ChemiCloud Migrations: 200 Free Website Transfers From Existing Host to ChemiCloud

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ChemiCloud Migrations: The Complete Guide to Moving Your Website to ChemiCloud

Are you considering migrating your website to ChemiCloud for enhanced performance and reliability? 

ChemiCloud provides a free website migration service for customers switching from another hosting provider. 

In this comprehensive guide, I’ll walk you through requesting a migration, the disclaimers and terms associated with the free migration service, and the detailed steps in transferring your website to ChemiCloud.

However, if you haven’t purchased your ChemiCloud Hosting yet, click the button below to get one.

ChemiCloud Free Migration Service Terms and Conditions

  • ChemiCloud does not transfer domain names as part of the website migration service. 
  • A free migration is available within 60 days of the activation of your order.
  • ChemiCloud migrates up to 200 cPanel accounts for free (including website files, MySQL databases, and email data).
  • It also migrates up to 10 non-cPanel accounts (website files and MySQL databases) for free.
  • You can request migration of up to 10 non-cPanel email accounts. For non-cPanel accounts, you can only transfer email data with Imapsync (IMAP transfers tool).

Additional charges apply if you require additional migrations beyond what is included with our free migration service or after 60 days from the time your order is activated.

Extra Charges for ChemiCloud Migrations

The pricing for additional migrations (and migrations beyond 60 days) and bulk migration discounts are outlined below.

1. cPanel Migrations

  • 1 to 5 cPanel Accounts: $10 per cPanel account
  • 6 to 10 cPanel Accounts: $5 per cPanel account
  • 11 to 20 cPanel Accounts: $4 per cPanel account
  • 21 to 30 cPanel Accounts: $3 per cPanel account
  • 31 to 49 cPanel Accounts: $2 per cPanel account
  • 50+ cPanel Accounts: $1 per cPanel account

2. Non-cPanel Migrations

  • $10 per website
  • $10 per website (internal migrations)

3. Email Migrations

  • $5 per email address (non-cPanel migrations)

How Does ChemiCloud Website Migration Work?

You need to purchase ChemiCloud hosting before you request a website migration. After you submit the migration request, a ticket is automatically created with ChemiCloud’s Migrations department. An expert from the ChemiCloud Migration team will log into your current web hosting account and determine the best way to move your sites.

If your current hosting provider uses cPanel, the migration team will create a full cPanel backup of your hosting account, transfer it, and restore it on ChemiCloud servers.

If your provider does not use cPanel, ChemiCloud will backup your data using various methods (including zip/tar, FTP, SSH, and MySQL exports).

ChemiCloud will run several checks on all data moved once the migration is complete to ensure nothing has been lost.

Finally, the ChemiCloud migration team will configure the local DNS zone so that all you have to do is point your domains to ChemiCloud domain name servers.

That’s it! Upon pointing your domain to ChemiCloud DNS, your sites will work from ChemiCloud servers (usually within 24 hours due to DNS propagation).

Your website and emails will continue to run normally from your former web host during the migration period.

How to Request a ChemiCloud Migration?

Step 1: Log into your ChemiCloud’s Client Area.

Step 2: Click on the Support icon from the left menu.

ChemiCloud Migration Service Submit Ticket

Step 3: Click the Submit Ticket button and select the Migrations department.

Step 4: Fill out the migration request form with the following information: 

ChemiCloud Migrations Form
  • Related Product/Service 
  • Your web host login URL
  • Username
  • Password
  • Website(s) you want to migrate

Please list the websites/domains to be migrated, separated with commas.

Step 5: Once you have provided all the necessary information, ChemiCloud Migration experts will begin the migration and update you on the progress.

Step 6: Point your domain to ChemiCloud DNS to serve your website from the new server.

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