MyThemeShop Review: SEO-Friendly WordPress Themes

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This article shares my honest MyThemeShop review as a blogger, web designer, and MyThemeShop affiliate.

Unlike most other reviews that share only the positive side of a product, I’ll discuss why I chose MyThemeShop themes, different pros & cons, MyThemeShop pricing structure, and special discounts.


Currently, I’m using Kadence Premium Theme on due to its flexibility and extensive customization abilities.

However, I use MyThemeShop themes and plugins on my affiliate sites.

If you’re not tech-savvy, I’d recommend you to choose MyThemeShop themes due to their ease of use.

WordPress users have unlimited options for themes and plugins. 

Suppose you need a WordPress theme for your website. In that case, you can select a free theme from the official WordPress repository or purchase a premium theme from a reputed developer or theme marketplace.

Depending on the required features, performance, and security, WordPress themes may cost zero to a few thousand dollars.

However, normal WordPress users prefer a cost-effective theme with decent features and customization abilities.

Due to the rise in WordPress websites (~42%), many developers and theme shops provide highly optimized themes at very competitive prices to capture the maximum market share.

As a result of this, hundreds of WordPress themes are available in the market. At the same time, that makes it difficult for people to pick the right theme for their site.

You may not believe it, but I have tested more than hundreds of free and premium themes in the last five years.

MyThemeShop, StudioPress (Genesis), Kadence, GeneratePress, and Astra are at the top of my list.

What is MyThemeShop?

The name itself shows what MyThemeShop is. It’s a theme shop, or you can say it is a premium theme membership club.

Started back in 2012, MTS will celebrate its 13th anniversary on 29th April 2024. With expertise in user-friendly and highly optimized premium themes with almost every essential feature, it’s one of the best WordPress theme clubs in the market.

Look at some statistics.

Currently, MyThemeShop offers a complete package of 22 WordPress products with 8 themes and 14 plugins.

Best MyThemeShop WordPress Themes and Plugins
MyThemeShop WordPress Themes and Plugins

Although all products from MyThemeShop are available to buy individually, you can benefit from their membership option, which will give you access to all premium themes, plugins, and PSD templates.

Believe it or not, MTS is one of the largest premium WordPress theme clubs. I am sure it will continue to launch more powerful and beautiful products in the upcoming days.

Still not able to make a decision?

MyThemeShop has more than 726K happy users, and many influencers are using MyThemeShop WordPress themes and plugins on their websites.

MyThemeShop Features


  1. Lightweight, clean-coded, and super fast
  2. Stunning visuals without touching a single line of code
  3. Logo, Favicon, and Mobile device icon upload
  4. Built-in AJAX Search Option
  5. Multiple Pagination Options
  6. Responsiveness
  7. RTL support
  8. WooCommerce Ready


  1. Async JavaScript for improved page loading speed
  2. Prefetching support
  3. Lazy load option to boost page speed
  4. Optimized WooCommerce Scripts
  5. SEO friendly
  6. Schema integration

Styling and Customization

  1. Section for custom CSS (Cascading Style Sheet)
  2. Multiple color scheme options
  3. Right/left sidebar styling
  4. Background patterns included/custom background image support
  5. Parallax support
  6. Lightbox option for images


  1. Multiple homepage styles
  2. Built-in homepage slider with the option to choose the categories
  3. Limit the number of posts on the home page

Header and Footer

  1. Show or hide the header logo and navigation menus.
  2. Social icons and search bar switching for header
  3. Footer navigation
  4. Built-in copyright section (customizable)
  5. Enable or disable footer widgets

Single Post

  1. Built-in Breadcrumbs
  2. Show/hide the date in the comment.
  3. Highlight the author’s comment.


  1. Social Media Integration
  2. Built-in ad management and AdSense support
  3. Unlimited sidebar options
  4. Advanced typography support
  5. Translation ready
  6. Import/Export option
  7. Back-to-top support
  8. Option to create a child theme
  9. One-click updates

MTS themes offer many features, including unique options for individual products.

Pros of Using MyThemeShop WordPress Themes

Here, I have listed some pros and cons of using MyThemeShop.

Level of Theme Coding

The main thing that makes premium themes distinct from free themes is the level of coding. As premium themes are commercial products and developers make money from them, almost every theme shop knows the importance of proper coding.

The free themes are generally demo/test versions of the paid themes and come with basic features. 

Developers spend countless hours coding and optimizing premium products, making them unique & powerful.

They ensure the quality according to industry standards and work continuously to keep updates rolling on so that the theme is compatible with the latest version of WordPress.

The MyThemeShop dev team has expertise in this area and a vast experience of around eleven years. They build all their themes with the latest HTML5 and CSS3 markup standards. That ensures better search engine visibility and provides you more power with the most recent browser/plugin technologies.

Unlike other themes that are either shabby or too complicated for webmasters (and search engines), MyThemeShop has clean and well-commented codes, ensuring easier editing, 100% search engine crawlability, and hack-proof.

MTS themes support all browsers, including Google Chrome, Opera, Mozilla Firefox, etc. Another impressive feature of MTS themes is multisite compatibility.

SEO-Friendly Themes

The site design plays an important role in SEO, and many ranking factors relate directly or indirectly to the theme.

I’m mentioning one of these factors, i.e., website speed.

The site loading speed is one of the most-talked ranking factors.

If your site is not loading within the first couple of seconds, users may abandon your site, and at the same time, search engines also penalize you for the poor user experience.

Do you want to put yourself in big trouble by not choosing a fast-loading WordPress theme?

Definitely not!

That’s why I advise you to pick a speedy MyThemeShop theme for your WordPress site.

See what makes MyThemeShop themes super fast.

  1. Codes are clean and not bloated, which makes your site SEO-friendly and fast.
  2. Built-in features such as social media integration, author bio, and contact form eliminate the use of too many external plugins. However, they have designed 21 WordPress plugins in their framework, which is the most compatible with the theme codes.
  3. The inbuilt ad management feature in theme options eliminates the use of external plugins or services to manage ads on your site to monetize your blog.
  4. The next popular feature of MTS themes is advanced typography, where you can choose your blog’s typography directly through your theme option without integrating external plugins or services.


Don’t forget to use a good caching plugin on your website, which makes a big difference.

Apart from the website loading speed, you can get more features to help you with SEO.

100% fluid mobile responsive, schema integration, functions like Lazy load and Prefetching, and optimized scripts make MyThemeShop WordPress themes super fast and SEO-friendly.

CTR optimization is another feature MTS provides where you get benefits in SEO and monetization.

Beautiful Design

It is something where I never compromise. The site communicates with the audience. If your site has an ugly layout, then the chances of people returning to it are very low.

Many premium themes have multiple design options or templates that you can change with one click. MyThemeShop offers various customizable templates so that you can choose the best suited for your needs.

The individual developers and design agencies charge a few hundred to several thousand dollars for the premium customizable templates. However, MyThemeShop themes let you create elegant, eye-catching designs within a few minutes.

However, you can email them for more customization options according to your requirements.

I always emphasize website design because the major percentage of user experience depends on on-site design. And MTS themes do their jobs as promised.

Feature-Rich Option Panel

The name itself indicates what I’m trying to say.

Everything is designed in such a way that even a newbie who doesn’t know a single line of code can customize the theme.

The options panel of MTS is the best among all the themes I have ever tested.

It’s simply awesome!

A place for everything and everything at its place.

From homepage customization to advanced typography and ad management, all options are accessible on the single dashboard.

MyThemeShop Options Panel
MyThemeShop Options Panel

Every theme in the MyThemeShop repository features the same options panel, and anyone can customize his/her theme by using the DIY approach before reaching the support team.

Technical Support

If you search for the keyword “WordPress themes” on Google, millions of search results will appear in front of you.

You can select any one of these results to purchase a theme. After that, you can download and install it on your blog. But what will you do if you need help with a particular step?

Finding a theme is not difficult, but editing and customizing it may seem like rocket science for non-coders.

MTS does its job efficiently here, too.

Although it has not provided a phone call or live chat support (maybe a con for many people), the support team answers every thread related to MTS products on the same day, even for free members.

Premium members can get priority support if they stick somewhere while editing or customizing the MyThemeShop products.

The support forum includes search features to find the solutions for your problem from previously answered queries. The tutorial section will help people struggling with a basic WordPress setup that features 32 video lessons completely free.

For more complicated customization, site migration, and adding extra features not promised by MTS, you can email them; they will provide everything on the go. Consider you may need to pay for such services.

Affiliate Program

Are you a blogger or a web development/SEO consultant?

You have a chance to get a whopping 55% affiliate commission on every successful sale of MyThemeShop products.

If someone clicks your affiliate link and buys an extended membership plan of $87, you will earn a huge $47.85 commission.

Isn’t it a big deal?


It’s not everything that MTS offers to its affiliates. It offers a 2-tier affiliate program to get 10% of the income your referral affiliate earns for a lifetime.

MyThemeShop affiliate program includes a 60-day cookie period and access to text links and banners. You can use deep linking for a particular product for custom recommendations based on your experience.

Cons of Using MyThemeShop WordPress Themes

Although I use products from MTS, I don’t like a few things. I have enlisted them below.

Pricing Fluctuations

MyThemeShop is very honest about its pricing, but eventually, you may feel like paying more.

Did I say something wrong?

No! I have praised MTS for its transparent pricing, but the problem is its promotional offers. Occasionally, MTS offers its themes and plugins for a very low price of $19.

Do you feel bad if you bought the theme for $69 on the previous day, having the current price of $19 only?

Such special promotions should not be random.

This is my personal view, and you can disagree with me.

Activating Many Options Makes Theme Heavy

Another problem is with the theme features. Enabling many options makes your site perform well but, at the same time, compromises site speed.

I have experienced it with the social icons in header sections and some fonts. For the non-coders, including myself, it’s not easy to optimize the site in such conditions.

Some other cons are like no real-time support where you can talk with a person on a call or live chat, although it has a 24/7 priority support feature for premium members.

MyThemeShop Pricing

MyThemeShop has transparent pricing for its products.

Whether you are buying a single theme or an extended membership plan, you will get everything on a single page without any hidden charges.

You can use free products once you create an account on the MTS website or upgrade anytime with a premium plan.

Its free forever plan comes with zero investment, and you can use 3 WordPress themes and 7 plugins without paying a dime to MTS.

The single-product license costs $27-69; if you are lucky, you can get it for $19 only. You can extend the support and updates by paying an additional few bucks for the successive year.

For the membership plan, you need to pay $420. It’s currently available for $99 with extended support and updates, which is suitable for developers & ad agencies.

The deal is definitely not as cheap as that of Tesla Themes ($79/year for a developer pack) and Elegant Themes ($89/year) but not as expensive as WooCommerce ($149/year for a single site) or other competitors.

By signing up for an extended membership plan, you can get everything in the MyThemeShop product library, including 8 themes and 14 plugins developed by MTS.

With the MTS membership, you can access all new themes and plugins whenever they roll out without paying anything extra. 

The support features are also extended to the client’s projects if you’re purchasing the unlimited membership plan.

You can pay via either PayPal or Stripe using your credit/debit card.

MyThemeShop offers a 30-day money-back guarantee. If any product is not working on your site or MTS fails to resolve that issue, you can ask for a refund within 30 days.

MTS claims that, but I haven’t experienced any issues with its products.

Pretty impressive, Huh?

My Experience With MyThemeShop

When I started my first blog, I was looking for an elegant yet fast-loading WordPress theme.

My search for a good WordPress theme ended with MyThemeShop.

I saw that each MyThemeShop theme comes with all the necessary files, documentation, and a changelog.

MyThemeShop Schema Theme Chanegelog
MyThemeShop Schema Theme Chanegelog

Actually, I liked the design, loading speed, and built-in ad management of MyThemeShop WordPress themes.

After watching the demo, I created an account with MyThemeShop and instantly downloaded the Socially Viral theme to my local storage.

To ensure whether the theme contains any malicious code, I checked it with VirusTotal and found it clean. (Never trust or doubt anything unless you check it yourself).

Although the theme offers many advanced options, it’s very lightweight.

I uploaded the .zip file on my site and customized the site look a little by changing colors and typography.

That’s it.

Later on, I made a few changes to speed up my WordPress site. For example, I disabled social icons in the header area, which improved my site speed significantly.

One thing I must mention about MTS is its feature-rich options panel.

I’m saying this again and again simply because it is worth it.

The page management, typography, and, later, the ads management option made me fall in love with MyThemeShop.

Important: You don’t need to be code-savvy to customize MyThemeShop themes, but you need approximately an hour to tweak the basic settings to create a stunning website.

E.g., uploading logo, Favicon, sidebars, and other page settings.

MyThemeShop Review By Actual Users

This MyThemeShop review is my first-hand user experience with MTS products and customer support. Still, if you’re confused, see what the influencers are saying about MTS.

MyThemeShop Review and Testimonials From Influencers
Testimonials From Influencers

Matthew Woodward, Zac Johnson, and Jeremy Schoemaker are using MTS themes and crediting MyThemeShop for their success.

Check here the testimonials for MTS.

Popular Products From MyThemeShop

  • Rank Math
  • MTS Schema
  • WP Review Pro
  • MTS Ad-Sense
  • MTS Coupon
  • URL Shortener Pro

Almost every premium plugin has its free version, but you may need to upgrade if you need extra features.


This entire MyThemeShop review is based on my experience, and you would feel the same when you buy MyThemeShop WordPress themes or plugins.

You can watch the demo and finalize the themes or plugins for your site.

If you want to test them live, going with the MyThemeShop membership plan would be better.

I’m sure you have liked this post about the MyThemeShop review, so don’t forget to share it with your friend.

If you are using any product from MyThemeShop, leave a comment below on what you think about it.

MyThemeShop Review

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