Pictory AI Free Trial: No Credit Card Required

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Have you been searching for a Pictory free trial?

Pictory AI transforms long-form text content into short & engaging videos with artificial intelligence. Additionally, you can create a slideshow video using existing images and short video clips.

It is an excellent tool for influencers, bloggers, and business owners looking for a streamlined way of video marketing.

Making high-quality videos is easy with Pictory AI since you don’t need any technical knowledge or experience. Anyone can produce engaging videos using it. You can even import videos from YouTube or other sources and add subtitles automatically, cut portions of the video, create video highlights, and Add logo, intro, & outro as needed.

Pictory free trial allows you to test all its features before opting for a paid subscription. So, I’ve explained how you can get a free Pictory AI trial in this blog post.

Pictory AI Free Trial 2024: A Brief Overview

SoftwarePictory AI
CategoryAI-Powered Video Creation Tools
PricingStarting at $19/Month
Free TrialYes, Available
Coupon Codeankit86
Deal StatusLive
LinkGrab Pictory Free Trial

Despite Pictory.ai’s lack of a free plan, its free trial gives all new users a chance to try out the tool for themselves before investing money into it.

With Pictory’s free trial plan, you can create up to three video projects lasting up to 10 minutes each.

Although this free trial period will not expire after 30 days, you will only be able to create a limited number of videos.

You won’t need a credit card to access the Pictory free trial. You can explore Pictory’s features without entering your credit card info by following the steps below before upgrading to a paid plan.

Pictory Pricing

In addition to offering a free trial, Pictory AI also offers three different pricing options.

Pictory Free Trial, Prictory AI Pricing Plans

1. Standard Plan


  • 1 User Per Account
  • 30 Videos Per Month
  • Edit Existing Videos – Transcribe / Caption – up to 60 mins long 
  • 2 Million+ Royalty Free Premium Videos From Storyblocks
  • 34 Text-to-Speech AI Voices
  • 5,000 Music Tracks
  • 2 Branded Customizable Templates

Suitable For: Beginner Content (Video) Creators

Price: $23/Month or $19/Month if billed annually

2. Premium Plan


  • 1 User Per Account
  • 60 Videos Per Month
  • Edit Existing Videos: Transcribe/Caption (Up to 120 mins long)
  • 51 Hyper-Realistic AI Voices (120mins) From IIElevenlabs  
  • 60 Text-To-Speech AI Voices
  • Over 12 million royalty-free premium videos from Getty Images and Storyblocks
  • 10,000 Music Tracks
  • 5 Branded Customizable Templates
  • Bulk Video Downloads

Suitable For: Professional Creators and Small to Mid-sized Organizations

Price: $47/Month or $39/Month if billed annually

3. Teams Plan


  • 3 User Per Account
  • 90 Videos Per Month
  • Edit Existing Videos: Transcribe / Caption (Up to 180 mins long)
  • 51 Hyper-Realistic AI Voices (240mins) From IIElevenlabs  
  • 60 Text-To-Speech AI Voices
  • Over 12 million royalty-free premium videos from Getty Images and Storyblocks
  • 15,000 Music Tracks
  • 10 Branded Customizable Templates
  • Bulk Video Downloads
  • Sharing & Collaboration

Suitable For: Teams of 2 or More Video Creators Who Share and Collaborate

Price: $119/Month or $99/Month if billed annually

Top Pictory AI Features

Pictory.ai is a cloud-based video creation software that utilizes AI to help you create videos effortlessly, even if you have no prior video editing experience. 

Among the top features of Pictory AI video creation software are:

  • Script to Video: Pictory AI generates videos from scripts, articles, or blog posts in minutes.
  • Text to Video: The software also creates videos from scratch using text alone.
  • Video Editing Using Text: You can use Pictory to edit existing videos using captions and onscreen text. It also allows you to add B-rolls.
  • Create Video Highlights: Automatically extract highlights from longer videos.
  • Auto Caption Videos: Pictory automatically generates captions/subtitles for videos.
  • Auto Summarize Long Videos: This tool automatically summarizes long videos into shorter ones, which is one of the most valuable features.

Other features include:

  • Huge Media Library: Pictory features over 3 million video clips and images, as well as over 15,000 music tracks. As a result, you can use a wide range of media for your videos without worrying about copyright infringement issues.
  • A Variety of Video Templates: Pictory allows users to create their own videos by customizing various existing video templates. It can save users a lot of time and effort, especially if they are new to video editing.
  • Realistic AI Voices: Pictory Premium and Teams plan customers can generate hyper-realistic AI voices for their videos.
  • Simple, Powerful AI: Pictory’s AI automates the process of creating videos, so you don’t need any prior experience or technical expertise to get started.
  • PC and Mac Compatible: Since Pictory runs on the cloud, you can use it from anywhere. It’s compatible with all devices.

Benefits of Using Pictory AI Video Creation Software

  • Save Time: Even if you don’t have prior video creation experience, Pictory can help you make videos quickly. It saves much time on video creation and marketing.
  • Create Professional-quality Videos: Pictory’s AI enables you to create professional-looking and sounding videos, regardless of your video editing skills.
  • Increase Engagement: With Pictory’s AI features, you can make more engaging videos to keep viewers watching.
  • Boost SEO: Pictory’s automatic captioning and summarization features can boost your video’s search engine ranking.

Overall, Pictory AI video creation software is a helpful tool for creating high-quality videos quickly and easily.

Whether you are a company, a creator, or just someone who wants to create videos for their audience, this software is a perfect fit for your needs.

Pictory Free Trial 2024: Summary

Pictory AI can assist you with creating engaging videos quickly and easily. Please take advantage of Pictory’s free trial and decide whether it’s right for you.  

The Pictory AI video creation platform is free for 3 video projects of up to 10 minutes each. So activate the Pictory free trial now and experience the power of AI video creation.

Pictory Free Trial: FAQs

Q: What is Pictory.ai?

A: Pictory.ai, an AI-powered video creation platform, transforms blog posts, podcasts, webinars, and other long content into short, highly shareable videos.

Q: What benefits does the Pictory free trial offer?

A: Pictory’s free trial enables you to create three video projects, up to 10 minutes each! The trial account does not require you to provide your credit card information.

Q: How much does Pictory cost?

A: Besides the Pictory free trial, it offers three paid plans, Standard, Premium, and Plans ranging from $23 to $119 monthly. However, you can get a 15% annual discount plus a 20% additional discount using my exclusive coupon code: ankit86.

Q: What if I don’t like Pictory.ai?

A: Cancellation is possible at any time if you don’t like Pictory.ai. Please contact Pictory’s customer support via email if you want to cancel your annual subscription. If you cancel within 15 days, the company will refund your entire payment.

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