ConvertKit Black Friday Deals 2020 | Cyber Monday Discount Coupon

ConvertKit Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals
ConvertKit Black Friday Deals 2020 | Cyber Monday Discount Coupon

You can get a massive discount during ConvertKit Black Friday deals 2019 and save hundreds of dollars on your favorite email marketing software.

Usually, best performing email marketing companies, including ConvertKit and Drip, do not offer huge discounts on their services.

However, ConvertKit Black Friday deal is going live on November 29, and you can get unbelievable discount offers on ConvertKit email marketing services and special freebies for the limited time.

Almost everyone loves Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals because they can purchase their favorite products at extremely low prices during cyber week.

When we compared different email marketing companies in the market, ConvertKit ranks on the top of our list.

Nathen Barry founded this company to help bloggers and website owners who need a feature-rich email automation platform with lean design.

Even a beginner blogger can start using ConvertKit with its full potential in a couple of weeks.

When you look at the pricing, ConvertKit isn’t the cheapest email marketing software.

However, it’s the best value for money product that offers advanced features and simplicity.

Here is an exclusive offer for you.

Get the best ConvertKit Black Friday deals to purchase the blogger’s favorite email marketing software along with cyber week special freebies at a discounted price.

Let’s discuss what is the ConvertKit black Friday and Cyber Monday offer and how to redeem this exclusive deal.

ConvertKit Black Friday and Cyber Monday Offer

During ConvertKit Black Friday deals, you’ll get a special Starter Kit for an unbelievable price of $289.

This package includes:

  1. 12 months of ConvertKit for up to 1000 email subscribers 
  2. ConvertKit Creator Pass Pro – One-stop resource and educational suite for creators
  3. 90 day free trial of the Teachable platform
  4. Six pre-built visual automation templates that can be imported directly into your  ConvertKit account
  5. Authority: A step-by-step guide to self-publishing (Ebook written by Nathan Barry – CEO and Founder of ConvertKit)
  6. I Am A Blogger coffee table book (a physical hardcover copy)

ConvertKit Features

Selecting an email marketing automation software is quite difficult. However, ConvertKit offers everything you need to grow your blogging business to the next level.

Go through the following features and decide whether ConvertKit is suitable for your business or not.

1. Built-in Lead Forms and Landing Pages

Lead generation is a critical step for any business for survival and growth. Even bloggers and creators need to build an email list to generate more traffic and sales.

ConvertKit offers an ability to create beautiful lead forms and landing pages so that you need not buy third-party plugin or landing page software.

ConvertKit Lead Forms and Landing Pages

Although you get basic forms with limited customization, it can save a few bucks for people who don’t want to buy separate products for creating lead forms or landing pages.

2. Simple UI

ConvertKit email marketing software comes with minimal UI, and you won’t see any clutter on the dashboard.

Every option is placed nicely so that the first-time user can also get through it,

No matter if you want to create a simple lead generation form or build visual automation, everything is accessible with a couple of clicks.

3. Detailed Statistics

We feel happy when users sign up for our email list or take certain actions.

How could you track the user actions in a statistical format?

Let ConvertKit work for you.

It shows the number of subscribers, unsubscribers, open rates, CTR, and much more.

Even you can know how many people have subscribed to a particular form or sequence.

The best part is that Convertkit displays subscribers and unsubscribers in graphical format. So you can compare your campaign performance over a period of time to decide your future strategies.

4. Email Automation

ConvertKit lets you send emails to your subscribers in the form of Broadcast, Sequence, or Triggered Automation.

ConvertKit Visual Automation

You can do A/B testing, broadcast to selected people, send a pre-built sequence for new leads, or build visual automation for your affiliate or e-commerce site.

5. Industry-leading Deliverability

ConvertKit is definitely far away from the cheapest email marketing software available in the market.  

That’s why ConvertKit isn’t popular among the spammers who run mass-mailing campaigns.  

It means you are surrounded by a good neighborhood, and your campaigns will achieve high deliverability. 

6. Tag-Based Subscriber System

ConvertKit has simplified the entire email marketing process with the tag-based subscriber system. It helps customers in multiple ways.

  1. Each subscriber will be counted only a single time irrespective of how many lists he/she has subscribed to. So you don’t have to pay for duplicate leads.
  2. You can create hyper-targeted email campaigns, including simple autoresponder sequences as well as advanced automation.
  3. No need to use complex automation rules or develop custom code.

7. WordPress Integration

Since most of the bloggers prefer WordPress as their CMS, ConvertKit has developed a dedicated WordPress plugin for its users.

Now, people can show any form on their WordPress website using a short code or integrate third-party services though API.

ConvertKit Pricing

ConvertKit is transparent about its pricing structure. You’ll see a flat pricing structure for ConvertKit email marketing software, depending on your email list size. 

ConvertKit Pricing Annual Plans

You can send unlimited emails and access all advanced features regardless of the plan you have subscribed to.

ConvertKit has three plans up to 5000 email subscribers. If your email list outgrows this number, then you can get custom pricing.

Apart from that, ConverKit offers free concierge migration for people who want to move their email list to ConvertKit.

Here are different ConvertKit Pricing plans.

0–1K Subscribers

This plan is suitable for people having an email list of up to 1000 subscribers.

You need to pay $29 per month to get this plan. However, by purchasing an annual plan, you can get 2 months of free ConvertKit subscription that effectively reduces the price to $25 per month.

1K–3K Subscribers

If you have an email list of 1K-3K subscribers, then you can choose this plan.

You need to pay $49 per month to get this plan. However, you can get 12 months of ConvertKit subscription by paying the price of 10 months. That effectively reduces the price to $41 per month.

You can get access to all premium features of ConvertKit email marketing platform by purchasing this plan.

3K–5K Subscribers

If you are a creator, publisher, or a marketer with a list size of 3K-5K email subscribers, then you should get this plan.

You can access all premium features of ConvertKit by paying $79 per month. However, you can purchase an annual subscription by paying only $66 per month.

Over 5K Subscribers

ConvertKit does not stop you from growing.

If your list size grows over 5K email subscribers, then you can request a custom pricing depending on your list size.

You can calculate your monthly price by entering the subscriber count on the ConvertKit pricing page.

E.g. For 10K email subscribers, you need to pay only $100 per month when you pay annually. That’s just 1 cent for each email subscriber per month.

You can get access to all features, including unlimited emails, automation, and free concierge migration.

Click the button below to grab your discount offer before it’s gone.

ConvertKit Black Friday Deal FAQs

1. How much discount can I get with ConvertKit Black Friday Deal?

You can get ConvertKit Starter Kit for only $289 (Actual worth $1400) during the Black Friday and Cyber Monday sale. That’s more than an $1100 instant discount on the original price.

2. How can I get this ConvertKit Black Friday deal?

An exclusive ConvertKit promo code will be automatically applied when you click on this special link. Now, you can purchase ConvertKit Starter Kit for $289 to save more than $1100 by purchasing this deal.

3. Does ConvertKit have landing pages?

ConvertKit offers lead forms as well as landing pages so that you don’t need to invest in third-party tools. You can access this feature under ConvertKit Dashboard > Landing Pages & Forms > New Form > Landing Page.

4. Does ConvertKit offer a money-back Guarantee?

Yes. ConvertKit offers a 30-day money-back guarantee for all new customers. It means that you can try ConvertKit email marketing software without any risk.

5. Is ConvertKit better than Mailchimp?

If you need only basic automation and email sending feature, then Mailchimp’s free plan is a great option for you. ConvertKit is suitable for bloggers, creators, and internet marketers who sell products or services, need advanced automation features, and excellent email deliverability. 

6. How much does ConvertKit cost?

ConvertKit pricing plans start for $29 per month for 0-1K subscribers and you can refer the ConvertKit pricing section above to know how much you need to pay depending on your list size.

7. Does ConvertKit integrate with Shopify?

ConvertKit email marketing software can be integrated with many services, including Shopify, WordPress, Teachable, Unbounce, Squarespace, Stripe, PayPal, Zapier and many others.

8. Do you recommend to use the ConvertKit Email Marketing tool?

If you’re bloggers, affiliate marketer, or an online creator who wants to grow his email list, traffic, and revenue, then I strongly recommend you to give a try to ConvertKit. I’m sure that you can achieve a great ROI with the ConvertKit email marketing tool by putting little efforts into a marketing campaign.

ConvertKit Black Friday Deals

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