11 Reasons Why You Should Blog in 2019 | The Benefits of Blogging

Are you finding a breakthrough in 2019 and ending with no firm decision?

Don’t worry.

Here is a better way to express you and boost your career at the same time.

Stay focused till the last word, and see how blogging will be the best decision for you in 2018.

Every person gets bored if he has the same daily routine and 9-5 office. Are you satisfied with this constrained life or thinking to make a big and different?


Then you are in the right place.

Here, I’m going to tell you how to deal with your problem and make the career in blogging with some hacks throughout this article.

I want only your attention to make yourself a successful person. So let’s get started.

1. Blogging Is Really Not Difficult

If you are thinking that pursuing a career in the blogging field is too difficult, then you are probably thinking in the wrong way. Blogging is not that tough when you’re executing proper strategies for your work.

If you have an excellent skill set required for this field, i.e., expertise in a particular area, excellent copywriting and content marketing skills, then no one can stop you from being successful.

Even when you try for any job, you study at least the graduation, then why not to develop the skills required for your career in this field. Don’t think blogging is tough.

You may face difficulties but remember, the success & perfection needs practice.

You have to refine your thoughts through consistent practice with continuous learning approach, and you’ll see that you are growing every day.

2. Blogging Express You As Yourself

Don’t you think you have more potential than you are using today?


But, either you haven’t got the chance to express yourself, or you haven’t tried yet. All eggs are not converted into the chickens because they can’t break the barrier and die forever.

What do you want to do yourself, break the barrier or kill yourself (not literally)?

I’m sure you can do it. And, the right time to do this is ‘Now.’

Because “The right time to plant a tree was years ago, and the second right time is now!”

3. Blogging Improves Your Skill Set

I strongly think that blogging improves our skills. And, this has worked, at least for me.

I don’t think, I’m the highly motivational writer, but from my little experience, I can say blogging helps to improve the existing skills to a better level and adds other capabilities too.

See, I was poor in English before few months. But now I can write and speak very well because when I started blogging a couple of years back, it motivated me to improve myself.

So, I could force myself beyond the barriers present within me, and now I can express my feelings in a better way.

Don’t you think this copy is good enough?

Apart from that blogging improves our communication and argumentation skills which are a key to be successful. It also forces you to research and study the topic in-depth and several other topics too.

4. Be Your Own Boss

Do you like to work for others for a little money and no satisfaction or self-respect?

Most of the people have the answer ‘No.’ Because when you work for someone, you might be asking yourself whether you could become a boss where people work for you or not.

You might have thought this one or several times because it’s possible. You can become your boss by blogging.

Though discipline and etiquettes are same important on both levels here, you will get self-respect and satisfaction. And, it’ll always motivate you to become better.

The most important, no one will put you on fire every day.


5. Blogging Pays Your Salary

It’s interesting, isn’t it?


If you are the master in executing proper monetization plans, the blogging can pay you same or even more than your job salary.

See, few examples are proving this.

After getting started in 2008, Pat Flynn has turned his blog into multi-million dollar business paying him net revenue over $100K per month.

Noah Kagan who started a blog OkDork after getting fired from Facebook.

Now, he earns millions from his online business, the appsumo.com and software BuzzSumo.

Neil Patel who runs blogs like QuickSprout & neilpatel.com makes around the same figure.

There are so many people even in India including Amit Agarwal (labnol.org), Harsh Agrawal (shoutmeloud.com), Faisal Farooqui (mouthshut.com) earning more than $30000 per month.

Actually, I might have mentioned very less revenue than they are earning today. These people will tell you how exciting the journey this is and what the possibilities in the blogging career include its scope for the future.

You can earn through advertisement networks, affiliate marketing, selling digital goods and services and whatever you can do on your blog.

6. You Are Helping Other People Through Your Blog

When you blog, you reveal the information available to you which can be beneficial to others too. You share the problems that you faced and how could you come out from these problems.

It will be useful for people who have stuck in the same situations. This helps you to build credibility, trust, and authority in that particular field.

You can use these factors to improve your monetization by providing services and goods to the people who actually need.

It’s not compulsory, but people are likely to buy from the trusted sources rather than the new and unknown to them.

7. You Can Build Community

Via blogging, you can build an active community of like-minded people who can share their ideas, opinions, problems & solutions and other valuable life hacks.

Blogging is not limited to that only; you can build personal contacts and communicate with the people who have expertise in the particular field and exchange your thoughts. Because communication is the two-way process, not a single way.

Building the community of such people working on same niche or relevant to it becomes fruitful. You can discuss your problems and issues in getting answers to them.

Honestly, becoming friends and community help us to grow and live life differently.

8. Getting Better Career Opportunities

Blogging is not limited to publishing the article on particular topics. If you want to make blogging as the full-time career, then you have to learn and improve other skills related to copywriting and blogging.

By doing that, you can get numerous opportunities through the blogging and, finally, multiply your income or do something better.

Let’s see the few examples.

a. Content Writer

If you are good at writing and focusing on writing the engaging articles or posts, then you can get an opportunity to work as a content writer.

Many individuals, as well as companies, are ready to hire you for the position of the content writer if you possess excellent copywriting skills.

Businesses need to write blogs for their websites or even some individuals also take help from other people to write their articles.

Don’t you think you can do that?

Yes, you can, and get a handsome benefit from your work. Sometimes, your pay would be more than $100 per article.

What are you thinking?

b. Social Media Manager

There are so many companies which have their official social media accounts like the Facebook page, Twitter handle, LinkedIn or Google+ channels.

They can hire you to take care of these all accounts to be connected with their customers and followers. They will pay you a big for your services.

If you have prior knowledge and experience with handling social media marketing, then that task is nothing for you.

c. Marketing Executive

If you want to be a successful blogger, then you must endeavor the marketing skills to make huge revenue from your work, i.e., blogging. Here, no one can disagree with me.

It means, if you have good marketing skills, then any individual or business can hire you as a marketing executive to get their sales grown up.

No one wants trial & error method when times comes with competition. They want a readymade plan to execute where you can get the chance to be a marketing executive if you have the concrete plan to get them on the top.

Here, you will get paid in thousands and even more. Do you know Neil Patel? Ask him how much he charges to work with him.

d. Web Designer or Software Developer

If you have expertise in web design & software development, blogging is a way to show your talent to the world and get paid for your hard work.

Your mastery in HTML, Java, JavaScript, CSS, C++, and MYSQL or any other web design or software development course can give you thousands of opportunities to get paid.

And, nice of this is you can work from your living room too.

e. Graphics Designer

If you are good at graphics design skills and have the blog in the same niche, you can become famous in almost a few months. Just show your talent to the world through the blog, and start getting calls from renowned graphics designing companies or advertising agencies.

These are the few examples where you have the chance to get paid same or more than your salary. You can even show your talent as the SEO expert, photographer, event manager, virtual assistant, proofreader and so on.

If you have a skill set with high quality, you can get access millions of way to express yourself and get paid.

It’s not easy. You have to work smarter and be patient till getting succeed. But, you can achieve your goals and expectations through blogging one or the next day.

9. Self Promotion

You might have started to think about blogging. Wait, read this entire article, and you can get more tips as a bonus.

Blogging is a powerful tool for your brand promotion. As I said above, you can express your skills and get opportunities to work. Moreover, you can do self-promotion through your blog.

Take an example.

Suppose, you have an e-commerce store or even physical store. You can promote your products & services through your blog. People can read the latest news & updates on the blog and may return to your store or service hub.

If you make them subscribe to your blog, you can get people on the mailing list, and start sending emails to bring to your store. Wow!

What do you think, why businesses have their blogs?

Do you know?

Blogs represent you and your story. People love stories. Really! They want to be updated with the latest news.

As I told earlier, people prefer to buy from the individuals or sources which are known & trusted or familiar to them.

Why not be familiar with them? It will build the relationship between you and customers, and you can boost your sales like never before.

Another example is, you can build your portfolio through your blog and submit your work, research papers or case studies over there.

When you need to appear for an interview, just send them the link to your blog and result will…… You know that.

Why not think out of the box?

Be yourself and present better than others and see you’ll be on the top.

10. Better Lifestyle

Let me clear one thing.

All opinions herein are personal, and some people may disagree with them. It doesn’t matter because different people have different situations and way of thinking. But, after reading this, most of the people will be on my side.

Though blogging is easy, it’s not everyone’s cup of tea. You’ll need dedication and consistency toward your work. If you do that, you can earn what you expect through the means of blogging.

More money and better life both are possible if you run your venture successfully. I have already given you some of the examples before.

The most important point is you can get better health. When you work on a fixed schedule, your brain doesn’t operate at full capacity.

Don’t you think so? Try it yourself.

Another important point is here. According to a study, it has found that writing has crucial advantages for health. See this one,

No matter the quality of your prose, the act of writing itself leads to strong physical and mental health benefits, like long-term improvements in mood, stress level, and depressive symptoms.” (Source)

Moreover, if you are working in shifts then sometimes it becomes tough to manage your health. Few people may face health issues due to continuous job schedules especially the people working in shifts.

Why not get rid of these all problems and work from home?

11. You Can Think Better About Your Future

Blogging develops forward thinking and makes your mindset to think about the future. As people read and appreciate your blog, you get motivated to do more for them.

Apart from this, you start researching the new things around your niche to provide your audience with better contents. It not only good for the present but the future too. You can study and predict what will happen shortly and how to deal with it.

Blogging makes you think like an entrepreneur. Your brain starts to develop ideas for future that serves to bring more opportunities to you.

Over to You

I think I have discussed the overview of the blogging as a career option to your existing job. Not only job but even if you running the business, then also it will help you to grow up.

By blogging, you can make people like you & love your work. The same time, you can pursue your passion as the career and get access to a better life.

Not only people but Google also love you and your contents. It will help you to reach millions all the time even when you are in sleep. So why not to express yourself to the world?

This article may not be not perfect, but it will help to look positively towards blogging.

What do you think? If you find more than the above, let me know via the comment box below.

And, if you want to start your way of living with the blogging, stay connected here or read how to create a responsive website in just 30 minutes.

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