Link Whisper Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals 2024: $30 OFF

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The Link Whisper Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2024 sale starts on 24 November and runs through 02 December 2024.

As part of the Link Whisper Black Friday deal, you’ll get an instant $30 discount on all its plans. 

It effectively brings the price of the Link Whisper Single Site license down from $77/Year to $47/Year.

If you are searching for a smart and efficient internal linking WordPress plugin, you should not miss the Link Whisper Black Friday deal 2024. 

Don’t worry! This purchase comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

So why are you waiting for? 

Get your Link Whisper license Now!

Link Whisper Black Friday Sale 2024: A Quick Overview

Product NameLink Whisper
Product CategorySmart Internal Linking WordPress Plugin
Link Whisper Black Friday DealFlat $30 Off All Link Whisper Plans
Key FeaturesSmart Internal Linking, Full Internal Link Reporting, Fix Broken Links, Cross-site Link Suggestions
Link Whisper Black Friday Promo CodeBLACKFRIDAY
Link Whisper Black Friday Sale Start Date24 November 2024
Link Whisper Black Friday Sale End Date02 December 2024
Discount LinkGrab The Deal

Please follow the step-by-step instructions below to activate the Link Whisper Black Friday and Cyber Monday discount offers and deals.

Step 1: Visit the Link Whisper Black Friday Sale page by clicking on this special link.

Link Whisper Black Friday Sale Landing Page

Step 2: Select the Get Link Whisper Now option. It will redirect you to the Link Whisper Pricing section.

Step 3: Choose the right plan based on how many websites you would like to include the Whisper link on, and click on the Get Started button.

Link Whisper Pricing Plans

If you have more than 10 websites, click the See Pricing For 50 Sites button below the Link Whisper pricing section to check the latest deals for the Link Whisper: 50 Websites license. 

Step 4: On the Checkout page, please confirm you have selected the right plan. 

Step 5: Enter an exclusive discount code: Blackfriday to receive an instant $30 off on the regular prices if the Link Whisper Black Friday coupon isn’t applied automatically.

Step 6: Select a payment method from Credit Card and PayPal.

Step 7: Enter your personal information, including your name and email address, and hit the Purchase button to finish the order.

Congratulations! You have successfully claimed the Link Whisper Black Friday discount and saved $30 on your purchase.

The table below summarizes the latest Link Whisper deals available for Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2024.

Link Whisper PlanBlack Friday Deal ($30 OFF)Regular PriceLink
Single Site License$47$77Buy Now
3 Site License$87$117Buy Now
10 Site License$137$167Buy Now
50 Site License$317$347Buy Now

Let’s discuss the Link Whisper Black Friday deal in more detail.

Single Site License

  • Number of Sites Allowed: 1
  • Regular Price: $77/Year
  • Black Friday Discounted Price: $47/Year

3 Site License

  • Number of Sites Allowed: 3
  • Regular Price: $117/Year
  • Black Friday Discounted Price: $87/Year

10 Site License

  • Number of Sites Allowed: 10
  • Regular Price: $167/Year
  • Black Friday Discounted Price: $137/Year

50 Site License

  • Number of Sites Allowed: 50
  • Regular Price: $347/Year
  • Black Friday Discounted Price: $317/Year

Please note that all Link Whisper Black Friday discounts and promotional offers are valid for a short time, i.e., 24 November to 02 December 2024.

Once the Link Whisper Cyber Week Sale 2024 is over, you will have to wait until next year to get such massive discounts.

So grab it while it’s available and save $30 on your Link Whisper purchase.

Below are the top features of why you should buy Link Whisper Black Friday deals in 2024.

1. Automatic Link Suggestions

Link Whisper WordPress plugin is powered by AI and suggests internal links as you write.

Automatic link suggestions largely depend on the number of articles on your site and the relevance of your existing content.

2. Build Links to Orphan Pages

Link Whisper quickly finds the posts and pages with zero to very few internal links pointing to them.

You can add new internal links to those pages.

3. Keyword-based Auto Linking

To speed up the internal links-building process, you should try Link Whisper’s smart auto-linking features.

Provide the keywords and the corresponding URLs, and see the magic.

Link Whisper will automatically build internal links for all past and future mentions of your targeted keywords to the webpage you specify.

4. Fix Broken Links

Too many 404 pages or broken links on your site aren’t good from an SEO perspective. Link Whisper Plugin enables you to find all your broken internal and external links.

Later, you can edit or remove those broken links using Link Whisper.

5. Internal Links Reporting

Using Link Whisper’s comprehensive link reporting, you will have complete control of your site structure and the data you need to optimize it.

For example, a number of outbound internal links from each article or broken links.

6. Get Traffic Data from Google Search Console

Link Whisper has an option where you can connect and fetch traffic data from Google Search Console.

With this tool, you can quickly analyze organic traffic, average position, and keywords, bringing in results for your articles. 

This data can be invaluable to optimizing target keywords and internal links to ensure better performance for your SEO campaigns.

7. Cross-Site Link Suggestions

If you have multiple sites using Link Whisper, you can interconnect them and start receiving link suggestions between those sites. 

When you own multiple sites in a similar niche, this feature could be highly beneficial.

8. Compatible with Most WordPress Editors and Themes

Link Whisper is compatible with nearly all editors and themes, including Gutenberg, Classic, Elementor, Beaver Builder, Thrive Architect, WooCommerce, Kadence Blocks, and many other WordPress editors and themes.

9. Huge Time Saver

Finding content, selecting appropriate anchor text, and inserting links usually take a long time. 

Link Whisper does most of the work for you within a few seconds.

10. Continuous Suggestions

Links Whisper continuously finds new internal link opportunities on your site as you add more content.

As a result, you do not need to worry about managing internal links to your content.

11. Excellent Black Friday Deal

Link Whisper Black Friday sale offers the hottest deal of the year, i.e., $30 off on all its plans.

Each plan includes access to all Link Whisper features.

Additionally, the technical support team is always available to assist you with any issues related to Link Whisper.

If you are planning to sign up for Link Whisper’s Black Friday deals, here are some FAQs that you should know before committing to purchase.

Q: What is Link Whisper?

A: Link Whisper is a powerful WordPress SEO plugin that helps you create and manage internal links to your website.

Q: How does Link Whisper work?

A: Link Whisper automates the process of internal linking. This software discovers internal link opportunities within your own sites, fixes broken links, and provides you with in-depth link reports, so you can be in control of the structure of your site and make sure that you are optimizing it properly.

Q: Who Should Use Link Whisper?

A: Links Whisper is perfect for bloggers, niche site owners, and anyone with a content-heavy site. As you add more written content to your site, Link Whisper becomes more powerful.

Q: When is the Link Whisper Black Friday sale going live?

A: The Link Whisper Black Friday Sale will begin on 24 November 2024 and ends on 02 December 2024.

Q: What is the Link Whisper Black Friday discount offer?

A: Link Whisper offers a flat $30 discount on all its plans during the Cyber Week sale. So you can buy the Link Whisper WordPress plugin’s single site license for as low as $47. 

Q: Why should I purchase the Link Whisper during Black Friday?

A: The reason is simple. The Link Whisper Black Friday sale offers better discounts than the Link Whisper AppSumo deal. So please take advantage of the Link Whisper Black Friday sale and get the biggest ever discount, i.e., $30 off of all its plans.

Q: Does the Link Whisper offer any discounts on renewals?

A: No! The company does not offer discounts for Link Whisper license renewals.

Q: How can I pay for the Link Whisper license?

A: You can pay for the Link Whisper license with Credit Card or PayPal.

Q: What is the Link Whisper refund policy?

A: Each Link Whisper plan comes with a standard 30-day money-back guarantee. If you are not happy with the Link Whisper for any reason, you can ask for a refund.

Q: Will I lose all of my website links if I uninstall or cancel Link Whisper?

A: Absolutely not! Even if you cancel your Link Whisper plan or uninstall the plugin, all your links will remain active.

Link Whisper Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals offer the year’s biggest discount, i.e., $30 off on all its plans.

Link Whisper’s intelligent internal linking suggestions, broken link checking, cross-site linking, advanced reporting, integration with Google Search Console, and many other features make it a must-have WordPress plugin for bloggers, affiliate marketers, and WooCommerce site owners.

Usually, the company offers a $10-$15 discount, but you can get a massive $30 discount on all Link Whisper plans during the Black Friday sale.

However, the deal will only last five days, from 24 November to 29 November 2024.

Therefore, I strongly recommend you take advantage of this promotional offer, or else you’ll need to wait until next year’s Link Whisper Black Friday sale to get such a big discount.

Link Whisper Black Friday Cyber Monday Sale

Link Whisper Black Friday Cyber Monday Deals, Link Whisper Logo PNG

Name: Link Whisper

Description: Link Whisper is the world's first smart internal linking WordPress plugin. It saves a lot of time in creating and managing internal links. Moreover, it's available at a discounted price during the Black Friday Cyber Monday sale. So buy your copy today and get an instant $30 off all its plans.

Offer price: 47

Currency: USD

Operating System: Linux

Application Category: WordPress Plugin

Author: Ankit Main


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