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Are Online Works Scams?

Are you interested in doing online work? Do you know how money can be earned by the online platforms? Are you aware of the online scams that generally happen nowadays?

If the answer is ‘No’, then read this article till the last word and I will tell you the truth behind the scams happening online.

When I left the job from the automobile industry, I had different options for work. As I didn’t want to do the job, I choose my path i.e. working online. It was not easy for me to walk in this way but I was firm on my decision.

The boring job life or a free life (It also needs hard work, sorry smart work too) were two options in front of me, and I selected to live life in my own way. Then I started studying what to do and how to do online.

I read thousands of ebooks from well-known authors, watched videos and surfed tons of web pages to date, and even today I learn new things. I have tried lots of methods to earn online and being honest I have found only a few of them trustworthy.

But, things had not happened right always. I lost my valuable time and some hard-earned money too in this whole while training myself in the online work. I work 15-16 hours a day, even today. You won’t believe, but it’s true. Due to my passion only, It becomes possible. Otherwise, you would have seen, more than 90% of people leave this after being extremely disappointed.

Here I will tell you the things or scams to avoid while working online. I don’t want that to happen with my readers. You all and your friends shouldn’t get affected by the scams or the online frauds. As the internet is full of scammers claiming huge money within a very short time, always make sure to keep yourself far away from them.

Coming straight to the point, if you want to work online and earn a huge profit as a long-term business, you should go thoroughly through this article.

Most Happening Scams About The Online Money

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  • Data Entry Jobs/Work From Home

You probably have heard the word ‘Data Entry.’ But, do you know what is the data entry and why is it required? I will clear that. When a person, company or any organization has the data, in the formats other than digital, they try to convert it to the digital format for safe storage.

The most important thing is this digital data can be organized or access very fast and easily. You can store thousands of papers in a single digital chip. This is the basic concept of data entry.

But, converting traditional data into the digital form is not an easy task. You’ll need training for these jobs, especially the typing and basic computer skills with sufficient knowledge about the internet.

These jobs mostly offered by the people in medical transcription, medical billing, administrative offices (Government of India also provides the data entry job of captcha filling at digitizeindia.gov.in) and they are extremely competitive, and you will need time to become a master in that.

Even you become highly skilled in the data entry, you will need proper sources for getting work that can give you sufficient money. And, that’s hard.

  • Being a Victim for Paying Registration For Data Entry

The scams of data entry start from this point. People want data entry jobs, and scammers get the advantage of opportunities to make money from you.

They claim to provide the training and resources to data entry jobs from your home, and when you give money to register or delivery of training package, they disappear never to come back.

The registration fees are kept between $10-$1200 (I have seen such big amount for a training kit, if I had a screenshot, I would provide it) but generally kept around $50 (around INR 3500).

They provide the CD or PDF books through that package that already exist on the web for free. If you want to do this, please stop or confirm whether the source is legitimate or not. If they are asking for the registration, then you are wise enough, and I don’t need to say anything more about that.

Tip: Some reputed organizations offer the data entry jobs from their offices only and hire people especially for that. In such cases, you can work for the data entry. The salary will be less, but there are no scams. If they are ready for outsourcing, then you can grab that opportunity.

  • Get Rich Overnight

On line scamsPin

If someone is claiming to make you rich overnight by spending a little money ( not just a little, it’s around $10-$2000) you should turn back right now.

These people can give you millions of payment proofs and comments from the different people to feel you confident about them. But, if you invest in such schemes or plans, nothing will remain in your hand except to regret.

These people claim proven strategies to become a millionaire in 1 month or even in a year by spending just a few bucks. But it’s not true. You will need to study and to take efforts to succeed in any field.

You find such lucrative offers, just neglect it. Your inbox will be flooded with spamming offers if you would sign up for their schemes, even by mistakes. If you would do that, I am sure that you will probably to pay them the money to get their quick-rich formula or tutorial as the marketing is the very strong point of spammers and they do it more than you expect. You will never know when you would become a part of that scam.

They can use brands like Google, Facebook, Samsung, Apple, Yahoo, Bing, etc. to build trust among the people. Always remember, all quick rich schemes will make you lose your hard-earned money and no different than scams.

Bloggers or any website require a very hard work right from the start-up to content writing, designing, and promotion of content. If you want to go for affiliate marketing or drop shipping, you will need the extreme efforts to get succeed.

 Tip: Avoid the quick rich schemes at any cost, even don’ subscribe to their newsletter.

  • PTC and GPT Websites/Online Surveys/Reading Emails/ Web Surfing

Though the point seems very broad context, all phrases included in that belongs to somewhat same category i.e. time wasters. All PTC (Paid To Click) & GPT (Group Paid Tasks) websites/ online surveys/ email reading and web surfing schemes are time-consuming and pay the very tiny amount for your work. They claim to make money by working for only 15 minutes to 1 hour daily, but you won’t get the expected results.

Some sites claim to provide the free referral to boost your income, but I never found a single person around me earning 3-figure by these methods. On other hands some of them have the conditions like daily surfing on their sites, a specific number of direct active referrals or minimum cashout limit set up to high to get paid,

Even some companies get work done by the people or responses for surveys but never pays by setting compatibility issues. In countries like India, it happens often. The Same case happens with paid emails & web surfing services. These websites get huge money from advertisers but not pay to the members viewing their advertisements.

Tip: More than 90% of websites of online money fall in this category and give you a terrible experience. There are some legit sites also but require more time, network to earn big money. As the initial payout is very less and you are the newbie to this field, I would recommend not to go for these sites, never.

  • Payment Gateway/ Credit Or Debit Card Scams

It is also the major type of fraud happening online. You might have heard about the PayPal scams or credit card scams. This type of scams is directly related to your money and bank account. Keep yourself secure in the online world then you will probably become a victim of such kind of scams.

It is better not to share your personal and financial information to anyone stranger. Keep your all banking accounts and passwords safe in your mind. Don’t even write for if you forget. You can easily recover it by contacting the bank support services.

Make minimum use of credit card & debit card, use online payment gateways instead so that you can avail the buyer’s protection policy. And, if you are a merchant or seller, you can go for the seller protection policy.

Tip: You can save a lot of money with the credit card while shopping or buying goods and services. But the misuse of the credit card will be a headache for you. Always make sure that you will never share your secure pin with anyone.

Final Words

Nothing is easy in the world except the word ‘easy.’ If making the millions was so easy, then everyone would have his empire, and other businesses and factories would have been closed.

Earning money online is neither difficult nor easy. You can learn legit ways to make money online and implement step by step. You will be able to earn the expected income from online work. Till then stay alerted and stay protected from the scams.

If you want to earn online by legitimate methods, stay tuned with us and don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter.

If you have any query, feedback or issue regarding the article feel free to contact us.

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