21 Best WordPress Plugins For Blogs [2020 Edition]

Best WordPress Plugins For Blogs
21 Best WordPress Plugins For Blogs [2020 Edition]

WordPress Plugins are incredibly powerful tools for adding new functionalities to the site and extending the existing ones.

Many people ask me about the best WordPress plugins for blogs to improve SEO, social sharing, and aesthetic feel.

However, I recommend installing only the required plugins to get optimal performance.

In this article, I have shared a list of the must-have plugins for WordPress powered sites. Considering a bright future in blogging, you should check out this complete list of the best WordPress Plugins for blogs in 2020.

21 Best WordPress Plugins For Blogs [2020 Edition]

1. Akismet Anti-Spam

Akismet is a spam checking tool checks your comments against the Akismet web service and asks you whether they look like spam or not.

You can review the comments for spam under the Comments section of your WordPress admin dashboard.

It checks for all comments automatically and filters out comments which look like spam.

Other features include status history, URL on each comment body to show hidden links and discard feature to wipe out blocked and spam comments. You as admin can see all approved comments on your dashboard.

Akismet Anti-Spam WordPress Plugin


You’ll need to have an API key from Akismet.com to use this plugin.

Don’t worry it’s easy to set up and free for personal blogs whereas businesses and commercial sites need to be paid service for the same purpose.


2. JetPack

Jetpack is one of the best WordPress plugins for blogs offered by Automattic Inc. for centralized management of all essential functions.

It helps WordPress users to manage their sites by offering multiple features including visitor statistics, security services to protect against brute force attacks, monitoring server issues like downtime, optimizing & speeding up images, and helping them get more traffic by offering tools like Related Posts and Sharing options.

Premium users can get the benefits of Jetpack’s advanced features including daily automated backups, extra security layers, monetization options, and of course, priority support from true WordPress experts.

Depending on your requirements, you can opt-in for Jetpack’s one of the free or paid plan to improve the overall performance of your site.


3. Rank Math SEO Plugin

If you are running a WordPress blog and you haven’t configured it with the Rank Math SEO plugin, then you are losing a lot of organic traffic.

Initially, I was using Yoast SEO, but Rank Math has opened a horizon of new possibilities with more advanced features in its free version.

Rank Math SEO plugin helps you improve your on-page elements, link-structure, social media integrations to control your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) process.

At the same time, you can tweak more advanced settings like managing 404 Errors, Redirections, Rich snippets, and AMP.

Rank Math SEO is the best SEO plugin for WordPress website without being a code savvy.


4. All In One WP Security

All In One WP Security is one of the most downloaded WordPress security plugins.

It’s powered by regularly updated threat defense feed to stop your site from getting hacked or severe other security issues.

All In One WP Security is a stable and well-supported plugin offering a bunch of security features for completely free.

All In One WP Security WordPress Plugin

These security features include firewall, user login security, file system security, user accounts security, database security, and blacklist functionality.


5. Thrive Architect

When we build a landing page or custom layout for blog posts, we probably need different tools like shortcode plugins, contact forms, Click to Tweet plugins, animation effects, and Table builders.

A few smart people choose a visual page builder instead of installing tons of plugins which may hamper the website performance.

However, most of the visual page builders available in the market work similar to the backend builders, and we need to compromise on the speed of site development.

This is not a case anymore.

Now, you can use Thrive Architect to build a conversion-optimized homepage, landing pages, sales pages or custom layouts for blog posts.

You can design or customize a web page using pre-built conversion elements even when you don’t have coding knowledge.

Thrive Architect lets you preview your pages on different screen sizes and tweak settings to make them mobile-friendly.

It offers 36 essential page building elements including CTAs, lead generation forms, pricing tables and integration with 30 third-party services to win each development hustle.

Are you struggling to get conversions on your website?

Check Thrive Architect WordPress plugin and convert your blog into a money-making machine.


6. WP Fastest Cache

WP Fastest Cache is one of the simplest WordPress caching plugins and justifies its name with the performance.

Enabling the caching mechanism creates static HTML files from your dynamic WordPress site to improve the speed and performance.

WP Fastest Cache WordPress Plugin

Get an overview of WP Fastest Cache features why it’s our #1 pick.

  • Minify HTML and CSS files to reduce the size of the web page
  • Combine CSS and JS files to reduce HTTP requests
  • Gzip compression to re
  • Browser Caching to r
  • Disable emoji

Premium users will get additional features like eliminating render blocking JS, loading Google fonts asynchronously, advanced minification of codes, image optimization, and cache statistics.

The premium version of WP Fastest Cache works on the top of the free plugin and available to purchase on WordPress dashboard under plugin options.


7. WP-Optimize

WP-Optimize cleans up the WordPress Database to ensure that your site is ultimately fast and running with maximum efficiency.

It also helps to reduce the database size by removing unnecessary post revisions, auto-drafts, and spam comments. 

You can make advanced optimizations like removing pingbacks, trackbacks, orphaned metadata, orphaned comment metadata, orphaned relationship data, and expired transient options to improve the overall performance of your website.

WP-Optimize lets optimize the database tables with a few clicks without the need for running manual queries.

This plugin carries out automatic weekly clean-ups by triggering a pre-optimize backup via UpdraftPlus to keep you safe in undesired situations.

The free version of WP-Optimize WordPress plugin is sufficient for regular users, but advanced users who need extended features and better performance can purchase a premium version of this plugin starting at $39.00/year.


8. WooCommerce

WooCommerce is a free eCommerce plugin that allows you to sell anything, beautifully.

Built to integrate seamlessly with WordPress, WooCommerce is the world’s popular eCommerce solution that gives both store owners and developers complete control.

With unlimited flexibility and access to hundreds of free and premium WordPress extensions, WooCommerce now powers 30% of all online stores, more than any other platform. (Source: WooCommece)

9. Easy Table of Content

If you write long-form articles, then adding the table of content is extremely useful to improve user experience by letting them quickly navigate on your web pages.

Writing custom code for the table of content is not everyone’s cup of tea.

However, Easy Table of Content WordPress plugin automatically adds a TOC for every blog post, page and custom post type containing the output of the_content() template tag.

You can also change the settings for individual posts and pages or hide the table of content on a post by post basis.


10. Cookie Notice for GDPR

Cookie Notice is the simplest and most popular WordPress Cookie Consent plugin to inform the users that your website uses cookies.

Cookies are important to identify users, keep them logged in, and track their on-site activities.

However, user consent is required to collect and process data to comply with the EU cookie law or GDPR.

Cookie Notice WP plugin is fully customizable where you can change the cookie message, text color, and background to fit with the visual appearance of your website.

There are many other options including —

  • Redirects visitors to a specified web page for more cookie information
  • Link to Privacy Policy page
  • Multiple cookie expiry options
  • WordPress Privacy Policy page synchronization
  • Option to accept cookies on the scroll
  • Animate the message box after the cookie is accepted
  • Option to refuse functional cookies
  • Option to revoke the user consent
  • Option to manually block scripts
  • Select the position of the cookie message box


11. Thrive Leads

Thrive Leads is one of the best WordPress plugins for lead generation to grow your email list on autopilot.

You can build beautiful conversion optimized lead forms including —

  • Lightbox PopUp (ThriveBox)
  • Sticky Ribbon 
  • In-line forms
  • 2-Step opt-in forms
  • Slide-in
  • Opt-in Widget
  • Screen Filler Overlay
  • Content Lock
  • Scroll Mat
  • Yes/No & Multiple Choice Forms

The part of Thrive Leads is that you don’t need to be a designer. You can tweak existing forms or build a form from scratch and customize it using an intuitive drag-and-drop editor.

Thrive Leads WP Lead Generation Plugin

Although each lead form crafted using Thrive Leads WordPress plugin is mobile responsive, you can further optimize it to achieve better conversion rate on mobile devices too.

This plugin also allows targeting user segments, setting time/scroll triggers, and increasing CVR with the help of SmartLinks or SmartExist features.

Built-in A/B testing and detailed analytics let bloggers know the insights to rethink over their lead generation strategy.

Apart from that, Thrive Leads has direct API integrations with many popular email automation services, Facebook, Twitter, and WebinarJam to get the most of your marketing efforts.

If you believe in the money is in the list, then you must get a copy of Thrive Leads for your blog.


12. Thrive Comments

A Comments section is probably the most overlooked feature and many websites turn-off comments to save themselves from negativity and page speed issues.

On another side, Thrive Comments WordPress plugin can change the perspective and experience of users by converting the comments into the most addictive elements.

This plugin will help you to build an engaged community around your site by unlocking many interesting features like Comment likes, Badges, Comment Upvotes, Featured Comments, and Comment Shares.

You can assign contributor role to someone so that he can reply to the relevant comments as well as auto-link certain keywords to redirect users to the right resources.

Thrive Comments WordPress plugin is a complete suite for managing website comments. Advanced users can achieve better results using the following features.

  • Trigger specific action after the user posts a comment
  • Custom CTA for the first-time commenters
  • Lazy load comments for website speed optimization
  • Streamlined comments moderation and management
  • Complete analytics dashboard for audience insights


13. Ultimate Membership Pro 

Ultimate Membership Pro is a premium WordPress Membership Plugin to create a recurring stream of passive income.

The site owner can protect valuable contents and allow access to specific users who have an active subscription plan.

It’s a comprehensive membership plugin to protect content, process payments, set trials/coupons, interact with members, and manage the entire system from your WordPress admin dashboard.

If you are running a popular blog or community that you want to monetize using the membership model, the Ultimate Membership Pro WordPress plugin is a perfect solution.

Do you want to scale your membership site to the next level?

Combine this plugin with Ultimate Affiliate Pro and promote your products with your affiliate partners to drive more sales.


14. Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress

Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress is an extensive social media sharing plugin that offers maximum flexibility allowing to share your content on more than 50 social networks.

It also offers a package of 55 attractive templates and the most comprehensive set of automatic design positions as well as attention-grabbing animations.

Whether you want to enable image sharing or add a social counter, grow your mailing list without adding an extra plugin, Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress is a perfect tool at an affordable cost.

Need more?

Here are some notable features of Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress plugin —

  • The lightweight & blazing fast that won’t slow down your site
  • Easy opt-in with multiple email automation software integration
  • GDPR compliant
  • Built-in analytics for social metrics
  • Lifetime free updates

*After testing more than 20 popular social sharing plugins, I’ve found that the Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress is the best choice and using it on several websites.


15. ShortPixel Image Optimizer

ShortPixel Image Optimizer is a lightweight image optimization plugin for optimizing images and PDF files on your website.

Heavy, unoptimized images put a massive burden on servers and significantly affect page loading time.

Since website speed a major ranking factor for SEO, you can’t ignore the importance of image optimization.

ShortPixel Image Optimizer

ShortPixel can optimize all previously uploaded images/PDF files with a single click.

Plus, new images are automagically optimized in ShortPixel cloud and resized/rescaled to achieve better performance in the page speed test.

ShortPixel offers 100 free credits/month and heavy users can buy additional credits for as little as $4.99 for 5,000 image credits.

Sign up using the Download link below to get additional 100 credits/month, absolutely FREE.


16. CAOS for Google Analytics

Adding Google Analytics code to your website may significantly affect the page speed.

CAOS for Google Analytics

CAOS for Google Analytics WP plugin allows webmasters to host analytics.js locally and keep it updated using WordPress’ built-in Cron-schedule. 

Since the user’s browser need not make a roundtrip to download the file from Google’s external server, your website will load faster and give a better score in GTMetrix, Pingdom, and Google PageSpeed Insights.

You only need to add a tracking ID and set a preferred location for the script, that’s all.

CAOS for Google Analytics WordPress plugin will download and save the analytics.js-file to your web server and keeps it updated using a scheduled script in wp_cron().


17. Schema & Structured Data for WP & AMP

What a Rich Snippet?

It’s a summary of your web page in the search results of search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing and sometimes in the Newsfeed of the social media like Facebook, in the friendly format with star ratings, author photo, image, video, etc.

Schema & Structured Data for WP & AMP WordPress plugin gives search engines the relevant & precise information to display in SERP (search engine result page).

Rich Snippets are very interactive and often contain images, star ratings, product details, author information.

As a result, rich snippets have higher CTR than regular snippets improving your SEO ranking and organic traffic.

Schema & Structured Data for WP & AMP supports the multiple types of Schemas including Blog Posting, News article, Local Business, Web page, Article, Recipe, Product, and Video Object.

 This plugin also offers Knowledge Base Support to recognize the content based on the organization or a person via datatype option.

It’s easy to use and fully compatible with AMP.

Do you want to improve your organic rank and get loads of traffic from Google and Bing?

Go to WordPress.org repository and install Schema & Structured Data for WP & AMP to your site.


18. Seriously Simple Podcasting

Podcasting industry is experiencing massive growth in terms of audience as well as revenue. (Source: IAB)

If you are planning to create a podcast to increase brand awareness, lead generation, and audience engagement, then you need to consider a reliable podcasting platform.

WordPress + Podcast plugin is a great option to broadcast your digital recording in a user-friendly way.

Although you can pick any free or premium WordPress podcasting plugin, Seriously Simple Podcasting is a powerful tool to publish content and measure the performance.

Seriously Simple Podcasting Free WP Podcast Plugin

With a native WordPress interface, customizable media player, and minimal settings, running a podcast campaign has become extremely simple.

Here are a few key features of Seriously Simple Podcasting WordPress Plugin —

  • Running multiple podcasts from the same website using their own, unique RSS feed
  • Support for both Audio and Video Podcasting
  • New podcast post type and series taxonomy for managing the podcast episodes
  • Robust RSS feed designed for major podcasting platforms including Google Play, iTunes, and Stitcher
  • Free Stats add-on for measuring key metrics


19. ThirstyAffiliates

ThirstyAffiliates is a WordPress plugin which empowers website owners with the many essential tools to monetize their WordPress website with affiliate marketing.

It gives you power with its tools like inbuilt affiliate link shortening/link Cloaking, 301 redirections, customizable link URL prefixes, Do follow/ No follow option, etc. plus much more.

Here are a few more useful features to get more revenue from your affiliate links.

Autolink Keywords – To get the massive increase in your affiliate income by automatically linking affiliate links to keywords throughout your site.

Geolocation Links – To geo-target your visitors and redirect them to geographically appropriate alternative affiliate URLs, an excellent way to level up your income.

In-depth Reports – ThirstyAffiliates provides in-depth analysis for your affiliate links in the form of charts and tables full of useful statistics, plus regular admin email reports.

Automatic 404 Checker – WordPress plugin proactively checks affiliate links for 404 and saves you from costing you tons of potential revenue.


20. Lazy Load for Videos

Add videos to the landing pages or blog post is one of the best ways to drive user engagement.

Since video files are large in size and significantly affect page loading time, many people prefer YouTube or Vimeo to upload videos and then embed on their site.

Although serving these files from external servers may give a speed boost, Lazy Load for Videos WordPress plugin replaces Youtube and Vimeo embeds with a clickable preview image.

By using jQuery, the videos are loaded only when the user clicks on the preview image.  It restricts unnecessary JS being loaded to offer seamless user experience.

You might know the importance of Video Rich Snippets in SEO. Lazy Load for Videos WordPress plugin adds schema markup to your Youtube and Vimeo embeds increasing the chances of better SERP ranking and organic traffic.


21. WP Content Copy Protection with Color Design

WP Content Copy Protection with Color Design is a simple plugin to stop the Copycats. It provides security from copying the content, stealing critical data, and also images from your website.

This plugin offers a set of awesome features including Disable content copying by the selection of text or images, Disable right click on your blog, and Disable drag and drop images with or without popup message.

It has no side-effect on SEO and Search Engines can crawl through your content without any problem.

You can also disable the popular Keyboard Shortcuts used for copying the content like CTRL+A, CTRL+C, CTRL+X, and CTRL+V.


Important: You can exclude admin or login users from copying the content on the options page.

Over to You

I have shared the list of some of the best WordPress Plugins for blogs, and surely it can help you to keep your blog alive and to grow continuously.

If you find any WordPress plugin worth adding to this list, then feel free to write down in the comment box below.  If you have any query or want to feedback on my post, let me know.

Don’t forget to share this post to your friends using WordPress for building their site(s).