ActiveCampaign Black Friday Deals 2024: Up to 40% Instant Discount

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ActiveCampaign Black Friday Deals

Are you searching for ActiveCampaign Black Friday deals in 2024?

If so, you are in the right place.

This article explains how to get the best deals on ActiveCampaign during the Black Friday 2024 sale.

ActiveCampaign Black Friday sale campaign begins on 28 November 2024 and ends on 02 December 2024.

During the sale, the company offers you up to 40% off one of the most powerful email marketing automation software.

ActiveCampaign rarely offers such steep discounts for its products and services.

So if you’ve been considering buying an ActiveCampgin subscription, now is a perfect time.

How to Activate ActiveCampaign Black Friday Deals

To activate your ActiveCampaign Black Friday Deals, please follow the instructions below:

Step 1. Visit the ActiveCampaign Black Friday Cyber Monday sales page.

Step 2: Click the Pricing menu in the header section.

Step 3: Select the Lite or Plus plan if you’re just getting started or only need basic email marketing features. Alternatively, I recommend purchasing the Professional plan if you need advanced ML marketing automation features, website personalization, in-app messages, conversion reporting, and more. 

Be sure to switch to yearly pricing to get the best discount.

Step 4:  Click the Sign Up Now button to reach the checkout page.

Step 5: Enter your name, email address, mobile number, and account information (e.g., billing address). Please include your unique ActiveCampign account name, which looks similar to and serves as your username.

Step 6: Review your cart summary and pay with PayPal or a credit card.

Please note that clicking Pay & Create Account indicates that you agree to the company’s Terms of Use and Spam Policy.

Step 7: After completing the payment, you can start exploring the features associated with your subscription plan and begin your journey toward becoming a successful email marketer.

Enjoy your savings!

What is ActiveCampaign?

ActiveCampaign is a leading email marketing solution adopted by large and small companies worldwide.

A targeted mailing list is a key to building a solid online presence, and ActiveCampaign helps accomplish this.

In addition to personalized email marketing, it provides advanced features such as powerful marketing automation, Smart CRM, website messaging, lead scoring, site tracking, webinar funnel, and a robust e-commerce marketing suite.

A 2-year price lock guarantee, free digital onboarding, free migration, online training, and premium customer support make ActiveCampaign the smart choice for companies of any size.

Would you like to purchase this tool?

Visit ActiveCampaign’s Black Friday Cyber Monday deals page to compare available offers and choose the one that suits your needs.

ActiveCampaign Pricing for the Black Friday Cyber Monday Deal in 2024

The company offers up to 40% off on all its plans during this holiday season sale.

ActiveCampaign usually does not provide such steep discounts, so grab your plan before this limited-time offer expires. 

Subscriptions are available in four different pricing plans, and the price will vary depending on the number of contacts and marketing automation features on your account. 

Since the company has adopted the pay-as-you-go tiered pricing model, you only pay based on the number of contacts in your account.

Below is the ActiveCampaign pricing per 500 contacts. 

1. ActiveCampaign Lite Plan 

Key Features

  • Marketing automation 
  • 500+ automation recipes 
  • Email marketing with unlimited email sending
  • Unlimited inactive contacts
  • Drag and drop email builder + over 125 pre-designed templates
  • Send newsletters and sales emails
  • Subscription forms and lead capture forms
  • The site and event tracking 
  • Segmentation 
  • Campaign and automation reporting 
  • 880+ Integrations
  • One user seat

Standard Pricing: $15/Month

Black Friday Cyber Monday Deal: 40% Discount

Discounted Pricing: $9/Month

2. ActiveCampaign Plus Plan 

Key Features

  • Everything in the ActiveCampaign Lite plan, plus:
  • Custom-branded forms and landing pages
  • 50+ ready-to-use landing page templates
  • Facebook custom audiences
  • Contact scoring
  • SMS marketing
  • CRM with sales automation
  • Customer success pipelines
  • Advanced performance reporting
  • Up to 25 user seats

Standard Pricing: $70/Month

Black Friday Cyber Monday Deal: 30% Discount

Discounted Pricing: $49/Month

3. ActiveCampaign Professional Plan 

Key Features:

  • Everything in the ActiveCampaign Plus plan, as well as:
  • Website personalization 
  • Predictive sending and predictive content
  • Split automation
  • Marketing attribution with advanced reporting
  • Site messages
  • Sales engagement automation
  • Win Probability
  • In-app messaging
  • Dedicated onboarding specialist
  • 1:1 training sessions with personalized product experiences  
  • Up to 50 user seats

Standard Pricing: $187/Month

Black Friday Cyber Monday Deal: 20% Discount

Discounted Pricing: $149/Month

4. ActiveCampaign Enterprise Plan 

Key Features:

  • Everything in the ActiveCampaign Professional plan, plus:
  • Custom domain and custom mail server domain
  • Custom reporting 
  • Free design services
  • Unlimited email design testing
  • Social data enrichment 
  • Create your custom objects via API
  • Contact enrichment  
  • Custom Reporting 
  • SSO support
  • Customized branding within the application
  • Phone support
  • Unlimited user seats

Unlike other plans, the Enterprise plan pricing isn’t available on ActiveCampign’s website. 

Please get in touch with ActiveCampign’s sales team for the best deal for your business.

You may secure the best discount offer during ActiveCampign’s Black Friday sale, depending on your negotiation skills.

The pricing above is for 500 contacts; it will increase when you increase the number of contacts.

Moreover, ActiveCampaign Black Friday Cyber Monday deal is available only for a limited time. So please take advantage of the discount offer before it expires.

Top Reasons to Choose ActiveCampaign Black Friday Deals

Here are the top reasons you should choose ActiveCampaign Black Friday deals over other marketing automation platforms.

1. Email Marketing with Unlimited Email Sending

ActiveCampaign allows you to send unlimited emails to subscribers at a low monthly cost. 

Since the email marketing costs are not based on the number of emails you send or the number of campaigns you run, you can send as many emails as you want without worrying about additional fees.

2. A/B Testing and Segmentation

With ActiveCampaign, you can test different versions of your emails to find the one that works best. 

Discovering the best-performing version of your emails will help you improve your open and click-through rates.

Additionally, you can segment your email list into smaller groups to send more targeted marketing communications.

Optimizing your email marketing campaigns helps you maximize their effectiveness.

3. Built-in CRM with Sales Automation

ActiveCampaign’s built-in CRM allows you to track your sales pipeline and manage your contacts in one place.

In addition, using ActiveCampaign’s sales automation features, you can further automate your sales process.

4. Multiple Third-party Integrations

ActiveCampaign Integrations
ActiveCampaign Integrations

ActiveCampaign connects with over 880 leading online business tools, including Salesforce, Zapier, Shopify, WordPress, and more. 

As a result, you can seamlessly integrate ActiveCampaign with your current workflow.

5. Flexible Pricing

ActiveCampaign has four different pricing plans depending on the size of your list and the features you need. 

The subscription plans start at $15 per month for up to 500 contacts, and pricing increases as you move up the tiers. 

You only need to pay for the number of contacts in your account and the marketing features you would like to access.

In light of this, you have complete flexibility in selecting a plan based on your budget and business requirements. 

6. Multichannel Marketing

ActiveCampaign’s multichannel marketing features enable you to reach your contacts through a variety of channels, including email, SMS, and more. 

It ensures that your marketing messages reach your target audience.

7. Advanced Reporting

ActiveCampaign’s reporting features give you insights into your email marketing campaigns so you can track performance and make necessary improvements to achieve desired results.

ActiveCampign Professional plan users can use attribution reporting, win probability, and conversion reporting to enhance their marketing campaigns.

8. No Setup Fees 

ActiveCampaign doesn’t charge setup fees when you sign up. Furthermore, ActiveCampaign will migrate your list for free if you are switching from another email marketing platform.

9. Excellent Customer Support

ActiveCampaign has an outstanding customer support team to help you with any questions. 

The support agents are available 24/7 via phone, chat, Facebook Messenger, and email, so you can always get answers to your questions.

In addition, ActiveCampaign’s knowledge base offers plenty of valuable resources to help you get the most out of the platform.

ActiveCampaign is the perfect choice for businesses of all sizes looking for an affordable, full-featured email marketing platform. 

With a Lite plan for small businesses and flexible pricing for larger enterprises, ActiveCampaign has a plan that fits your budget. 

The 14-day free trial lets you see whether ActiveCampign is the right fit for your business.

ActiveCampaign Pros and Cons

Having learned what ActiveCampaign can do for your business and what features it offers, you now know what to expect from it. 

However, before making your verdict, please take a closer look at its pros and cons.

ActiveCampaign Pros

  • High email deliverability to ensure your marketing messages reach your customers
  • Robust automation builder with multiple trigger options
  • Automate your messages, collect data, and prequalify leads even while offline with chatbot automation
  • Lead scoring to ensure a delightful customer experience
  • An integrated sales and marketing platform to keep both teams in sync for smooth collaboration 
  • Built-in CRM with sales automation 
  • Custom success pipeline 
  • SMS marketing features
  • Split testing for your automation and email funnels 
  • Advanced reporting to track your campaign performance, measure ROI, and optimize your marketing strategy
  • Free migration service from your existing software
  • 880+ third-party integrations 
  • Free 14-day trial without entering credit card information
  • Multi-channel support via chat, email, phone calls, and Facebook messenger 

ActiveCampaign Cons

  • ActiveCampaign has a steep learning curve, especially for beginners.
  • The higher-tier plans include too many advanced features, which can overwhelm beginners.
  • The unlimited email sending feature offered in paid plans is limited to 250K contacts.
  • ActiveCampaign Lite plan misses some basic features, including landing pages, custom branding, site messages, and split automation.

ActiveCampaign Black Friday Cyber Monday deals in 2024: FAQs

Below I’ve compiled a list of some frequently asked questions related to ActiveCampaign’s Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals for 2024.

Q: What is the ActiveCampaign Black Friday deal?

A: ActiveCampaign offers up to 50% off during its Black Friday sale.

Q: When will the ActiveCampaign Black Friday deal go live?

A: ActiveCampaign’s Black Friday deal will begin on 28 November 2024 (Thanksgiving day).

Q: When does the ActiveCampaign Black Friday Cyber Monday sale end?

A: The ActiveCampaign Black Friday Cyber Monday sale ends on 02 December 2024.

Q: Do I need a coupon code to avail of the ActiveCampaign Black Friday or Cyber Monday deal?

A: No, you need not enter a coupon or discount code to avail of the ActiveCampaign Black Friday or Cyber Monday deal. Instead, an exclusive 50% discount will automatically be applied to your order.

Q: Can I use ActiveCampaign for free?

A: You can try the ActiveCampaign email marketing platform risk-free for 14 days. In addition, the registration process does not require credit card information.

Q: Can you use ActiveCampaign as a CRM?

A: Yes, ActiveCampaign has a built-in CRM with sales automation. Combining it with ActiveCampaign’s machine-learning features can take your marketing automation to the next level. In addition, you can natively integrate your ActiveCampaign account with leading CRM software such as SalesForce, Pipedrive, Zoho CRM, and Agile CRM.

Q: Are there any setup costs?

A: No, the company does not charge any setup fees. Moreover, you’ll get a free migration service, free online training and support, and access to Study Halls worldwide for in-person training.

Q: Does ActiveCampaign integrate with Shopify?

A: The ActiveCampign platform integrates with Shopify and 880+ other popular apps and services, including WordPress, Facebook, Stripe, Zapier, Google Analytics, and more.

ActiveCampaign Black Friday Sale: Conclusion

I hope you enjoyed the ActiveCampaign Black Friday Deals. 

In addition to its advanced features, flexible pricing, and superior customer support, the exclusive 50% Black Friday Cyber Monday discount makes it an irresistible offer.

However, the promotional offer is ending soon. So don’t hesitate and purchase your ActiveCampaign subscription today!

Check out the company’s official website to learn more about ActiveCampaign’s Black Friday Cyber Monday deal in 2024.

Please let us know in the comments if you have any questions or suggestions.

Thanks for reading, and happy shopping!

ActiveCampaign Black Friday Deals

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