Flywheel Black Friday Deals 2020| Get Up to 40% Instant Discount

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Flywheel Black Friday Deals 2020| Get Up to 40% Instant Discount

Flywheel Black Friday sale 2020 is going live on 27 November and continues till 30 November (Cyber Monday).

Flywheel offers managed WordPress hosting solutions for freelancers and web design agencies who need faster site speed with an intuitive user interface.

It doesn’t seem like a great option for people who want cheap shared hosting with a DIY approach. Flywheel empowers the growth-oriented folks who want to focus on their core business instead of managing web hosting.

During this Black Fridayå season, Flywheel is giving away up to 40% instant discount on its annual purchase.

Considering the expensive pricing of Flywheel web hosting services, Black Friday sale is the perfect time to buy Flywheel web hosting services.

Flywheel Pricing

Flywheel is offering up to a 40% discount on its annual plans. You can use a special coupon FLYDAY20 to get an exclusive Black Friday discount on its shared hosting purchases.

Here are a few Flywheel Black Friday Deals 2020 you might be interested in.

1. Starter

Regular Pricing: $25

Black Friday Deal: 40% Instant Discount on Annual Plans

Coupon Code: FLYDAY20

Discounted Price: $15

2. Freelance

Regular Pricing: $115

Black Friday Deal: 25% Instant Discount on Annual Plans

Coupon Code: FLYDAY20

Discounted Price: $86.25

3. Agency

Regular Pricing: $290

Black Friday Deal: 25% Instant Discount on Annual Plans

Coupon Code: FLYDAY20

Discounted Price: $217.50

Why You Should Consider Flywheel Black Friday Deals

Many people prefer shared hosting instead of opting into managed WordPress hosting for a couple of reasons:

  1. More control and flexibility
  2. Pricing

However, if you want to expand the scope of your business, then doing everything single-handedly isn’t the right way.

You can buy a managed WordPress hosting service that takes care of your website and spend more time on your core business.

Flywheel is an excellent option if you’re planning to buy managed WordPress hosting.

Get up to 40% when you purchase an annual subscription via Flywheel Black Friday deals.

1. Excellent performance

Flywheel web hosting services are tuned for WordPress.

With Nginx as standard and server-side caching, a website hosted with Flywheel sees a significant performance boost.

2. Beautiful User Interface

No more learning curve.

Flywheel’s intuitive user interface makes your navigation extremely fluid. Furthermore, it offers reimagined SFTP where you can use a single login to access and manage all of your sites.

3. Faster Deployment

Flywheel WordPress Site Development

Flywheel allows you to build WordPress websites faster than ever. You can use the Blueprint feature for packaging the common themes and plugins as a starter kit for the future project. Save the long hours otherwise invested in creating a website from scratch.

Apart from that, you can use the staging feature to make changes to your live website.

If everything looks fine, push those changes to production in a single click.

Are you a web development agency, use Site Cloning feature to recreate sites your future projects.

Copy the existing site, and with little changes, you can hand over this website to your clients in the next few days.

4. Free Migrations

Do you want to move your website from the existing web hosting to Flywheel?

The support team will migrate all of your websites for free, no matter how many you want to move.

5. Robust Security Features

Your website is in safe hands when you host with Flywheel. It offers numerous security features to keep your site protected.

  • Malware monitoring and free malware cleanup
  • Free SSL certificates by Let’s Encrypt
  • SFTP for accessing websites
  • Nightly off-site backup with one-click restore
  • Access to error logs, access logs, and slow error logs
  • 2FA for an extra layer of security
  • No need for security plugins

6. Global Availability

Flywheel Hosting – Global Availability

Flywheel has data centers in five regions across the world, including the US, Canada, UK, Belgium, and Australia.

While South Asia doesn’t have any data center at this moment, you can integrate CDN to achieve faster page loading.

7. Reliable Managed Hosting

Get managed WordPress during Flywheel Black Friday deals and save yourself from the headache of managing servers and dealing with technical abnormalities throughout the day.

Flywheel will take care of your website’s performance, security, and even the plugin updates.

8. Real Human Support

Are you stuck somewhere and need help?

Flywheel support team will always be ready to help you.

Chat with real WordPress experts at any time or open an in-app support ticket.

If you love the DIY approach of solving problems, then Flywheel has a massive database of Help Docs.

The premium customers with Agency and higher plans can connect over phone calls if a critical problem arises.

Flywheel FAQs

Here are some frequently asked questions about Flywheel hosting.

1. Will my site be faster on Flywheel?

Yes, most likely. Flywheel hosting is powered by the Google Cloud Platform and optimized for WordPress. It also offers free CDN and custom caching technology called Flycache to make your site faster than ever before.

2. Will Flywheel help me move my sites?

Yes. Flywheel will help you to migrate WordPress websites from your current web hosting to Flywheel absolutely free. No matter you’re moving one or more websites to Flywheel.

3. How much does flywheel cost?

Flywheel pricing starts at $15 per month for a Tiny plan that can go high up to $290 per month if you decide to use the Agency plan. It also offers custom pricing for large WordPress projects and agencies with 100+ websites.

4. Is Flywheel hosting worth it?

Flywheel is a reliable managed hosting service provider with excellent performance and quick customer support experience. If you’re a WordPress user with a little room in your hosting budget, Flywheel hosting is definitely a choice worth considering.

Flywheel Black Friday Deals

Name: Flywheel

Description: Flywheel is a managed WordPress hosting service with impressive features. Although Flywheel hosting may seem a little overpriced, it's a value for money service when you compare it with other managed WordPress hosting. Grab up to 40% instant discount on Flywheel managed web hosting when you purchase an annual plan.

Offer price: 15

Currency: USD

Operating System: Linux

Application Category: Managed WordPress Hosting

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