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How to choose a web hosting service or what key factors to consider when choosing a web hosting company are frequently asked beginners’ questions.

Most web companies in the market claim to provide the best service to their customers.

Is it true?

Probably the answer is ‘No.’

Although every web-hosting company promises to provide every required feature and excellent customer support, they fail to keep their word.

So proper research before buying a web-hosting service is essential.

In this article, I will discuss how to choose a web hosting service for your website.

Before buying the web-hosting, take a look at the key points to be considered

  • Features & Add-ons
  • Reputation & Customer Reviews
  • Technical Support
  • Cpanel Quality & UI
  • Server Uptime
  • Email Service
  • Focused Areas
  • Future Upgrades
  • Hardware For Server
  • Speed
  • Price

Now we will discuss these points in detail. 

There are 11 key points to compare different web-hosting services and select the best suited for your purpose.

How to Choose a Web Hosting Service – 11 Key Points

1. Features & Add-ons

Once you decided to buy the hosting from the specific company, check features available in your plan — e.g., disc space, bandwidth, the number of websites for selected plans.

If you have regular traffic over 1K per day, it’s better to select the plan to handle such a large number of visits. 

If you run out of a specified bandwidth, your website will probably go down and become unavailable to visitors.

Take an example.

I wanted to know the Marathi meaning of a word. I searched but could not move further as the bandwidth limit had exceeded.

It’s just for your information. Otherwise, you may think it’s a negligible point and not worth considering.

Bandwidth is exceededPin
Bandwidth is exceeded

Other features include the hosting service type, including shared hosting, reseller hosting, VPS, cloud hosting or dedicated server, etc.

The add-ons like site backup, priority support, privacy protection, and security features like SSL certificate add value to your purchase.

Other add-ons are marketing packages, advertisement packages like Google AdWords, website builder, and e-commerce builder tools.

MySQL DB, CDN, and seamless SSD storage, etc. features are also essential that most people never search for, especially newbies,

The extra features and add-ons may be free or cost a few bucks but worth having them. Research about that before buying the web-hosting.

2. Reputation and Customer Reviews

Look for the reputation & dependability of the web hosting provider before purchasing a hosting plan.

Some companies may provide you a cheap hosting solution with unlimited space and bandwidth but lack other essential features like server uptime, a strong technical team, advanced hardware, etc.

It is better to check the market reputation of that particular hosting company.

Ask reviews from other customers using the same hosting or browse top review portals.

HostArmada Trustpilot RatingsPin
HostArmada Trustpilot Ratings

The reviews may vary for different hosting companies, but a good web hosting company always try to achieve 100% customer satisfaction.

3. Technical Support

The poor customer support sucks. Some hosting companies provide 24/7/365 true customer support, and it’s very important.

Most people don’t know the technical aspects of hosting and its insights or functionalities. For new people, it is like a big crisis.

So proper and qualified customer support with vast knowledge in this is essential.

Some companies may outsource the customer support department, and it may take time to resolve your issue.

Check the possible lines to connect; the toll-free call, live chat, email, and support tickets.

If social media interaction is available, then it will add a clear advantage over the rest. The reply time, i.e., priority support and effectiveness of the solution provided by them, has the same importance as the above points.

E.g., SiteGround provides live chat support with less than 2 minutes of waiting time while other companies offer emails and support tickets for the conversation.

4. Control Panel UI

As every person on the internet is not geeky in web design and web management or CMS, the simple and easy to navigate Cpanel is very important.

It’s not only helpful to new people but for the experienced bloggers and designers also.

The clear structure and user-friendly interface of the Cpanel follow more reputation. It helps new people to manage their accounts and stats easily.

A good web hosting company provides one-click to install CMS, FTP, easier email management, and much more built-in Cpanel features.

And, they keep continuing to modify it better. It helps users to update and modify their websites very quickly and in very little time.

5. Email service

Some web hosting companies provide a limited number of email accounts and email space, while others have unlimited features. So choose the better one according to your preference & look for spam protection for your email account.

Another critical point in this section is to verify that your email service is protected from viruses, malware, and any other vulnerability.

If you are not sure, ask your doubts before purchasing the hosting plan or simply Google it. 

6. Server Uptime

Every company claims to provide the guaranteed uptime above 99%.

Is it a false promise?

Check for it.

Server uptime is the most important thing for any website. If the server is down or not responding as expected, investing in such hosting companies has no benefit.

You have to sure about it before buying the hosting service. Otherwise, you may have to regret your decision.

Although 100% server uptime isn’t possible, it should be above 99.9%.

7. Focused Area

It’s better to look for the focused areas of the web hosting company you have selected. Every company has its pros and cons. So choosing a proper web-hosting needs much more research.

Generally, small websites or blogs have average monthly traffic below 100K, and shared hosting can handle that traffic.

If you plan a business website, you must have additional features such as an ultra-fast server with dedicated resources, managed security, and responsive technical support.

Some companies focus on speed while some on support. You are wise to choose the best one according to your need. It’s better to stay away from the companies that focus only on marketing and not on quality.

8. Future Upgrades

You must always check for the upgrade plans before buying the web hosting plan. If you are damn sure about your traffic generation strategies, it is better to go with future-proof solutions.

Please select the provider so that you can easily upgrade your hosting plan in the future or add extra functionalities to it.

Also, check the remote access to your other domains if you want to shift them. Look for the costs of upgrades, if you will have them.

9. Server Hardware

Some reputed web hosting companies have advanced hardware for their servers and ultrafast SSD storage.

The companies providing a cheap service may not have upgraded hardware, which may lead to a decrease in speed or periodically overhaul.

Outdated hardware may cause trouble in server uptime that you never want.

Some companies have initiatives for green energy and eco-friendly practices that make us proud as part of that web-hosting company.

10. Speed

Speed is a crucial factor while selecting a web hosting service.

If your server responds slowly, the visitors will not stay on your site for a very long time, affecting your conversion rate and increasing bounce rate.

The speed depends on the server hardware, geographical location of the server (latency), and web technologies. So be aware of that also.

Moreover, you can test speed for the sites based on that particular server using page speed test tools like Google PageSpeed Insights or GTmetrix.

11. Price

Last but not least.

The price also plays an important role in buying the web-hosting service.

New people prefer cheap hosting plans because they don’t have the proper knowledge of the site’s hosting requirements.

As your site grows, it requires more server resources to achieve stable performance.

As you’ve decided to blog as a career or start any other online business, never compromise on web hosting quality for a few bucks.

It will save a few bucks in the short term but may cost a big if something goes wrong.

You must be aware of the TOS of the web hosting company regarding account suspension, server usage, limitation in the specific field like speed, bandwidth according to plan.

It’s also better to check whether the company is giving a 100% money-back guarantee or not. Investigate these all points before buying a web-hosting service.

If you haven’t yet decided about choosing the best web hosting for your website or blog, don’t worry. 

Some reputed web hosting companies have some attractive offers on their web hosting plans.

You can get big discounts

I suggest you select a perfect web hosting plan. 

It costs just $1-2 more than a regular hosting service, but you’ll experience a noticeable difference in hosting performance.

If you’re searching for an affordable web host, HostArmada is a great option for under $5 per month.

Wrap Up

I have shared every possible point on how to choose a web hosting service.

It’s a basic overview of the web hosting selection process but you should be careful when purchasing a web hosting plan for your site.

In case I have missed something, or you have suggestions for me, please comment below.

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