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ConvertKit Landing Page Challenge 2020 is one of the biggest opportunities to build a massive email list and win a grand $10K cash prize.

ConvertKit Landing Page Contest 2020
ConvertKit Landing Page Contest 2020

Building an audience base is essential for any business.

If you want to skyrocket your business growth, then you must start building a list of targeted people even before creating a product.

However, it’s not the easiest task.

You need to build an attractive landing page, create a lead magnet that enables users to sign up to your list, create newsletters and automated email sequences, and promote your business to the targeted audience.

Being one of the premium email marketing platforms, ConvertKit knows the hard work behind building a high-converting email marketing campaign.

That’s why the ConvertKit team is running a landing page challenge 2020 to celebrate your hard work.

Additionally, you can win prizes worth $10K by participating in the ConvertKit landing page challenge 2020.

ConvertKit Landing Page Challenge Prizes

ConvertKit Landing Page Challenge will be live between 3rd January to 31st January 2020. 

There are 22 chances to win this challenge.

Once you participate in this contest and complete all tasks mentioned for a particular tier, you’ll be eligible to win one or more prizes depending on your creativity and performance of the campaign.

ConvertKit Landing Page Challenge Prizes
ConvertKit Landing Page Challenge Prizes

1 Winner ($10K Cash Prize + A Year of ConvertKit + Coaching)

Once you get 100 or more new leads on your landing page during the ConvertKit contest period, you will be eligible to win a grand prize of $10K cash along with a year of coaching and a free year of ConvertKit email marketing subscription with a 1K limit.

2 Winners for ($1K Cash Prize + A Year of ConvertKit)

ConvertKit will reward two creators who reach 50 subscribers tier with a $1000 cash prize and one year of ConvertKit subscription for free (1K limit plan).

5 Winners (A Year of ConvertKit)

If you manage to reach 25 subscribers tier, then you will be eligible to win one year of free access to the ConvertKit email marketing platform (1K limit plan).

10 Winners ($50 Amazon Gift Card)

In case you are a beginner to email marketing and take this challenge.

You’re most welcome.

ConvertKit is giving away a $50 Amazon gift card to 10 creators who get ten new subscribers on their list by following the contest guidelines.

Apart from the above prizes, you can win $1000 bonus cash by showing extracurricular involvement in the ConvertKit Landing Page Challenge.

Please note that you need to sign up as a creator, publish a landing page, get more than ten new email subscribers, and refer five or more people to create their ConvertKit account to qualify to win the bonus prizes.

3 Referral Winners ($1K Cash Prize)

You can drive five or more referrals to create a ConvertKit account during the challenge period to qualify to win this prize.

Three creators with maximum referrals will be rewarded with $1000 cash.

1 Community Winner ($1K Cash Prize)

If you love helping people, then here is great news for you.

Register on the ConvertKit community and interact with other creators to get maximum points.

You will win $1000 cash prize if you lead the points table at the end of the challenge. 

Rules for the ConvertKit Contest

Before entering the ConvertKit landing page challenge, you must know the rules.

It will increase your chances of winning the challenge.

Take a look at these rules.

1. Only individual creators who are at least 18 years old (or the age of majority, whichever is older) at the time of entry and residents of approved countries are eligible to participate in the ConvertKit landing page competition.

2. This contest period for the ConvertKit landing page challenge is 3rd January 2020 to 31st January 2020.

All entries that meet the requirements of the contest are eligible to win the prize.

3. Your submission should not distribute incomplete, inaccurate, untruthful, or misleading information.

4. Your entry should be your original creation and be owned by you or have full rights for use and distribution.  

5. The landing page submission should not violate any applicable law, rules, or regulations, including FTC Guidelines.

6. You are not allowed to use unsolicited email campaigns, text messages, or any deceptive technique to generate more leads or referrals.

Apart from that, you should not use display advertising, sponsored links, or incentives to improve the performance stats.

7. Any attempts to use multiple accounts, self-referrals, bots will result in an instant disqualification from the contest at the sponsor’s sole discretion.

You can read more rules by clicking here.

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1. Who can enter the ConvertKit landing page challenge?

Creators who belong to an approved list of countries* are eligible for this competition. Whether you’re an existing customer, switching from a different email marketing provider, already on a ConvertKit trial, or even if you’ve used ConvertKit before and have moved on, this contest is open to all participants.

2. How can I join the challenge if I’m not a ConvertKit customer?

You can register a free landing page account. Once you fill out the form on this page, you’ll be directed to the primary challenge web page to get started.

3. Can I get an extension for my ConvertKit trial if I want to join the challenge?

Definitely! You can contact and ask to extend your free trial by mentioning that you want to take the ConvertKit landing page challenge 2020. Alternately, you can downgrade to a free landing pages account when your trial ends.

4. Can existing ConvertKit customers join the landing page challenge?

Yes, The existing ConvertKit customers can join this contest by using the same email address that they used to create their ConvertKit account.

5. How many landing pages can I create for this contest?

ConvertKit allows you to create as many landing pages as you want. However, the only one landing page that gets the most subscribers will qualify for this challenge.

Please note that if you create multiple landing pages, the subscribers won’t be added to the final count. A single page that attracts the most subscribers will be eligible for the prize.

6. Can I qualify for multiple tiers?

No. You’ll only qualify for the highest subscriber tier you reach, depending on the final subscribers count at the end of the contest period. However, you can win bonus prizes along with the main prizes if you show outstanding performance in extracurricular activities.

7. How will the ConvertKit pick the winners for Landing Page Challenge?

At the end of the contest, a judging panel appointed by ConvertKit will choose the winners based on two criteria: Overall Performance and Creativity.

For performance, the panel will look at the subscriber tier and conversion rates for your landing page that gets the most subscribers during the contest period.

For creativity, the judging panel will examine a few points, such as the clarity of your messaging, the creativity of your incentives, the design (aesthetics) of your landing page, and much more.

8. How will the ConvertKit pick the community engagement prize?

The community engagement prize will be given to a single user who earns the most engagement points inside the ConvertKit community between January 3rd and January 31st. (Refer to the rules page to know how the specific point system works).

9. How will the ConvertKit pick the Referrer prize?

Please note that to qualify for the $1,000 bonus as a referrer prize, you need to publish a landing page, get ten or more new email subscribers, and refer five or more people to create their ConvertKit account. The judging panel will pick three winners based on performance and creativity.

Remember, the self-referrals, bots, and any fraudulent activities will result in instant elimination. Be nice, and don’t game the system.

10. What if I’ve never built a landing page before or even tried email marketing?

Don’t worry! ConvertKit team will host exclusive live training sessions during the contest period to guide you step-by-step to create your first landing page. Alternatively, you can refer to ConvertKit blog, their Knowledge Base, or ask for help in the ConvertKit Community.

ConvertKit Landing Page Challenge 2020

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Name: ConvertKit

Description: If you are an aspiring blogger, affiliate marketer, or creator who wants to make money online, then building an email list should be your priority. Sign up for the ConvertKit Landing Page Challenge 2020 and get a chance to win a grand prize of $10K cash, a year of coaching, and a year of ConvertKit subscription for 1K plan.

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