How to Make Money Playing PUBG Mobile Game

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If you are an avid gamer, then you have definitely heard about PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS, a.k.a. PUBG Mobile game, or you have even played it many times.

While you can enjoy thrilling gameplay with a realistic battle experience, PUBG Mobile is a fantastic opportunity for many people to earn a passive income from it.

“But how do you make money playing the PUBG Mobile game?”

You know PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS (PUBG) is one of the most popular and best-selling games offered by Tencent Games.

The mobile version of this game is top-grossing in the Action games category of the Google Play Store, with more than 100 million installs on the Android platform.

PUBG Mobile is a free game and mostly earns its revenue through IAP (In-App Purchases) and advertisements.

Many people play PUBG Mobile regularly, while a few are addicted to it and spend hours playing it.

However, you might not think playing mobile games will be a reliable source of passive income.

In this article, you’ll learn how to make money playing the PUBG Mobile game, no matter whether you are using a mobile device or PC via an emulator.

1. Upload/Live-Stream Game-play Videos on YouTube

Are you a pro player of PUBG Mobile, and can you stun the audience with your gaming skills?

Don’t just sit back.

Record your gameplay videos and upload them on YouTube.

You can record multiple videos on different maps (currently, four maps are available) for how to get the best loot, how to survive, how to win the battle, or sometimes the funny moments.

The best part is that you don’t need any investment except a smartphone with decent specifications that can render the game smooth and have a fast internet connection.

OnePlus 12 (5G) is one of the best mobiles to get high FPS while playing graphics-intensive games like PUBG Mobile. Emulator players can choose an affordable gaming machine from this list that comes with dedicated video memory and SSD.

Once you start getting enough audience and engagement to your content, you can take advantage of live streaming on YouTube.

Once your videos are live and start getting engagement, you can begin monetizing them using different ways.

2. Make Money with the YouTube Partner Program

If you have video content that people love, YouTube will allow you to participate in its Partner Program (YouTube Monetization through advertisements – Google AdSense).

Although the YouTube monetization option has a few restrictions, including 4000 watching hours and 1K subscribers on a particular channel in the last 12 months, a single viral video can help you break this challenge.

Yes! It’s a challenge but beatable.

Consistency and creativity are a couple of things that will allow you to earn more money only from a single game.

3. YouTube Super Chat and Donations

YouTube has launched a new feature for live streamers similar to Fan Funding called Super Chat. It lets viewers pay their favorite YouTuber to support his channel and grab attention with a highlighted comment, which gets pinned for up to 5 hours.

YouTube Super Chat Feature
YouTube Super Chat

Since PUBG Mobile is a viral game, many people watch live streams, especially when custom matches are organized. 

If your livestream is worth watching, then people will most likely support you. Remember, YouTube has a 30% cut-off from Super Chat donations.

Similar to YouTube Super Chat, viewers can donate through PayPal (for International audiences), PayTM, Google Pay, and Instamojo (Indian).

4. Affiliate Marketing

Sometimes, pro gamers use fancy or advanced gadgets while playing the games to get a more realistic game experience. You might be using the same.

Since your followers may ask you which device or accessories you use to play PUBG mobile, you can recommend some high-quality items and earn a solid passive income through affiliate marketing.

There are many things to promote, including but not limited to smartphones, earphones/headphones, gaming PCs, and other accessories.

You will earn around 1%-10% commission per sale, which may also go higher up to 50%.

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5. Sponsorships

Many tech/gadget companies and advertisers may approach you for sponsorships once you get traction and have a significantly big audience.

You can simply add a few seconds of ad video or narration to promote the sponsored products/services or showcase their benefits as an end-user.

Depending on the video quality and audience size (i.e., subscriber count & engagement), you can get a few thousand or sometimes even more.

Newbies may not get many sponsorships, but the flow will start once they cross the 10K subscribers mark.

6. PUBG Merchandise E-store

Since PUBG Mobile is widely popular, you can start a PUBG Merchandise store online to sell physical products, including apparel, accessories, frames, and stickers.

The PUBG Merchandise Stores Shops on Etsy

YouTube celebrities and PUBG Mobile influencers can utilize this opportunity to convert their followers into paying customers.

Note: While creating merchandise e-store, you MUST create customized designs visually similar to the accessories or apparel used in PUBG Mobile. However, they should not be the exact copies to protect your store from copyright and trademark violations.

7. PUBG Mobile Tournaments

Millions of gamers play PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS (PUBG) Mobile daily, and most of them are quite addicted to it.

Everyone is trying to win the game and achieve a better rank or title.

PUBG Mobile tournaments are another way to prove your skills as a pro gamer. Apart from that, you could earn a good amount of money either by winning or organizing PUBG Mobile competitions.

Win PUBG Mobile Tournaments

You can participate in some official and private PUBG mobile tournaments and earn prize money by winning the final round.

Official PUBG Mobile Tournament 2018
Official PUBG Mobile Tournament 2018 Powered by OPPO

For winners, this amount is quite huge for some official tournaments.

This is an excellent example of winning money online without paying a single dime to play games.

Organize PUBG Mobile Tournaments

There is great news for all who want to know how to make money playing PUBG Mobile.

You can organize PUBG Mobile tournaments and create a stream of passive income while you are enjoying the gameplay.

To run PUBG Mobile Tournaments, you’ll first need a custom room card.

The PUBG room cards are available in the Clan Shop and can be purchased with 300 Clan Points for each.

However, you are allowed to create only one custom room for every card bought through Clan Shop.

You need not spend real money to purchase a room card through Clan Shop.

The Elite Royale Pass users can get a 7-day room card by reaching RP level 91.

This card grants unlimited room creation for seven days.

How to Buy a Custom Room Card from Clan Shop

You need to complete daily clan challenges to earn clan points reward and purchase a room card for 300 clan points.

Room cards allow you to create virtual rooms to play with your friends or organize custom PUBG tournaments.

How to Create a Custom Room

A PUBG room is a place where you can organize tournaments by recruiting custom squads or players.

In the Map menu, Select the Room option and then click on Create Room.

Choose the game options, including the Map (Erangel, Miramar, Sanhok, Vikendi, or Livik), Squad type, and Password if you want to restrict the Room access to the registered players only.

Now, you can click on the Create Room button at the bottom, and your PUBG room will be live to play a custom match.

Send the room ID, password, and scheduled timing to the registered members or players whom you want to allow in the match.

How to Promote Your PUBG Mobile Tournaments

For many people, it may sound like a challenging task to promote their Custom PUBG Mobile matches.

Don’t worry!

Here are a few methods to get enough players to participate in your PUBG Mobile tournaments.

1. PUBG Mobile Game

Try to play PUBG in Squad Mode and let people know about your PUBG Mobile tournaments using the Chat feature, which allows both text and voice chat.

2. YouTube

If you have created a YouTube Channel to upload your PUBG Mobile videos, you can create an announcement using short videos or tell your audience that you are organizing custom matches and ask them to join.

3. Facebook

Facebook has different gaming-related groups where you may add your promotional message depending on the group rules.

If you have a group or a business page, you can easily ask people to join your custom rooms. The Announcements/Pin feature of Facebook is also beneficial.

Live videos and FB ads are another couple of ways to promote your PUBG Mobile tournaments on Facebook.

4. WhatsApp

Many people have joined gaming WhatsApp groups where you can ask your friends to join your PUBG room.

There are many other promotional methods to make your tournament viral, but remember you need to manage all entries, expenses, matches, and final results along with the prize.

So, keep the documentation ready since you have decided to create the first room.

Managing PUBG Mobile Tournament Entries

If you have strong communication & marketing skills, you can add thousands of gamers to your list. However, managing such a large number of entries is not easy.

You will need to use different applications to manage all people who are interested in playing in your PUBG mobile tournament.

Here are some software products you can use to manage the workload efficiently and effectively.

1. Google Forms (Free)

Create a Google form where interested people can submit their basic info, including Name, PUBG Mobile username, email address, phone number, etc.

You can also add the Payment link in case you are charging entry fees for participation and the TOS/Disclaimer link.

If you want an advanced alternative to Google form, which can manage the data and communicate with users, then ConvertKit would be the best option for a few bucks.

It will help you give a professional touch to data collection & email communication. Plus, the email addresses or data collected will help you in future events for future marketing campaigns.

2. Google Sheets/Excel

Although ConvertKit can manage all data on your behalf, using Google Sheets or MS Excel makes navigation and data management easier.

3. Instamojo/PayTM/PayPal

For premium tournaments where you charge for entry, these applications will help you collect money.

For small tournaments, you can use PayTM or similar mobile applications, while payment services like Instamojo give users a more professional feel.

Sign up here for Instamojo and earn ₹500 absolutely free.

For international players, you can ask to pay entry fees through PayPal.

How to Earn Money from PUBG Mobile Organizing Tournaments

As I said earlier, charging entry fees may be the biggest source of revenue, and you may earn 10-50% of total entry fees depending on the participation count.

However, entry fees may restrict some people who don’t want to pay for playing PUBG mobile matches. In such cases, you may search for sponsors or CPA offers to make money and give the Winning Prize.

8. Create a Blog For PUBG Mobile Tutorials, News, and Updates

Since PUBG Mobile is one of the most popular games, many people search for tips, tricks, hacks, and the latest news on a daily basis.

According to KWFinder, the search term “PUBG Mobile” has a massive 1,510,000 average monthly searches.

There are so many keywords/phrases that you can target to create a blog or website dedicated to PUBG Mobile.

You may add different tutorials similar to the videos you publish on YouTube or other video sites, News and updates, tips, FAQs, Information about Armory, Skins, Ranking System, etc.

If you are a graphics designer, you can create a wallpaper site. YouTubers who publish/stream PUBG Mobile can embed the video content on their website.

Important Notes:

Respect others’ copyrights and never try to infringe on them, so you may need to face legal consequences in the future.

Some people use CPA offers with fake UC generator scripts to make money, which doesn’t seem ethical way.

If you think anything mentioned here is not an excellent method to earn money playing PUBG mobile, you can comment below.

How to Make Money Playing PUBG Mobile Game: Summary

I have tried my best to answer the question of how to make money playing the PUBG Mobile game.

Now, it’s your turn.

If you are a student who wants to earn pocket money or a professional who needs a side income, you can use this guide to add some extra cash to your pocket.

Share this post maximum with your friends so that they can also get the benefit and earn some bucks playing PUBG Mobile.

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    1. The main hurdle I see is that the game company owns the trademarks on the name, characters, and images, as well as copyright on characters, images, and other elements. If you want to run a tournament legally, you need to be working with the game company on it. At that point, your lawyer and their lawyer will figure out the particulars of how it can be done. This is why most game tournaments are done locally, quietly, and among friends only. Whenever you try to make money off the use of someone else’s intellectual property, you are going to run into complications. However, do not let this stop you from contacting the game company and trying to make a go of it. They may warmly welcome a partnership with you. If you have a website and the means to run an online tournament and have the ability to gather players, many game companies would consider you quite an asset.

      1. I have the ability to gather players and want to run a website where players gather and play in my room so I wanted to know that is there an issue in this???

        1. Hi Aman, if you can gather players and ask them to play in the virtual room, then the online battle platform is a way to go. A few gaming titles require permission from the game publishers to run official tournaments, so you may either contact them or run unofficial tournaments at the local or regional level. You may also earn money by organizing such events and by ads/sponsorships.

  1. An insightful article. I’m building my gaming PC to stream e-sport titles. Could you write a blog on that topic? It’ll be much appreciated…

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  3. Hi Ankit, very informative post by you and it should be helping lots of your guys to make money by playing a very entertaining game.
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    1. Hello Sachin,
      I have already explained how to organize PUBG Mobile tournaments to earn money either through streaming your matches to YouTube or charging entry fees to players. Sometimes you may also find sponsorships if you have enough targeted audience.
      When you want to scale up and make a significant amount of money, you can create a landing page to capture leads, take help of advanced tools which can cost a few bucks but at the same time, you will get a solid ROI.
      If you need a step-by-step guide, then you can connect me on Facebook.

  7. I had never thought that playing PUBG mobile game can make money. I play this game almost on a daily basis. Now, I’m going to give a try and see how it works.
    Thanks for your awesome article.

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    I make a contact with Mr. Ankit and I’d like to say he is a great mentor. He helped me set up the entire system without asking for a single penny.
    With a small investment, I have already made around 3 times in the last 17 days. I’m quite sure that I can easily cross my $1000 per month goal soon.
    If someone needs a legit way to make a solid passive income, don’t wait and just shoot him an email. That’s what I can say.

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    Will you help me set up a professional system to organize PUBG Mobile tournaments where international players can play?
    Thanks in advance.
    ~ Sagar

    1. Definitely.
      You can contact me anytime. I will walk you through the entire system so you can start making at least ₹25000 per month.
      However, it needs an investment of your time and dedication to achieve that goal.

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    I have been playing PUBG Mobile since the last couple of month but I had never thought I can make money out of it. I’m a college-going student and your methods for how to make money playing PUBG Mobile are very useful.
    After reading your article last week, I started organizing PUBG Mobile tournaments and I’m very happy to say that I have earned around 7000 rupees in just 5 days.
    Great thanks to you for writing such an amazing post.

  12. I’m playing PUBG Mobile for a while and achieved an ACE title. I have a few tips that I want to share with our community.
    However, I’m not so confident to make the live stream of my gameplay (fear of speaking in front of the audience).
    I think recording videos and uploading them to YouTube would be the best way.
    What do you think?

    1. Yes, you can.
      I think you don’t need to fear anyone because you’re helping them. Initially, you can record videos and edit.
      Once you get enough confidence, you can start live streaming.
      Other options are also good if you could try them.

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