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In this MyThemeShop Cyprus WordPress theme review, I’m going to discuss how you can multiply your leads and sales using a beautiful yet powerful theme.

No matter you are building a business website or personal blog, the design is the most crucial factor to grab customer engagement.

When you decide to start money blogging, the first impression is the last impression. With a little attention span in today’s world compared to the past decade, your blog won’t survive unless you have mind-blowing blog layout.

MyThemeShop knows it very well so that they have developed a beautiful and conversion-focused theme — MTS Cyprus.

MyThemeShop Cyprus WordPress Theme HomepagePin
MyThemeShop Cyprus WordPress Theme

Let’s see why MTS Cyprus WordPress theme is one of the best choices for money making blogs.

MyThemeShop Cyprus WordPress Theme Review

1. Aesthetically Pleasing

MyThemeShop is famous for building beautiful themes, and Cyprus is one more attractive design in their library. It can help to retain visitors for maximum duration and inspire them to keep coming back.

What does make MTS Cyprus out of the box?

  • Layout

Cyprus boasts with an eye-catching layout that every visitor wants to see. All elements are placed beautifully to make it perfect website design.

  • Drag & Drop Homepage Sections

Being one of the most visited pages, a conversion-focused homepage can highly impact on the engagement and bounce rate of your site.

Developing a page from the scratch and editing code to customize it according to your needs is time-consuming. Instead, you can use the drag & drop homepage sections offered by MyThemeShop to create a homepage layout you love.

  • Featured Area

MyThemeShop Cyprus offers an attractive featured area to grab your visitor’s attention. You can use this section to add actionable content to get maximum conversions.

  • Featured on Section

MTS Cyprus WordPress Theme As Featured on SectionPin
As Featured on Section

Branding is a crucial element for any successful business. Featuring on popular site and news publications significantly increase your reach.

To display your branding in style Cyprus has dedicated ‘Featured On’ section to add logos of websites and media publications your work or brand has featured on.

  • 8 Pre-Defined Homepage Sections

The homepage is one of the most visited pages on any site, hence creating an eye-catching homepage is quite a challenge for any blogger or website owner.

That’s why Cyprus WordPress theme comes with eight pre-defined sections for creating an out of the box homepage design.

  • 6 Related Posts Layouts

Related posts section is the best way to retain visitors on your site and drive engagement by showing them the most relevant blog posts below the current article.

MyThemeShop Cyprus has six different related post layouts where you can choose one that matches your blog style. 

Need not to say that it’ll reduce the bounce rate by a significant percentage. 

  • Lightbox Included

Cyprus comes with Lightbox included with it to display your images in a beautiful lightbox (pop up effect on hover).

  • Social Sharing Buttons

Often bloggers install separate social sharing plugin to let users share their contents. Many of them end up with buying premium Social sharing WordPress plugins.

MTS Cyprus offers social sharing buttons for seven prominent social networks with six distinct layouts.

A website owner can also define the position of share buttons and switch off social sharing option for Pages. 

  • Advanced Typography Options

MTS Cyprus is the theme for creative minds. That’s why it comes with advanced typography options to change the font as well as color and style of font.

In addition to that this theme includes all Google fonts to give your site a unique look.

  • Unlimited Color & Background Options

MyThemeShop Cyprus allows users to choose any color from the color spectrum for web design purpose. For background, developers have included over 80 background patterns in addition to unlimited colors.

If someone wants to add character by having a background of his/her choice, there is an option for custom background through media upload.

  • Shortcodes

Although I’m not a huge fan of using shortcodes for web design, I have added this point to my MyThemeShop Cyprus WordPress theme review.

Currently, Cyprus offers more than 100 Shortcodes to add various functionality to your website including 2-column layout or CTA button. 

After the release of Gutenberg block editor, this feature does not hold much value for average users. Still, for experienced users may try different shortcodes for adding desired elements to their pages.

  • 14 Custom Widgets

A sidebar is an important place to add lead generation form, Ad banner or any custom widget along with website contents. 

MTS Cyprus comes with 14 custom widgets to add special features to your site sidebar or footer area. MTS ads, MTS Post Slider, MTS About Me, MTS Latest Tweets are a few names to mention here.

2. SEO – Friendly

User experience and SEO-readiness make the design stand out. Being a premium theme club, MyThemeShop knows the importance of SEO.

As a result, Cyprus theme is completely SEO-friendly to help webmasters rank their web pages high in the SERP.

  • Clean & Secure Code

MyThemeShop is not only an elite theme club but also a top contributor to the WordPress community and core development.

MyThemeShop products contain minimal yet clean coding without compromising on security. MTS Cyprus is the best example of it.

MTS Cyprus WordPress Theme VirusTotal ScanPin
MTS Cyprus Theme VirusTotal Scan
  • Fluid Responsive

Deep insertion of internet and rise in smartphone usage let mobile traffic cross the milestone of 50%. It’s no longer optional to opt for mobile responsive web design.

Don’t worry.

MTS Cyprus is 100% fluid responsive across multiple devices with different screen sizes and resolution. No more traffic loss or negative SEO due to the high bounce rate.

  • Speed Optimized

Website Speed is a crucial factor to consider while selecting a WordPress theme. Faster loading web pages improve the user experience.

On another hand, Google penalizes the slow loading sites by throwing them to the bottom of SERPs.

Thanks for minimal coding in MTS Cyprus making it lightweight and load very fast. 

  • Schema Integrated

Schema markup helps search engines to display a web page in SERP by improving the rich snippets with additional information.

Implementing proper schema code is equally important as the design. It helps search engines to understand the context to an otherwise ambiguous webpage better.

MyThemeShop Cyprus WordPress theme has built-into schema microdata integration to improve the chances of getting on the top of the organic ranking. 

  • Clear Site Navigation

MTS Cyprus offers four stylish option for pagination including default (prev | next), numbered (1|2|..|x), load more button or infinite scroll (AJAX).

Cyprus theme’s built-in breadcrumbs feature offers clear site navigation telling users where they are on site; simultaneously creating powerful internal links to boost on-page SEO score.

Off-canvas mobile menus make your website navigation a bit easier on mobile devices as nice-looking.

  • Dedicated Performance Options

Similar to many other MyThemeShop themes, Cyprus comes with dedicated performance options to get the most out of it.

Async JavaScript, Prefetching, and Disable Emojis are a few options you can find under the Performance tab.

3. Monetization Ready

Monetization is a key element of the successful blogging business. A large percentage of total websites makes money by displaying advertisements.

However, inserting ad codes may seem a difficult job for non-techies. 

Forget about editing themes files where a small mistake can break the entire site. MTS Cyprus is fully monetization ready to start making money out of your blog.

  • Dedicated Ad Management Options

Dedicated Ad Management options of Cyprus theme allow users to insert ad codes with ease.

No matter, you are using Google AdSense or a banner of any third-party affiliate program, Cyprus theme will help you strategically place your ad banners to get optimum impressions and CTR.

That’s not all.

You can make site background clickable and redirect users to the affiliate landing page or advertiser’s site.

(Warning: Use this option carefully because it may lead to poor user experience).

  • AdSense Optimized

As I mentioned earlier, MyThemeShop Cyprus WordPress theme is the perfect choice for micro-niche site as well as many high-traffic sites that use Google AdSense as a primary source of monetization.

This theme has pre-built sections to show ads, or you can choose Auto Ads option in AdSense dashboard.

Cyprus has a unique feature that detects ad blocker extensions. Enabling this option will hide the website contents and ask users to whitelist your domain to access the contents if they have installed an ad blocker.

  • WP Review Compatible

For the people who don’t know, WP Review is a WordPress review plugin to add beautiful reviews to a website.

Since review posts have a significant portion in total affiliate income, you can’t ignore adding unique yet beautiful reviews whenever possible.

Plus, review rich snippets get more organic CTR compared to the regular snippet.

MyThemeShop Cyprus works excellent with WP Review plugin as well as its premium version. It means you might probably generate more affiliate income using MyThemeShop Cyprus+WP Review Pro combo.

4. Customer Support

MyThemeShop has a standard support system where you need to open a ticket to get help from MTS support representatives. 

No matter whether you are a free user or a paying customer, MyThemeShop is ready to help 24/7, though the premium customers get the priority support.

  • Extensive Documentation

Some people don’t like to open a support ticket for every single issue. Hence, MyThemeShop has offered extensive product documentation so that customers won’t get stuck anywhere.

  • HD Video Tutorials

Learning from experts is a treat for newbies especially when the training material is in the video format. MyThemeShop offers HD video tutorials in different categories to helps users to walk through the WordPress design ecosystem.

  • One-Click Install

Installing Cyprus theme is very simple. You can download theme files (.zip) from MyThemeShop repository and upload to your WordPress website. 

Using a single click, you can install MTS Cyprus to your site.

  • One-Click Update

MyThemeShop developers often update their themes to be compatible with the latest WordPress version. Premium customers can use the one-click update feature to add the newest version of Cyprus to their website quickly.

5. Pricing

MyThemeShop offers a variable pricing structure depending on how many licenses you buy. 

Here is the pricing table for MTS Cyprus WordPress theme.

  • Pricing Table

License Use on Number of Sites Price Buy Now
1 Site License Single Website $35 GET IT NOW
3 Site License Up to Three Websites $59 GET IT NOW
Unlimited Site License Unlimited Websites $77 GET IT NOW

Depending on your requirements, you can pick any of the most suitable plans.

  • 30 Days Money Back Guarantee

After going through this MTS Cyprus WordPress theme review, you may not wait to add this theme to your money site.

However, in the rare case that people may have specific issues regarding Cyprus theme. In such cases, customers are protected by 30 days money-back guarantee.

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MyThemeShop Cyprus WordPress Theme Review

MyThemeShop Cyprus WordPress Theme HomepagePin

Name: MTS Cyprus WordPress Theme

Description: MyThemeShop Cyprus is a beautiful and SEO-friendly theme with schema-ready code. Money making blogs & affiliate websites must read this Cyprus WordPress Theme Review.

Offer price: 19 - 87

Currency: USD

Operating System: WordPress

Application Category: Premium WordPress Theme


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  • Pricing

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  1. Markus Manter says:

    Hi Ankit,
    It’s good to know about why we need the MyThemeShop Cyprus Theme. I was actually wondering what it’s all about when I first shifted to WordPress. Although I just installed mine a few days back and I really love its features. Thanks so much for sharing this review and do have a nice weekend.

  2. Hi Ankit,
    Mythemeshop has one of the best collections of WordPress themes out there. I’ve used a lot of their themes on my blogs, and I especially love Cyprus theme.

    I’ll recommend the company any day anytime. Nice review.

  3. Anshula Varma says:

    Related posts section definitely reduces bounce rate! And I think it’s very important to make the related posts as relevant as possible for higher click-throughs.

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