus is one of the most trusted WordPress plugins with over 3M active installations and 6K+ five-star reviews. The plugin runs everywhere WordPress does.

Moreover, it’s multi-site compatible. It has been proven to backup sites of up to 100 GB; you can backup any file size as long as your web host allows it.

The plugin also backs up any non-WordPress files as well as external databases.

Best of all, it allows you to schedule incremental backups at regular intervals.

2. Scheduling

In addition to manual backups, UpdraftPlus performs scheduled backups every 4/8/12 hours, daily, weekly, fortnightly, and monthly. You can even customize the time to suit your needs.

The plugin allows you to back up files and databases on separate schedules. The system also reports when the next backup is scheduled to take place.

Backup files often consume a lot of disk space, which is a big problem. However, UpdraftPlus regularly deletes old backups to free up space.

It automatically backs up your website when plugins or dashboard themes are updated, as well as when WordPress core updates are applied. 

So if any update breaks your site, you can quickly restore your most recent backup.

3. UpdraftPlus Vault

UpdraftPlus Vault provides built-in backup storage, eliminating the need for another storage system (and the confusion over what to buy and how to configure it). 

Since it has been specifically designed for use with UpdraftPlus, it’s easy to navigate and operate.

UpdraftVault can store your data offsite in a highly secure environment. This service is built on Amazon S3, which offers 99.99% reliability, redundancy, and excellent scalability. 

In addition, all UpdraftPlus Premium customers receive 1GB of free UpdraftVault storage, with the option to purchase additional storage.

4. Remote Storage Options

Backing up your server to a remote cloud storage location is always a good idea to avoid server-wide risks. 

Remote storage options are available in both UpdraftPlus free and premium editions.

In fact, UpdraftPlus offers more remote storage options than other WordPress backup plugins.

With the premium version, you will receive access to enhanced versions of remote storage options and a few additional storage options, including OneDrive, Azure, SFTP, and more. 

5. UpdraftPlus Migrator

With UpdraftPlus Migrator, you can migrate a WordPress site in minutes.

All UpdraftPlus Premium packages include this add-on, which allows you to effortlessly clone or migrate your website to a different URL from your UpdraftPlus dashboard!

The system is reliable, seamless, and intuitive, with many valuable features, such as search-and-replace, which gives you full, reliable migration capability without extra effort.

6. WP-CLI support

The UpdraftPlus plugin provides WP CLI commands for backup management. It’s not even necessary to log into the admin dashboard to use UpdraftPlus. 

You can execute the following commands with UpdraftPlus’ WP-CLI.

  • To install the UpdraftPlus plugin’s free version: wp plugin install updraftplus
  • To install and activate the UpdraftPlus plugin: wp plugin install updraftplus –activate
  • To list all installed WordPress plugins: wp plugin list
  • To update all WordPress plugins: wp plugin update –all

Please visit this page to see a comprehensive list of features and functionality for WP-CLI support.

UpdraftPlus Free vs Premium: Full Comparison

UpdraftPlus is a freemium WordPress plugin. In addition to the free version, the plugin also offers a premium version.

Blogs and websites with low traffic can benefit from the free version. However, you can upgrade to the UpdraftPlus Premium anytime to access more advanced features. 

UpdraftPlus Premium unlocks everything, including a Migrate/Clone tool, multiple online storage options, detailed scheduling, encryption, reporting, and more.

In addition, UpdraftPlus Premium includes a year of free upgrades and support and 1 Gigabyte of UpdraftVault storage. The feature allows you back up the site without paying for separate remote storage solutions like Dropbox.

Below is a detailed comparison between UpdraftPlus Free and Premium.

UpdraftPlus Free vs Pro Full Comparison
UpdraftPlus Free vs Pro: Full Comparison

UpdraftPlus Pros and Cons

I have highlighted some of the pros and cons of the UpdraftPlus WordPress Backup plugin below.

UpdraftPlus Pros

  • The UpdraftPlus plugin’s basic version is free.
  • UpdraftPlus is too easy to install and set up.
  • Taking a backup of your website only takes a few minutes.
  • You can store your backup off-site on local storage or remotely in multiple cloud locations.
  • It allows you to quickly duplicate or migrate WordPress websites (with UpdraftPlus Migrator)
  • Restoring your data from a backup is incredibly quick and simple.
  • Over 3 million websites trust and rely on it.

UpdraftPlus Cons

  • The UpdraftPlus Premium is a little expensive to purchase, especially for beginners.
  • The plugin doesn’t offer active malware scanning or security threat detection.

UpdraftPlus Black Friday Deals: FAQs

Please check out the UpdraftPlus Black Friday sale FAQs for a quick overview of the available discount offers.

Q: What is UpdraftPlus?

A: UpdraftPlus is the leading WordPress backup plugin that allows you to back up and restore your website in just a few clicks. Moreover, it lets you back up your WordPress files, databases, plugins, and themes.

Q: Can I get a discount with UpdraftPlus Black Friday deals?

A: Yes, you can get a 20% discount on new license purchases and a 40% discount on renewals during the UpdraftPlus Black Friday deals.

Q: When is the UpdraftPlus Black Friday sale?

A: The UpdraftPlus Black Friday sale begins on 28 November 2024 (Thanksgiving day) and lasts until 02 December 2024 (Cyber Monday).

Q: Is UpdraftPlus free?

A: UpdraftPlus offers a free version with essential features. In most cases, it will be enough for a beginner’s website. However, you can upgrade to the UpdraftPlus Premium version to access advanced features, such as migration, multi-site support, additional storage options, and premium support.

Q: How much does UpdraftPlus Premium cost?

A: The UpdraftPlus Premium pricing starts at $70/year for up to 2 sites. You can always upgrade to a higher-tier plan based on the number of websites you manage.

Q: Can UpdraftPlus be used to migrate a WordPress site?

A: UpdraftPlus Premium users can use the cloning and migration functionality to migrate a WordPress site. However, you should first activate the Migrator add-on from your UpdraftPlus dashboard.

Q: Does UpdraftPlus provide support for the plugin?

A: Yes, UpdraftPlus provides prompt technical support via ticket and its web forum. Moreover, a wide variety of support packages are available for purchase.

UpdraftPlus Black Friday Deals: Conclusion

Suppose you’re looking for a reliable WordPress backup plugin to safeguard your website from unforeseen security threats, accidental data losses, and other vulnerabilities. 

In that case, you should seriously consider subscribing to Updraftplus premium.

The best part is that Updraftplus offers a 20% discount on all plans this holiday season.

Furthermore, you can renew your UpdraftPlus subscription at a 40% discount, resulting in substantial savings.

You need not worry about any security flaws or bugs that may affect your website.

With a robust backup solution such as UpdraftPlus, you can restore a backup anytime and get your website fully operational in just a few minutes.

So grab the UpdraftPlus Black Friday discount offer and save up to 40% on your UpdraftPlus purchases.

UpdraftPlus Black Friday Deals

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