Elementor Pro Discount Code: Latest Pricing in 2024

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Elementor Pro Discount Code: Elementor Overview 

This article will be beneficial for you if you’re looking for the best Elementor Pro discount code.

Elementor is one of the most popular visual page builder plugins with over 8 million websites.

Elementor Pro adds advanced features to the free version allowing you to explore new web design possibilities, even without touching a single line of code. 


The search for “elementor pro coupon” or “elementor pro discount code 2024” will bring up thousands of blogs on Google, but none of them offer a 100% working promotional code to save you money.

In fact, Elementor does not offer any discount coupons except for festive season sale events. E.g., Elementor Black Friday deals.

You will only find the legitimate elementor pro discounts by visiting their official page.

More details are available below.

Elementor Pro vs Free

Elementor’s base version is available for all WordPress users free of cost.

It allows you access to limited features, including the drag and drop website builder, 40+ basic widgets, responsive editing, and 30+ prebuilt basic templates. 

On the other hand, Elementor Pro is an extension of the free version that adds advanced features and premium support.

Elementor Pro Features
Elementor Pro Features

These features include 50+ pro widgets, 300+ pro templates, and 10+ full website template Kits along with a visual theme builder, form builder, popup builder, and WooCommerce builder. 

Plus, each Elementor Pro plan comes with a year of plugin updates and technical support.

Elementor’s free plan is a good choice for starter sites. However, as your site grows and needs more design resources, you should consider investing in Elementor Pro.

When you compare Elementor Pro vs free, the pro version has many features that you need to create a stunning visual experience for your website users.

Please don’t take my words!

Grab your Elementor Pro coupon and purchase your plugin copy by clicking the button below!

Your purchase is protected with a 30-day money-back guarantee. It means you can try the Elementor Pro WordPress plugin risk-free before deciding whether it’s worth purchasing it or not. 

You can download the free version of Elementor from the WordPress plugin library.

However, the pro version is available to purchase on Elementor’s official website.

Currently, Elementor offers five premium plans:

  • Essential (Single site license at $49)
  • Advanced (Three site license at $99)
  • Expert (25 site license at $199)
  • Studio (100 site license at $499)
  • Agency (1000 site license at $999)

You can pick the best plan depending on your requirements, i.e., the total number of sites you want to design with Elementor Pro.

On 9th March 2021, Elementor changed its pricing model.

Elementor adapted the Expert plan and introduced two new Pro plans: Studio and Agency for customers with a large number of websites.

However, these changes in the Elementor Pro pricing only apply to new purchases made after 9th March 2021.

The revised Elementor Pro pricing plans will be as below.

Elementor Pro Pricing

1. Essential Plan

  • Number of Sites: 1
  • Benefits: All Pro Features
  • Support: Premium (Up to 1 Day Response Time for 1 Member)
  • Price: $49
  • Elementor Pro Discount Code: N/A

2. Advanced Plan

  • Number of Sites: 3
  • Benefits: All Pro Features
  • Support: Premium (Up to 1 Day Response Time for 1 Member)
  • Price: $99
  • Elementor Pro Discount Code: N/A

3. Expert Plan

  • Number of Sites: 25
  • Benefits: All Pro Features and 100+ Website Kits
  • Support: Premium (Up to 1 Day Response Time for 1 Member)
  • Price: $199
  • Elementor Pro Discount Code: N/A

4. Studio Plan

  • Number of Sites: 100
  • Benefits: All Pro Features and 100+ Website Kits
  • Support: VIP (Live Chat for up to 5 Members)
  • Price: $499
  • Elementor Pro Discount Code: N/A

5. Agency Plan

  • Number of Sites: 1000
  • Benefits: All Pro Features and 100+ Website Kits
  • Support: VIP (Live Chat for up to 10 Members)
  • Price: $999
  • Elementor Pro Discount Code: N/A

Elementor Pro Discount Code

Elementor offers up to 25% discount during special events such as Elementor Birthday, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Halloween, and New Year sales.

Elementor Pro Discount Code Sale Offers Best Deals
Elementor Pro Best Deals

You’ll rarely get any discounts except the sale offers as mentioned above. 

Many websites claim to offer up to a 30-90% off Elementor Pro discount code, most of which are fake.

These unofficial websites trick you into clicking on their affiliate links to receive a referral commission on your Elementor Pro purchases.

Instead of being a victim of such clickbait offers, I’d recommend you check the Elementor official site to purchase the Pro version.

If you are lucky or purchase Elementor Pro during the sale, you will get the best deal with a big discount.

Can’t wait?

Simply visit the Elementor Pro pricing page and get it at the regular price. 

Why not start early and make more money instead of waiting for discount offers.

Join the league of action takers!

Elementor Pro Lifetime Deal

You might have seen some websites selling Elementor Pro lifetime license keys at an extremely low price.

When Elementor charges $49 per year for a single site license on their official website, how is this possible? Is there any hack? Is it legit to buy an Elementor Pro license key from these websites?

Let’s find the answers to the above questions.

Before going further, please note that Elementor does not offer any lifetime plans.

Elementor is the leading web design tool.

Its dev team frequently releases new updates with advanced features and product improvements. 

You will also get premium or VIP support by purchasing the Elementor Pro subscription.

The Elementor team thinks that its business model can’t sustain without annual license renewals.

It may not provide the same level of premium support, frequent product updates, and the same standard of the product after 5 to 10 years.

It clearly means you won’t get an Elementor Pro lifetime license from the official website.

Elementor already shared a KB article mentioning why it doesn’t offer lifetime licenses.

However, a few sites claim to offer Elementor Pro lifetime licenses for free or very low cost.

Usually, these sites offer nulled versions of the Elementor Pro plugin and earn from ads or affiliate links on their sites. 

The plugin copy may contain malicious code imposing a big risk to your online business in the worst case.

You are wise not to deal with such sites for absolute reasons.

There are two more ways to get an Elementor Pro license key.

  1. Group Buy Sellers
  2. Web Design Firms

Elementor allows using its plugins on up to 1000 sites, including client sites.

Many people take advantage of Elementor’s terms of service and group buy the plugin to save cost.

In such a way, they can get Elementor Pro at a very cheap rate even without applying the promo codes. 

Elementor Pro Lifetime License (Unofficial)
Elementor Pro Lifetime License (Unofficial)

While it worked well in the past, I doubt people will follow the same method after implementing the new Elementor Pro pricing.

On the other hand, web design firms are the best way to get a legit Elementor Pro license key for the project’s lifetime.

You’ll most probably get a clean plugin copy, a valid license key, along a beautiful website built with Elementor Pro to cater to your specific needs.

Elementor Pro Discount Code: Is Elementor Worth the Hype?

Elementor is a powerful WordPress Page Builder plugin used by 8M+ users worldwide.

It offers advanced drag and drops features and handy design tools such as theme builder, form builder, popup builder, and WooCommerce builder to design a WordPress website quickly.

Whether you have an Elementor Pro discount code or not, it’s the best value-for-money product for WordPress users.

Use the exclusive link below to get your Elementor Pro copy.

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Elementor Pro Discount Code and Latest Pricing

Elementor Pro Discount Code Coupon

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