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In this post, I’ll compare Elementor Cloud vs plugin and discuss the key differences between both products.

The Elementor Pro WordPress plugin and the Elementor Cloud Website (a.k.a. Elementor cloud hosting service) are two of the most popular tools for creating customized WordPress websites.

Both tools feature a powerful drag-and-drop builder that allows you to create beautiful, responsive websites without writing a single line of code.

However, the Elementor Pro is a standalone WordPress plugin, while the Elementor Cloud Website is an all-in-one website creation platform that includes cloud hosting, security, the Elementor Pro, and 24/7 premium support.

Now you might get confused about which one to choose: Elementor Cloud vs plugin.

It’s a really tricky choice and depends on your needs and preferences.

So, in this post, we’ll discuss the major differences between Elementor Cloud Website and Elementor WordPress Plugin, which will let you make an informed decision.

What is Elementor WordPress Plugin?

Elementor is the most popular visual drag & drop page builder. It helps you create stunning, pixel-perfect WordPress websites at record speeds.

You can quickly build any website with prebuilt template kits without writing a single line of code.

Elementor’s pro version includes additional features like a popup builder, WooCommerce integration, form builder, global widgets, and more.

The company constantly adds new features to the product, making it the most powerful drag & drop page builder available.

Moreover, Elementor has a large community of designers and developers. And if you need any help, the friendly support team is always ready to lend a hand.

Are you planning to design a WordPress website?

If so, you should definitely give Elementor Pro a try to discover how easy it is with Elementor Pro to build amazing websites.

What is Elementor Cloud Website?

Elementor Cloud Website is an end-to-end solution that includes cloud hosting, a pre-installed WordPress, Elementor Pro WP plugin, security, and a seamless website management experience.

Elementor Cloud is a hosted solution that simplifies the process of building and launching a website without requiring any technical knowledge. 

Since the package includes Google Cloud Powered hosting optimized exclusively for Elementor websites, you don’t have to look elsewhere for the best Elementor hosting.

You only need to purchase a custom domain name and Elementor Cloud Website subscription, and Elementor will take care of everything else.

How cool is that?

1. Elementor Cloud vs Plugin: What is Included in the Package

As I mentioned earlier, Elementor Pro is a standalone WordPress plugin, whereas the Elementor Cloud website is a full-featured no-code solution for building WordPress websites.

Below is a breakdown of what each product has to offer.

Elementor WordPress Plugin

Elementor has two different versions: Free and Pro. The free version offers basic functionalities to get started. However, Elementor’s Pro version provides some extra features, making it an irresistible deal.

Elementor Pro Features:

  • Code-free Visual Drag & Drop Builder 
  • 100% Responsive and Mobile Editing
  • 300+ Pro Templates & Blocks
  • Popup Builder
  • A Powerful Theme Builder
  • Dynamic Content
  • WooCommerce Integration and E-commerce Capabilities
  • Robust Form Builder
  • 30+ Third-party Integrations

Elementor Cloud Website 

Elementor Cloud Website is an integrated website-building solution to launch your WordPress websites quickly. A package includes Elementor Pro along with some additional benefits.

Elementor Cloud Website Features:

  • A Google Cloud Powered Hosting Optimized Specifically for Elementor Websites
  • 20 GB Disk Storage and 100 GB Bandwidth Limit (up to 100K Monthly Visits)
  • Cloudflare CDN
  • Custom Domain Connectivity
  • Free SSL Certificates 
  • Automated Daily Backups
  • Pre-installed WordPress and Elementor Pro
  • Premium Live Chat and Email Support


In Elementor Cloud vs Plugin comparison, you’ll notice that the Elementor Cloud Website offers a better package than Elementor Pro. So you can focus on designing your website instead of finding the best Elementor hosting.

2. Elementor Cloud vs Plugin: Pricing

Besides features, pricing is another deciding factor when purchasing the Elementor Pro WordPress plugin and Elementor Cloud Website.

Let’s compare the pricing for both products and see which offers the best value.

Elementor Pro Pricing

Elementor offers a free (lite) version with limited features, which is enough for designing starter websites. However, if you need additional features, pre-made templates, advanced marketing and e-commerce capabilities, and premium support, consider upgrading to the Elementor Pro.

The Elementor Pro license is currently available in five different pricing tiers, as listed below.

Elementor Pro Plugin PlansPin
Elementor Pro Plugin Plans

1. Essential Plan: 

Among all Elementor plans, the Essential plan is the most affordable one, costing $49 per year. 

It allows you to install the Elementor Pro plugin on a single website and provides access to all pro features, Website Kits (pre-designed template), and premium technical support.

2. Advanced Plan: 

Elementor’s Advanced plan costs $99 per year. It allows you to install the Elementor Pro plugin on up to three websites and provides similar features as the Essential plan.

3. Expert Plan: 

The Elementor Expert plan is the most popular among all five plans, which costs $199 per year. 

The license allows you to install the Elementor Pro WP plugin on up to 25 websites and grants you access to all pro features, Expert Website Kits, Elementor Expert Profile, and premium technical support.

4. Studio Plan: 

Elementor’s Studio plan typically costs $499 per year. However, the company offers a massive 40% discount on its regular pricing for the first year, which brings the effective price down to $299. 

The Studio plan allows you to install the Elementor Pro WP plugin on up to 100 websites. In addition, it gives you unlimited access to the pro features, Expert Website Kits, Elementor Expert Profile, and VIP support.

5. Agency Plan: 

Elementor charges $999 per year for its Agency plan. 

The license allows you to install the Elementor Pro WordPress plugin on up to 1000 websites. That’s less than $1 per website.

Moreover, it offers unlimited access to all pro features, Expert Website Kits, Elementor Expert Network Profile, and VIP support (offers priority support responses).

Elementor Cloud Website Pricing

Elementor Cloud Website is a fairly new product in comparison to Elementor Pro. 

Up to now, the company has only announced one Elementor Cloud plan, which costs $99 annually.

Elementor Cloud Website Pricing USD 99 Per YearPin
Elementor Cloud Website Pricing

Since Elementor Cloud Website bundles multiple services, including cloud hosting, security, CDN, backups, WordPress management, and the most popular Elementor Pro plugin, the $99/year price is quite reasonable.

Best of all, unlike many other web hosting companies, Elementor Cloud Website has no renewal upcharges.


Elementor has priced both products well. In other words, you get the best deal regardless of whether you purchase Elementor Pro or Elementor Cloud Website.

3. Elementor Cloud vs Plugin: Market Share

Yoni Luksenberg and Ariel Klikstein co-founded Elementor in 2016, which has been wildly successful since its inception. 

At its live launch event on 22nd February 2022, Elementor unveiled its latest cloud-based website solution. Moreover, Elementor Pro is primarily designed as a visual page builder, whereas Elementor Cloud Website is an all-in-one website building platform.

So obviously, these two products significantly differ in market share because of their different service lengths and market segments they cater to.

Below you will find more information.

Elementor WordPress Plugin Market Share

No-code interface and drag-and-drop functionality made Elementor a massive success.

Today Elementor hold over 7.8% market share of all the websites. Based on company data, the plugin is used in 150+ countries worldwide and has over 11 million active installations.

Elementor Cloud Website Market Share

In comparison to other companies offering end-to-end website building solutions, Elementor Cloud Website is a relatively new product.

In addition, the hosting industry is highly competitive, and adding another brand to this overcrowded market would not make sense.

That’s why Elementor chose an innovative approach of offering an all-inclusive website-building platform that takes care of everything.

Even though it’s too early to predict this, Elementor Cloud will likely be a big hit since only a few reputable companies offer such bundle packages.


The Elementor WordPress plugin already dominates the page builder market. From a market share perspective of each product, the Elementor plugin is far ahead of Elementor Cloud. Nevertheless, the Elementor Cloud Website solution has great potential for sure if optimized and marketed well.

4. Elementor Cloud vs Plugin: Compatibility With Other Platforms

Elementor integrates seamlessly with thousands of other plugins and themes as part of the WordPress eco-system. The software currently has more than 11 million active installations, with no compatibility issues reported. On the other hand, the Elementor Cloud Website restricts users to only using services that the company offers. E.g., hosting service, CDN, and page builder.

Elementor WordPress Plugin Compatibility With Other Platforms

Elementor free and Pro are compatible with most web hosting services, themes, and plugins. 

Moreover, it integrates with 30+ third-party marketing solutions, WordPress plugins, LMS, social networks, and other online platforms.

Elementor Cloud Website Compatibility With Other Platforms

At the moment, the Elementor Cloud Website system only supports a few services. E.g., Google Cloud Platform for hosting infrastructure and Cloudflare for CDN.

However, Elementor doesn’t compromise on performance. The system is well-optimized for speed and security without limiting your design freedom.

A list of banned plugins remains an issue with the Elementor Cloud Website.

The platform restricts the usage of backup plugins, migration plugins, caching plugins, and most competing page builders.


The Elementor WordPress plugin is flexible and works with various hosting services, software, and email providers. However, Elementor Cloud Hosting users may experience some compatibility issues, especially with certain WordPress plugins. So check out Elementor’s banned plugin list before purchasing.

Elementor Cloud vs Plugin: Conclusion

Elementor Cloud Website is an exceptional choice for those who want to take advantage of the Elementor ecosystem’s features, including professional design, cutting-edge technologies, creative freedom, and a vibrant community. 

In addition, Elementor’s integrated cloud hosting service, managed security, backups, website management, and premium support remove the hassle of launching and maintaining WordPress websites. 

For $99/year, Elements Cloud offers incredible value.

However, if you wish to use the standalone Elementor Plugin with an external hosting provider, you can always choose that option.

Please don’t follow the crowd. Instead, review each product thoroughly and choose the one that meets your needs.

Interested in learning more about the Elementor Cloud Website platform or the Elementor Plugin? 

You can read the full reviews below:

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