Black Friday Deals 2024: 90% Lifetime Discount

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Are you searching for the best black Friday deal for 2024? If yes, you’ve come to the right place.

This year’s Black Friday sale is live, and the company is offering incredible deals and free bonuses.

You can get up to 90% off’s Ultimate plan and thousands of dollars worth of free goodies. Ultimate plan typically costs $297 per month or $239 per month if paid annually. However, with the Black Friday deal in 2024, you can get the same plan for just $79 per month, along with thousands of dollars worth of additional benefits.

That’s a massive 90% off.

This discount remains valid for a lifetime. As a result, you can renew your account at 90% off forever without worrying about any future upcharges.

Unfortunately, is available at the lowest price for a limited time. After that, a price increase may occur at any time without prior notice. So grab the Black Friday deal quickly before it expires. Black Friday Sale: Overview

Product CategoryMobile App Builder
Special OfferExclusive free bonuses worth $8942
Maximum Black Friday Discount90% off Black Friday Promo CodeNot required Black Friday Sale Start Date21 November 2024 Black Friday Sale End Date02 December 2024
Discount LinkGrab a Passion Black Friday discount

How to Activate Black Friday Deal?

Follow these simple steps to claim the Passion Black Friday deal and save big.

Step 1: Click this special discount link to access’s official Black Friday sales page. Black Friday Sale Landing Page

Step 2: Scroll down to the explainer video about the Black Friday deal. Locate and click the Get Started Now button below it.

Step 3: It will redirect you to’s exclusive Cyber Week discount section, where you can get the Ultimate plan and additional bonuses for just $79 per month. The total value of the package is $11,810, but you can buy it for only $948, saving you 90% off the original price. Black Friday Deal Special Offer

Step 4: Click Start Now once you’re convinced and ready to take action.

Step 5: You can now choose to pay monthly or annually for the Ultimate plan. The annual billing option costs you $79/month, whereas the monthly billing option is a little expensive and costs you $97/month.

You can change your billing schedule from annual to monthly or vice versa with just a click. Black Friday Special Change Billing Schedule

I recommend purchasing the yearly plan to save a few extra bucks and receive all the special Black Friday discounts.

Step 6: Enter your personal information, select your PassionFighter T-Shirt size, and type in your credit card information. Black Friday Sale Checkout Page

Step 7: Review the order summary and all the benefits you get with Passion Black Friday deal. If everything looks fine, click the Get Access Now button to complete the checkout process. 

Congratulations, you have successfully claimed the Cyber Monday deal with 90% off. Pricing offers two standard pricing options, Pro and Ultimate, and a done-for-you app-building service, UltimatePLUS. 

You can learn more about each plan below.

1. Pro Plan

Key Features:

  • Your own branded iOS, Android, and web app
  • Payment processing for in-app and external web purchases via PassionPayments (3.9% fees)
  • Offline mode, progress tracking, gamification, and push notifications
  • Usage limit of 100 subscribers, 100 videos, and 1000 push notifications per month
  • 3000+ Integrations
  • Live streaming capability
  • Access to the 30-day Expert Unleashed Challenge and PassionFighter community
  • Email and live chat support
  • Tutorial videos to help you with the setup process

Standard Pricing: $97/month

Discounted Pricing: $79/month (when paid annually)

2. Ultimate Plan

Key Features:

  • Your own branded iOS, Android, and web app
  • Payment processing for in-app and external web purchases via PassionPayments (3.9% fees) and External checkouts (0% fees)
  • Offline mode, progress tracking, gamification, and push notifications
  • Usage limit of unlimited subscribers, videos, and push notifications per month
  • 3000+ Integrations
  • Live streaming capability
  • Custom branding
  • Community 
  • Drip content
  • Access to the 30-day Expert Unleashed Challenge, Expert Freedom training program, and PassionFighter community.
  • Email and live chat support
  • Tutorial videos and setup calls to help you with the app-launching process

Standard Pricing: $297/month

Discounted Pricing: $239/month (when paid annually)

Special Black Friday Deal: 90% OFF (with the following benefits)

  • Ultimate plan’s effective price drops to $79/month (billed as a single payment of $948/year).
  • Upfront savings of $2616
  • Discount locked in for life
  • Avoid ongoing monthly billing, renewal upcharges, or future price hikes
  • Six exclusive bonuses worth $8942

3. UltimatePLUS

The Passion team also offers an UltimatePLUS plan, which includes a complete app launch and management by the Passion team. 

Schedule a call with the team to learn more about UltimatePLUS and discuss strategy and pricing details.

Please note that the UltimatePLUS package is designed for well-established businesses with a clear understanding of the intended app usage and a substantial investment.

An Exclusive Black Friday Deal: What’s Included in the Package?

Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales are undoubtedly the most anticipated shopping days of the year. 

Even offers a whopping 90% discount on its Ultimate package and some exciting perks as part of its Black Friday deal.

So look no further if you’ve been looking for the best coupons or discounts to save money on your next purchase.

You can find more information about’s Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals and exclusive bonuses below.

1. Get Massive Discounts on’s Ultimate Plan Ultimate plan typically costs $297/mo or $239/month (when paid annually).

The same plan is available for just $79/month during Passion’s Black Friday sale.

Moreover, the discounted price is locked in for life, so you need not worry about expensive renewals or ever-increasing prices in the future.

In addition to the discount, the company also offers numerous bonuses as part of the Passion Black Friday bundle.

2. Black Friday Bonus 1: The Million Dollar Sales Script Black Friday Bonus 1 The Million Dollar Sales Script has redesigned a script that has generated 7-figures into an easy-to-use template that you can use to promote your mobile app. 

Black Friday’s Passion bundle includes it as a free bonus that could typically cost $2500.

3. Black Friday Bonus 2: Launch Optimization Secrets Black Friday Bonus 2 Launch Optimization Secrets

In this course, you’ll discover everything the team has learned from hundreds of product launches. 

It teaches you how to maximize your product launch success by optimizing your landing pages, offers, and user experience. customers are entitled to free access to the course, which would otherwise cost $49.

4. Black Friday Bonus 3: Create & Dominate Black Friday Bonus 3 Create & Dominate

Learn how social media marketing experts PHHNIX implemented the 9-step StorySelling MethodTM to generate $650K in one weekend and how you can leverage the same strategies to dominate your niche. 

This exclusive 5-hour mastermind is designed for app entrepreneurs who want to scale to six or seven figures. 

Passion Black Friday deal grants you free access to this program, which usually costs $297.

5. Black Friday Bonus 4: Expert Unleashed Black Friday Bonus 4 Expert Unleashed

Expert Unleashed is’s step-by-step training program for new app creators to go from zero to hero real quick. has worked with thousands of experts and understands how to launch apps and get paid during the process.

Whether you already have app-building experience or are just starting from scratch, the Expert Unleashed program will provide you with the best training!

With the Expert Unleashed Challenge, you can go from no app, no plan, and no experience to 15-20 high-paying clients within 30 days!

You might have heard of the ClickFunnels OFA challenge. This one is almost the same but is under’s umbrella. 

Expert Unleashed is a flagship program that includes a 30-day blueprint to build a successful app business, with the potential to make up to $10,000 before you even launch. 

It normally costs $2,000, but it’s free as part of Passion’s Black Friday deal!

6. Black Friday Bonus 5: Expert Freedom Black Friday Bonus 5 Expert Freedom

The program helps you understand your dream clients better than they understand themselves.

Moreover, you’ll learn how to write high-converting ad copies, produce attractive video ads, and run super-targeted Facebook advertising campaigns to find and connect prospects to convert them into high-value customers.

Expert Freedom is the ultimate solution for scaling your app into a seven-figure enterprise through Facebook ads and a few more strategies. 

Do you want to learn more?

Get the Cyber Monday deal and enjoy complimentary access to the Expert Freedom program worth $3,997. 

7. Black Friday Bonus 6: PassionFighter Production Kit Black Friday Bonus 6 PassionFighter Production Kit

In the PassionFighter Production Kit, you’ll find everything you need to begin producing top-quality videos in no time.

It includes a tripod, lighting setup, lapel microphone, Bluetooth remote, and an

exclusive PassionFighter t-shirt to kick-start your journey.

With’s Black Friday deal activation, you will receive the entire package worth $99 for free.

Combining all the above offers and Black Friday discounts, you get a massive 90% off during the holiday sale. 

You can receive all the above-listed benefits for $79/month ($11,810 value).

This is a limited-time offer, and you can’t get it anywhere else. 

So start now 100% risk-free and lock in a special discount for life.

Top Features

The platform is excellent for launching your own branded app and maximizing your revenue. 

Over 7,500 creators worldwide have already created apps with this platform that serve 400k+ users.

Let’s explore key features that make it a powerful and popular app development platform.

1. No Coding or Design Skills Are Required lets you quickly create beautiful apps using a drag-and-drop builder without writing a line of code. 

Moreover, the platform provides plenty of Smart Templates to design your dream app hassle-free. 

You can choose one from the template library and customize it according to your needs.

2. Multi-platform Support

App developed using works seamlessly on all devices, including iOS and Android phones, tablets, TVs, and the Web.

Usually, building apps with multi-platform support requires a substantial investment. However, the Black Friday deal offers this package at just $79 a month. 

3. Live Streaming

Live interactions are the most effective way to connect with your audience.’s live streaming feature allows you to share your knowledge with 100% of your audience without any limitations. 

Moreover, streaming via your app can help you monetize your content.

4. Drip Content

The feature lets you choose exactly how your audience will access your content to keep them focused and aligned.

You can plan and sell your program, schedule your releases over a defined timeframe, and then produce the content to get paid even before creating the content. The system provides complete flexibility.

Adding options like a countdown to new content, push notifications, and stacking your content according to the difficulty levels will drive more customer engagement.

5. Offline Sync

Content on your Passion app is fully protected and downloadable, making it accessible anytime, anywhere, even if the users don’t have access to the Internet.

They can download your app content via WiFi and consume it 24/7 with no limitations. As a result, mobile data interruptions are no longer an issue.

6. Communities lets you create your community inside the app where users can interact with each other and grow together.

You can qualify and segment your audience based on their desires and anxieties by asking them relevant questions. Eventually, encourage them to take action and upsell more valuable products.

In addition, you can address relevant FAQs that don’t need direct communication or special course lessons.

7. Push Notifications

Sending push notifications to customers can quickly improve engagement. 

Engage with them directly via push notifications instead of sending an email and waiting hours for them to open it.

8. Goal tracking

You can track your users’ progress by logging their activities.

It helps you improve your app content and coaching based on customer progress data. Moreover, setting up check-ins makes your customers feel accountable and motivated.

As a result, your customers are more likely to interact with your app, consume more content, and get more value from it.

9. Scheduling

You can let your customers book slots or schedule appointments in your calendar directly from your Passion app.

If your premium clients want to get the most value, they can book private coaching calls.

In addition, you can let your customers reserve their spots directly through your app, whether you’re leading a workshop, a group workout, a mastermind, or a live demo.

10. Seamless Integration

Your app seamlessly integrates with 3000+ services, including Zapier, Google, Shopify, SamCart, Stripe, ActiveCampaign, Mailchimp, ClickFunnels, YouTube, and many more.

Who Can Benefit from the App Builder Platform? offers an excellent platform for building professional apps.

Since it’s easy to use and doesn’t require coding knowledge, anyone can use it.

Powerful marketing tools, in-app purchases, interactive experience, and multi-platform support make an excellent platform for individuals and businesses offering online products, services, and coaching.’s app-building platform could benefit the following people.

  • Bloggers and Content Creators
  • Video Streamers
  • Consultants
  • Fitness Coaches
  • Parenting Coaches
  • Yoga Instructors 
  • Music Teachers
  • Dance Schools
  • Finance Advisers
  • Gym Trainers
  • Fashion Influencers
  • Kinder Gardens and Pre-schools
  • E-commerce Businesses
  • Agency Owners
  • Employers who wish to train their employees

If you learn how to market your app and add value to users, can be a very lucrative platform.

Passion IO Black Friday Sale 2024: FAQs

Please browse through the Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales FAQs to learn more about available discounts, offer validity, and’s refund policy.

Q: What is

A: is a powerful app-building program that allows you to create beautiful, multi-platform apps without coding skills or design experience.

Q: What is the Black Friday deal?

A:’s Black Friday deal offers a massive 90% off regular pricing, and six exciting bonus offers worth $8942.

Q: When will’s Black Friday deals be available?

A: Passion Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals are live and may expire anytime. So, grab this special discount offer before it’s too late. 

Q: How much can I save during the Passion Black Friday sale in 2024?

A: You can save up to $2,616 on the Ultimate plan annual subscription by using the App Black Friday discount.

Q: What is the app Black Friday coupon code?

A: Passion IO App Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals don’t require a special coupon code. Instead, you can get 90% off the Ultimate plan and free bonuses by clicking our discount link.

Q: Does offer a lifetime deal?

A: Yes, the lifetime deal is available for all SuccessPixel readers when you click through this unique discount link. You receive lifetime access to the Ultimate plan, all bonuses, and an exclusive coaching call for just $5997.

Q: Does offer a free trial?

A: Yes, provides a 14-day free trial. Thus, you can try the platform risk-free for 14 days to see if it meets your needs.

Q: What is’s refund policy?

A: offers a standard 30-day money-back guarantee. If does not meet your expectations, you can contact the support team and request a refund. App Black Friday Sale: Summary is an app-building platform that allows you to create professional apps without technical knowledge or design skills. 

You can create iOS, Android, and Web apps without touching a single line of code. Moreover, your app includes all the essential features needed to take your business to the next level. pricing might discourage some people from using this app-building platform. However, the Cyber Monday sale removes all hurdles to building a profitable app business by offering an incredible 90% discount and free training.

For just $948, you can get a full year’s access to the Ultimate plan and six exclusive bonuses worth thousands of dollars. In addition, this discount is valid for a lifetime, so you will only pay $79 per month instead of $297 per month.

Your 90% discount is locked in for life, so you won’t have to worry about renewal upcharges or price hikes. 

So, grab your Passion Black Friday deal now and enjoy the special discount offer for a lifetime. Black Friday Deals Black Friday Sale Deals, Logo PNG


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