You know that blogging is an absolute growing industry and the main part of digital marketing. Currently, it’s a trending to reach out maximum people, engage them & convert into leads or sales.

Many full-time bloggers are earning more than thousands of dollars per month which are an average salary of an industrial employee in India.

Scaling business and thus grabbing more customers is no-nonsense in today’s competitive world.

So why not to create your own blog?

Just get a domain name & hosting & I will help you to set up fully functional WordPress website within no time.

And, it’s free for you!

Yeah! You heard the right.

Just buy domain & hosting through the link given below and complete your order. Once, you get the confirmation mail from the hosting company, forward the required details to me at following emails and I will set a website/blog for free.

Email ID 1:

Email ID 2: (optional)

Follow the procedure for greater success

1. Pick a Profitable Niche

2. Decide a domain name (Brainstorm or ask for free suggestion)

3. Buy Domain & Hosting (I’d like & appreciate if you use my suggestion)

4. Forward the cPanel login details to my email (of course your permission is required & need a formal email about it. Just use the following template.

Hello Ankit,

I’m (Your Name) want to start my blog. I want you to install a WordPress website/blog for me. Here are the details for my hosting cPanel (* details/forward the email got from a hosting company*). I’m giving you permission to use my cPanel for WordPress installation. 

(*cPanel details & your custom requirements*)

I’m waiting to see my website/blog live on the internet. I hope you’ll do it soon.


(Your Name)

5. I will offer you free WordPress installation service and basic setup like setting up pages, categories & permalink structure.

6. I’ll also install a beautiful theme on your website/blog. It will be a free theme & basic customization. If you want a premium theme, then buy one here and I will set it up free for you.

7. I will install all necessary plugin to get better performance, speed & SEO benefits.

The Plugins I’ll Install

  • JetPack
  • Akismet
  • Yoast SEO
  • AMP
  • Autoptimize
  • W3 Total Cache
  • All-In-One WP Security
  • Broken Link Checker
  • Contact Form
  • SumoMe/Social Warfare (If you want to add social boost, or, DIY, I’ll guide you).
  • Any other free or paid plugins (requires file or license for premium plugins)

8. I will create a custom business email for your site (

9. If you need a logo, then I will create a basic logo for only $10

10. I’ll promote you through my tweet, Google+ and Facebook page.

Free WordPress Installation Service Offers

  • Highly optimized website/blog for both speed & performance
  • Mobile ready & responsive across all devices
  • Professional Look depending your business needs
  • Optimized for leads, ads & sales
  • Basic help via email & on my blog

What Will You Get From Your Blog?

*You Will Get Revenue From

  • Google AdSense & other ads networks
  • Affiliate marketing (My favorite)
  • Sponsorships
  • Direct selling physical or digital products/services
  • Freelancing Portfolio to get more qualified leads
  • Better job offer (If you want to do it part-time)
  • Paid review posts

Free WordPress installation service


What is the catch? Why are you offering this service for free when many of freelancers charge around hundreds for the same WordPress installation?

There is no any catch. I’m offering this free WordPress installation service because when you’ll sign up for the domain+web hosting package through my affiliate link, I’ll earn a small commission from it. And, the best thing is that you don’t have to pay anything extra out of your pocket. In addition with that, you’ll also get a discount on the regular price as a gift.

It’s a win-win deal for both of us, don’t you think so? I’ll get a small commission and you will get a beautiful and highly optimized website/blog for you.

Are you offering free WordPress installation service if I already have purchased a web hosting?

To get this deal of free WordPress installation service you must sign up for web hosting plan through my affiliate link. I’m sorry but I can’t offer free WordPress installation service if you already have web hosting purchased elsewhere.

Is this safe and secure service?

Yes, 100%! You just need to give me the access to your web hosting cPanel (control panel) so that I can log in and install WordPress and do all necessary setup free for you. I hate spam & take your privacy very seriously. I will not keep any of the login information about accessing your web hosting that you give me. Once installation gets complete and the site has been set up I’ll delete all the information you provide me.

You can change all your logins and passwords then that means I will no longer have any access to your cPanel. I’m ensuring you here that I will never access your web hosting once setup gets completed.

How long will it take before my site is live?

Hey, you will get your WordPress powered website/blog as early as I can do and your requirements. You can expect it within only one business day. Sometimes, it may take longer around three business days so sorry for your inconvenience.

Once you have signed up for web hosting service, you’ll need to forward all required information to me and currently, I only take request through email only.

I will start installing WordPress on your server and set up your website as soon as I get the necessary information. If you have any custom requirements about themes or plugins or anything, do let me know simply through a request email.

Will my site be Mobile Responsive?

Yes, your site will be 100% mobile responsive and you can check it with Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test tool. No problem what device you are using, the website will display as good as on the desktop. You’ll please with the result.

Will my site be optimized for search engines?

Yes, your website will be highly optimized for the search engines like Google, Bing, etc. As I’ll configure search engine friendly URLs, install and configure an SEO plugin that will create search engine optimized metadata tags and it will generate an XML Sitemaps. Still, consider investing time in learning about SEO will help you in the long-term because SEO is an ongoing process which you can’t neglect.

What if I need more help in future?

WordPress is super easy CMS to use and fun to learn. Once the WordPress has been installed and set up what you think difficult, creating custom web pages and blog posts are a breeze.

You have tons of tutorials to learn about WordPress. Consider, is one of these resources. You can access forums, websites, and YouTube to learn more about WordPress and blogging related things. You can mail me or follow on social media, especially on Quora.

Why should I use your service?

As I intimately know (and love) WordPress CMS and this is right here, serves as great example of WordPress powered site. So don’t miss this opportunity of free WordPress installation service.

What’s not included in free WordPress installation service?

Anything that is not listed above. The free WordPress installation service does not include any form of custom design, coding, and content creation. I can’t help you with tweaking any theme or plugin customization. (You can buy a premium add-on only for $30 and onwards depending the requirements). I’m also unable to provide you with any ongoing support though I help rookies very often.

What are your premium add-ons?

My premium service for WordPress installation includes following add-ons.

  • Google Analytics Setup

I’ll set up Google Analytics to your website/blog in order that you’ll be able to simply track your blog traffic.

  • Google Webmaster Tools Setup

Google Webmaster Tools will give you an ability to check your blog’s information like crawling stats, sitemaps, errors, etc.

  • Social Media Accounts Setup

Social media plays important plays in referral traffic and SEO also. Setting up social accounts for your blog is required and I’ll do it.

Social Accounts that I will create:
  • Facebook Fan Page (Request customized FB page)
  • Twitter Handle
  • Google+
  • Linked In
  • StumbleUpon
  • And, what you’ll ask.
  • Page Setup

I’ll create all basic pages like Contact Us, Blog, Privacy Policy, TOS or Disclosure, etc. and customize according to your need. (If you have custom design requirement, please tell me about that).

  • Setting Up Lead Magnets

When the visitor lands on your web page, converting him into your customer is very crucial part of the business. That’s why I will set up a lead magnet for you. Subscribe form, Popups, and a customized landing page. (You’ll need to pay premium charges for a license required for your site if you decided to use advanced lead generation features. I’ll also help you to decide the best service according to your requirement for free.)

  • Advanced Customization

I will do advanced customization with the design only to get better look and performance. I won’t touch the default coding as I respect the developer’s hard work. If you want the fully customized design which I don’t offer, I will suggest you the best freelancer who will help you. Consider, he may charge you depending on your project. Still, I’ll convince him to give you large discount.

Get quotes for my premium service by just sending an email to above email address.

Or, continue with free WordPress installation service offered here.

free WordPress installation service

Disclosure: If you have decided to start blogging and buy the domain & hosting package from my affiliate link, I will get a small commission from it as I stated above which will help me to bring more value to you. You’ll not have to pay any extra but you get a discounted offer over there.