What is a Domain Name and How Does it Work?

What is a domain name
What is a Domain Name and How Does it Work?

Nowadays most of the people are moving to the online business. The business needs branding on order to be popular and creating brand from the scratch is not so easy. Because Rome wasn’t built in a day. Once you decided to move online then you will surely own a website for your business. If you already own a brand then no problem but if not then you can select a nice brand name for your business. It’s also possible that you can not get your brand name as it may already owned by another party. In such cases you have to purchase it or move to another name. If your brand is popular then you must purchase it in order to secure your business. This is all overview about the importance of domain name related to your branding.


Before all of that, we must understand what is the domain, what is URL and how important are they? The domain and the URL are two different things and related to each other. We will discuss a little bit about them.

DNS (Domain Name System):

Before going to the domain I would like to explain what is the need of Domain Name System (DNS). Actually, the internet is a network of computers and to find the specific computer on the network we need its ID, that is the IP (Internet Protocol) address of that computer. But IP address is denoted in number. Suppose one IP 235.2235.02.109 for a computer. Is it easy to remember? Most of the people will say ‘No’ because finding and recalling such numerical addresses is very difficult to the normal human. So Domain Name System (DNS) comes in existence like www.abcd.com.

Domain Name System (DNS) is invented in 1983 and generally used by networks, computers, and internet based services to translate complicated strings of numbers (IP addresses) into easy to remember web addresses (Domain names).

When you type the web address as Domain name into the search box of your and press enter, the request is sent to the root server and then the name server of the authoritative provider. The name server then translates the domain name into the Ip address associated with it and sends you to the applicable web server that delivers you the requested web page. This all process happens within few microseconds and you get the requested web page on your screen.

URL (Uniform Resource Locator):

URL ( Uniform Resource Locator) is the standardized form of web address. It has the syntax to identify and locate the web page. It may vary with different addresses. 

In above image, you can easily understand what is URL? 

http is one type of the transfer protocol known as hypertext transfer protocol. Other protocol includes https, FTP etc.

is the sign which separates rest of the address from transfer protocol.

// is the sign that denotes the connection is attempted.

www is the subdomain and acronym for the ‘World Wide Web’. It may not be required to access the web page  and can be replaced by another subdomain like support or contact etc.

websitetipstricks is the actual domain you want to access. You can select the domain name of your own choice  or according to your brand name.  You can select another domain name if it’s already taken. Selection of domain is very important in order to the expansion of your business and popularity.

.com is the domain suffix generally called as extension. You can select any TLD (Top Level Domain) extension. But prefer ‘.com’ extension whenever possible. Other extensions are .net, .biz, .org, .edu. Some country code TLD extensions including .in, .au, .uk are also very popular.

wp is the directory where the web page is actually located. It may be different and in most of the cases it is public_html that’s a directory on computers running Apache web servers that stores all html files and other web content to be viewed on the Internet. In the case of that when you visit a website, each page loads from the public_html directory.

welcome-to-websitetipstricks is actual web page you are looking for. It may have the file extension like .html, .xml, .cgi, .php or .asp etc. that’s the page written in.

Finding A Right Domain:

Now, you have understood what is the DNS and the URL. The next thing is to find the proper domain name. Domain names are basically of two types.

  • Keyword based/Focused
  • Generic or Independent

We will discuss it in very short. The Keyword based domain names are having one or more keywords. You can combine two or more keywords to form your domain name. It is very easy to remember but it may have focused only the particular niche on which you are going to work. It may cause the little issue if you want to move for another niche. The benefit of keyword based domain name is that the domain can be come easily remembered and search frequency for these domains is more. e.g. websitetipstricks.com

Generic or independent domain names are yet to come as the brand and not focused on the particular niche. You have to take efforts for its marketing and branding. You can use any word even your own name for this category.

You can search for your favorite domain name and register it easily. If you own a brand then it’s better to purchase all TLD similar to your brand name. Suppose you own a brand abcd then try to purchase abcd.net, abcd.org, abcd.biz along with most popular abcd.com. It may help you in future to grow audience and you won’t lose traffic on the websites having the similar domain name. You can use following tools to find a nice domain name.

By using above tools you can get your favorite name otherwise you can go with your brand name. I hope you have understood the basics about the DNS and URL. By using our recommended tools find a beautiful domain name for your website. If you want to know what care should take then read How to find the best domain name for your website.

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