As I promised, I’m going the share a step-by-step guide on how to use live Google Keyword Rank Tracker with exclusive lifetime access to the tool.

Basically, this SEO keywords ranking tool is a Google Sheet template customized for live tracking of keyword positions in the SERP.

Unlike other SEO tools that collect the ranking data once a day, our Google Keywords Rank Tracker display the LIVE ranking of keywords on your site or one of the competitors you’re spying on.

Here is the step-by-step guide to analyze the keyword ranking data.

Step 1: Get FREE access to Rank Tracker by clicking through the following link. Simply sign up with your existing Gmail account or create a new one. (I recommend using the desktop/notebook over mobile devices).

Access Rank Tracker

Step 2: Head over the “File” menu and “Make a Copy” for each domain you want to track keyword ranking.

Important: Make a copy to Edit this Google Sheets template
Important: Make a copy to Edit this template

Step 3: Add your/competitors domain, select the preferred country under the Region drop-down list and add all the keywords you want to track.

Rank Tracker Template SS1
Rank Tracker Sheet

Step 4: If you want to track additional metrics like MSV (Monthly Search Volume), then you can SEMrush API key under the “Settings” tab.

That’s it.

This tool will automatically track live Google ranking data for all keywords including your keywords positions in SERP, indexed title, URL, and meta description. Plus, you can find who is ranking on the top of the SERP, right above your web page and following your tail.

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