WPX Hosting Black Friday Deals 2024: Grab 99% OFF

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If you’re searching for the best-managed WordPress Hosting, the WPX Hosting Black Friday deals will blow your mind.

WPX Hosting is one of the leading WordPress web hosting companies in the market with its own cloud infrastructure. I recommend WPX Hosting to anyone who needs high-speed, high-performance web hosting for their business blog or WooCommerce store.

WPX Hosting Black Friday Deals are live from 20 November 2024 to 02 December 2024.

With the WPX Hosting Black Friday deal, you’ll get 99% off for the first two months of your WPX hosting subscription. Additionally, you will receive four months of free hosting with an annual subscription.

Don’t miss the best WordPress Hosting Black Friday deals just because you’re still on your current hosting plan. You can purchase an annual WPX Hosting plan now and activate it whenever you want in the next six months.

WPX Hosting Black Friday Deals 2024

WPX Hosting is offering multiple Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals for its new customers.

If you want to start an affiliate blog or a business website or build an e-commerce website, you should choose WPX Hosting Black Friday deals to buy web hosting for your site.

Let’s see what discount offers you can get during the WPX Hosting Black Friday Sale.

1. Get 98% Off for 2 Months on WPX WordPress Hosting Plans

WPX Hosting Black Friday Deals Monthly WordPress Hosting Plans Deals

With the WPX Hosting Black Friday promotion, you can try two months of WordPress hosting for only $1 to $3.

WPX Hosting Business lets you try the plan for $1 for two months before subscribing to the regular pricing.

With the deal, WPX Hosting allows you to learn about its WordPress Hosting services before you become a regular customer.

2. Get 99% Off for 2 Months on WPX WooCommerce Hosting Plans

WPX Hosting Black Friday Deals Monthly WooCommerce Hosting Plans Deals

WPX Hosting’s Cyber Week promotion lets you try two months of WooCommerce hosting for only $1.

WPX Hosting lets you try the Powerstore plan for $1 for two months before subscribing to the regular price.

By signing up for the deal, you will have an opportunity to explore WPX WooCommerce Hosting plans before becoming a regular customer.

3. Four Months of Free Hosting

WPX Hosting Black Friday Deals for Yearly Subscriptions 4 Months Free

You can get four months of FREE hosting when you purchase the WPX annual plans during the Black Friday sale. I.e., 34% OFF.

Usually, WPX Hosting does not offer such significant discounts on its WordPress hosting plans.

That’s why the WPX Hosting Black Friday sale is a perfect time to purchase the #1 recommended WordPress hosting package for your business sites.

The four months of free hosting discount will be automatically added to your cart when you select WPX Hosting’s annual plan.

Immediately after payment, the benefits are credited to your account.

How to Activate WPX Hosting Black Friday Deals

Here is a step-by-step guide to redeem WPX Hosting Black Friday and Cyber Monday discount offers.

Step 1: Visit the WPX Hosting Black Friday Sale page by using this unique discount link.

WPX Hosting Black Friday Sale 2023 Landing Page

Step 2: Decide which Black Friday offer you want to claim between the WordPress Plans or WooCommrce Plans, depending on your business requirements. In case you have a hosting subscription with another company but don’t want to miss this opportunity, choose the “Buy Now, Use Later” option.

Please note that you’ll receive four months of FREE hosting on the annual subscription.

WPX Hosting Black Friday Deals Pricing Plans 4 Months Free with Annual Billing

Step 3: Pick the most suitable WPX Hosting plan that you want to buy. E.g., Business, Professional, or Elite.

If you are starting, the WPX Hosting Business plan is enough for you unless you have specific requirements.

Step 4: Once you choose the hosting plan, it will take you to the domain registration page.

Step 5: Select whether you want to purchase only the hosting service or hosting + domain. Please register your domain elsewhere to ensure better control and flexibility and avoid further complications. Never keep all eggs in the same basket.

WPX Managed WordPress Hosting Account Set up Domain Selection
WPX Hosting – Choose Service

Step 6: Choose between the US, UK, or Australia data center options. Pick a server location closer to your target audience to achieve minimum latency.

WPX Hosting Server Locations

Don’t worry if you have a global audience. WPX Hosting has developed its custom cloud CDN called XDN. Your website will load almost instantly for every visitor, no matter if he is from New York, London, Singapore, or Mumbai.

Step 7: Enter your country, your name, email, phone number, billing address, and account type. Choose a secure password for your WPX Hosting account.

WPX Hosting Black Friday Sale Setup Your Account Order Summary

Step 8: Review your order and final cart price. Please verify that the discount has been applied correctly.

Step 9: Select a Payment Method. You can buy WPX Hosting using PayPal or a credit card.

WPX Hosting Black Friday Deals Choose Payment Method

Step 10: Please read the Terms of ServicePrivacy PolicyRefund Policy, and Black Friday 2024 Promo Terms of Service carefully and accept them before proceeding with payment. Finally, complete the checkout process to confirm your order.

Congratulations! Now, you can host or migrate your website to WPX Hosting in just a few minutes.

WPX Hosting Features

WPX Hosting is a managed WordPress solution that takes care of everything that your website needs to run smoothly.

It’s a fast, secure, customer-friendly, and perfect value-for-money web hosting service.

If you think it’s a little expensive, then you must go through the following section, where I have mentioned the top reasons you should grab WPX Black Friday deals.

  • Fastest WordPress Hosting
  • Robust Security Features
  • Unlimited Free Site Migrations
  • XDN (WPX Cloud CDN)
  • Quick Customer Support

1. Fastest WordPress Hosting

WPX Hosting is the World’s fastest WordPress hosting service. Since website speed is a ranking factor in SEO, you must choose web hosting that offers faster loading time.

Although the site speed varies depending on multiple factors, a poorly optimized server environment could be the possible reason for the slow server response time.

With WPX Hosting, you’ll notice that your website is loading blazing fast.

2. Robust Security Features

WPX Hosting team always wants to see the smiles on its customers’ faces. WPX Hostings’ bulletproof security features protect your websites.

First of all, you’ll get unlimited SSL certificates for the websites hosted with WPX Hosting. You can install an SSL certificate with one click, and it’s absolutely free.

With the nightly backup feature, you need not worry if something goes wrong with your site. WPX Hosting has several backup copies of your website.

You can access the backup manager to restore your database or entire site in just a couple of clicks. 

Additionally, WPX Hosting offers a free and fast malware removal service

Yeah! I forgot to tell you that WPX Hosting offers Incapsula Enterprise-level DDOS protection.

Such premium security services cost hundreds of dollars or even more but are included with WPX Hosting service for absolutely free.

3. Unlimited Free Site Migrations

Transferring websites to WPX Hosting couldn’t be easier. 

No matter how many websites you want to migrate to a new location, WPX Hosting experts will move all of your websites carefully without any downtime.

Usually, web hosting companies offer free migration for a single website only. Additional site transfers are charged around $30 to $100 or even more, depending on the complexity of the project.

However, WPX Hosting offers free unlimited website transfers from your existing servers to its platform.

4. XDN (WPX Cloud CDN)

WPX Hosting has developed its own cloud CDN — XDN to improve the performance of websites hosted with it. 

You’ll see a significant difference in site speed after integrating WPX Cloud CDN.

WPX Cloud servers are serving visitors from 37 locations across 6 continents. This ensures faster speed around the world and smooth load balancing when traffic spikes.

All WPX Hosting customers have 100% free access to XDN Cloud CDN.

Instead of choosing external CDN services like Cloudflare and KeyCDN, WPX XDN (WPX Cloud CDN) could be a better option for WPX hosting users.

5. Quick Customer Support

WPX Hosting has a professional customer support team that replies to your queries within a few seconds.

See the WPX Hosting reviews on Trustpilot, G2Crowd, Facebook, and many other sites. You’ll notice that almost every customer is happy with their decision and recommends WPX Hosting.

If you’re not a WordPress geek, then most probably, you need someone to help you fix technical problems. WPX Hosting support team is ready to help you 24/7 via live chat or support ticket. 

WPX Hosting Support
WPX Hosting Support

DIY kind of people can get the benefit of WPX Hosting’s well-organized knowledgebase portal.

Now, it’s your turn.

Grab WPX Hosting Black Friday deals before Cyber Monday to unlock exclusive perks.

WPX Hosting Black Friday Deals: FAQs

Here are a few frequently asked questions about WPX hosting Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sales in 2024.

Q: What is WPX Hosting?

A: WPX Hosting is one of the best-managed WordPress hosting companies in the market. It’s popular for delivering cutting-edge performance, robust security, and excellent customer support. 

Q: Which hosting is best for WordPress?

A: WPX Hosting, Cloudways, Scala Hosting, and Fastcomet are a few reliable WordPress hosting providers. You can find the best web hosting black Friday deals to purchase one of these hosting services for your website.

Q: Do I need managed WordPress hosting?

A: If you are planning to host a business site or money-making blog, then you should definitely consider buying managed WordPress hosting. Since the technical hassles, such as speed improvement, security, and updates, are taken care of by the hosting company, you can focus on your core business and make more money.

Q: Is WPX better than Bluehost and HostGator?

A: Yes, WPX Hosting is a managed WordPress hosting and much better than Bluehost and Hostgator because it offers super fast speed, bulletproof security, free backup restores, quick technical support, and much more. If you run a business website or affiliate blog, then you should prefer WPX Hosting over Bluehost or HostGator shared hosting.

Q: Is WPX Hosting running any Black Friday Discount offer this year?

A: Yes, WPX Hosting offers 4 months free with annual subscriptions during the Black Friday sale. In addition, you can enjoy up to 99% off for the first two months on WPX Hosting’s WordPress and WooCommerce plans.

Q: Does WPX Hosting offer a money-back Guarantee?

A: Yes, WPX Hosting offers a 30-day money-back guarantee. If you are not happy with WPX Hosting, you can request a refund. It means that you can try WPX Hosting without any risk.

Q: What if I miss the WPX Black Friday deal?

A: WPX Hosting rarely offers any discount on its services. If you fail to redeem the WPX Hosting Black Friday and Cyber Monday deal, then you need to wait till next year’s sale. If you’re seriously thinking about your site’s performance upgrade, then get this offer before it is gone.

WPX Hosting Black Friday Sale: Final Thoughts

If you care about getting more organic traffic and website sales, you need a super fast and reliable hosting service. 

WPX Hosting helps to fulfill your goals by providing essential features to run a profitable blog or a business site

Being a little more expensive than regular shared hosting services, people often avoid buying WPX Hosting. However, during the Black Friday sale, you can get exclusive discount offers on all its WordPress hosting plans and save more.

Hurry up! If you haven’t claimed your WPX Hosting Black Friday deal yet, then grab it quickly.

If you have any questions or need any assistance, feel free to comment below.

More Amazing Black Friday Cyber Monday Web Hosting Deals

WPX Hosting Black Friday Deals

WPX Hosting Logo 400 x 100px

Name: WPX Hosting

Description: If you're looking for the best WPX Hosting Black Friday deals, you can get four months free when you sign up for a yearly plan with the Buy Now, Use Later option. Moreover, you will receive three months of WordPress hosting for the price of one when you sign up for WPX Hosting's monthly plans. The Black Friday Cyber Monday sale is ending soon. Hurry up! Grab the deal before it disappears forever.

Offer price: 199

Currency: USD

Operating System: Linux

Application Category: WordPress Hosting

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