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Are you working online and apart from your current earning, searching for the new and easy way of monetization? Or are you an Indian blogger experiencing thousands of hits per day?

Yes! Then I would like to introduce you to the easier way to monetize your blog or website. Let me go beyond the Google AdSense and tell about Cuelinks, a 2-minute Content Monetization system.

I know every blogger works very hard to develop his blog but same time his bread & butter is also depends on anything he receives from his blog.

On initial days, he has to develop his blog, research about the niche, write the posts and marketing, etc.

In those days, he doesn’t have any reliable resources to monetize his blog. Even, Google takes significant time to approve the AdSense account.

And, if he has very limited hits then the revenue becomes very less than the expectations. It becomes very difficult either to continue or to quit and unfortunately, most of the left blogging after failing to get the expected money from their work.

Let me clear one thing. Blogging is not magic, and it won’t make you rich overnight.

But if you are not getting much from your advertisement networks and start affiliate marketing then you have remembered one thing i.e. link management.

You have to sign up for individual merchant site, fill the required information (Name, address, payment mode or website, etc.) and submit it. Merchant will review your application and decide to approve or detain your request.

If he approves you, then you can promote his products on your blog and earn a handsome commission for your efforts. But how many affiliate programs you’ll sign up and monitor them on a daily basis?

Because you have other tasks to complete like copywriting, graphical work, web design & development, etc. and this becomes very time-consuming.

What will you do?

There is one option, and that is affiliate marketplaces. You can get several affiliate marketplaces on the web like Shareasale, CJ affiliate by Commission Junction, Clickbank, Viglink & Cuelinks, etc.

When you sign up and get approved, you can find hundreds of merchants at the single place and promote their products. It lets you find more productive time for your primary purpose which is blogging.

Now, you have got a clear cut idea about why do content monetization systems or affiliate marketplaces are necessary.

So here I’m going to tell you about a simple affiliate tool, which is easy to use, especially for Indian bloggers. Guess, what is it? It is Cuelinks, 2-minute content monetization system. I will tell you how to sign up for Cuelinks, how to promote affiliate products and earn money from it. So be focused, and you’ll have a very easy and better way to monetize your blog. But before that, I’ll tell you what Cuelinks is and how it works.

What is Cuelinks?

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Cuelinks is a 2-minute content monetization system and very useful affiliate marketing tool for bloggers, deal & coupon sites, forum owners or any publishers. In fact, any blog or websites which send outbound traffic to e-commerce/online shopping sites, travel, finance or matrimony websites can be monetized with the help of Cuelinks. It’s a better way for publishers to monetize their contents in an efficient manner and with minimum efforts from their end.

Cuelinks is founded by Mehul Jobanputra & Jimish Jobanputra with their investor and advisor Mark Friedgan headquartered in Mumbai (India). It is similar to other content monetization networks like Viglink or Skimlinks. When you sign up for Cuelinks & get approved, it will give you JS code that you have to place on your blog once, and Cuelinks will automatically convert your normal links into affiliate links.

Whenever the audience will click on these links on your website/blog and makes a valid purchase, you’ll be awarded a pretty good commission out of that purchase.

So I think Cuelinks make affiliate marketing easier for you or anybody else, especially the bloggers and publishers from India.

Cuelinks is the easier way to monetize your blog with its 2-minute content monetization system. It doesn’t take the time to get approval, and you can start earning within 1 or 2 days or even a few hours.

Important: If you’re the newbie to affiliate marketing check my article How To Unlock Your Success To Affiliate Marketing With My Practical Guide?

Overview Of Cuelinks A 2-Minute Monetization System

  • Easy to join & get approval
  • It requires a domain/website name, valid email and mobile no.
  • Detailed reports for every action like hits, EPC, etc. but can be improved to better
  • 500+ merchants
  • Different ways to get started: JavaScript code, widget or links
  • Single place & net60 days (a bit slow)  payment system
  • Minimum payout is INR 500
  • Revenue distribution is 75%:25% (Publisher & Cuelinks)
  • It does not convert the links which are not associated with Cuelinks, and you can exclude any merchant or e-commerce marketplace (e.g. Amazon, which has better affiliate system & commission rates) by sending mail to your Cuelinks affiliate manager (better support, at least for me.)
  • You can use the Google AdSense & Cuelinks simultaneously without any trouble.

Cuelinks is great affiliate management tool for any Indian blogger/publisher receiving target audience from India. If you are running e-commerce based niche blog, fashion or jewelry blog or any similar niche then Cuelinks can help you a lot in monetization and save tons of hours going on blog monetization management.

Signing Up For Cuelinks

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Signing up process is pretty easy, and anyone can sign up for Cuelinks content monetization program. Be ready with a domain name, valid email ID and mobile number. Fill your domain or website name, your full name, email address, password and mobile number. Select the company, if you have and the country, that’s it. You have done with the signing up process. It’s very simple, and I feel no trouble for signing up Cuelinks.

You can add your address and payment details later by accessing the account details and payment info tabs from your dashboard.

If you don’t have a blog/website, then learn here to create a beautiful responsive website/blog within 30 minutes.

Merchant Lookup

It is the very helpful feature of Cuelinks where you can get access to the affiliate network of hundreds of merchants at a single click. You can go there by signing in your Cuelinks account and clicking on Merchant Lookup tab on your dashboard.

You’ll see the list of e-commerce marketplaces and other merchants or search for a particular merchant by using the search box. You can categorize your search results and payout type also.

Once you find the merchant you are looking for, then you can go with that merchant with one click. Also, you can see the commission rates for the particular merchant.

Amazon + Cuelinks redirectsPin

When you click on a particular merchant link, Cuelinks will redirect on another page. On this page, you will find merchant URL and commissions rates. At the bottom of the page, you can link that merchant URL to your affiliate ID to get your unique affiliate link to get benefit from your affiliate promotion. Cuelinks inbuilt URL shortener can help you in link cloaking (shortening & hiding actual affiliate link) with one click, and you can promote that link on your blogs, social media or emails, etc. depending upon your promotion strategies.

The same process for external links can be done with the help of link kit where you can convert regular external merchant links to the affiliate links. Or you can directly use Cuelinks Chrome extension if you are using Google Chrome browser. In these, both cases you will just need sign in your account and link the merchant URL or deep link to particular product page URL with Cuelinks account to receive commission benefits.

Installing JavaScript Code

The individual product linking is also time-consuming. So Cuelinks gives its publishers a unique JS code to place on their blogs/websites. Once you add this code, all your normal links will be automatically converted into Cuelinks affiliate links. When someone clicks these links and purchase the product, you’ll receive the commission.

You will only need to copy and paste the JavaScript code given by Cuelinks into your website’s template just before the </BODY> tag (generally found in the footer section). If you don’t know how to do that or install JS code on your blog, feel free to ask help from your affiliate account manager.

Your JS code will be like this,

<script type=’text/javascript’>

     var pubID = ‘01234CL01234‘;

     (function(d, t) {

     var s = document.createElement(‘script’);s.type = ‘text/javascript’;

     s.async = true;s.src = (document.location.protocol == ‘https:’ ? ‘’ : ‘’)  + ‘cuelinksv1.js’;




Cuelinks WordPress Plugin

Another way to use Cuelinks on your blog/website is by using ‘Cuelinks – Affiliate Marketing Tool‘ WordPress plugin. Installing plugin is same as other WordPress plugins. The Cuelinks Settings will be instantly available in the Left Navigation sidebar of your WordPress dashboard.

Configure your publisher ID with that plugin. You can find it on your Cuelinks dashboard under the Account Settings tab, and it’ll be like 01234CL01234. Save changes and activate the plugin. Saving the changes will automatically add a few lines of JavaScript code in your website template, and you can earn money for your affiliate promotion after every successful sale.

CueLinks WP PluginPin

Cuelinks Deals Or Coupon Widgets

Cuelinks Deal WidgetPin

Cuelinks deal or coupon widget is another way to monetize your blog/website. If you are writing reviews about products or running a deal or coupon website, this method is very useful for you. Just find the merchants or products and get the code to place on your blog or site.

It’s again very simple, and you can use it not only on WordPress but other platforms like Blogger also. You’ll need to place the iframe code in the widget area of the sidebar, and that’s it.

The iframe code will be like this,

<iframe width=’300′ height=’250′ frameborder=’0′ scrolling=’no’ src=’‘></iframe>

You can create the widgets by going to the dashboard of Cuelinks. Click on the Resource Center >> Widgets >> Create new widget  and generate the beautiful widget according to your preference.

CueWords – Automatically Convert text into affiliate links

Cuelinks CueWords DashPin

Cuelinks has released a new feature for better monetary benefits to its publishers. This latest feature is nothing but CueWords. And it automatically converts text (keywords) into links. It’s pretty useful for those bloggers who haven’t added many links to their old posts. At the same time, it gives you the option to control how many keywords should convert into affiliate links.

I suggest you keep this number in between 4-6 otherwise, that’ll spoil user experience coming to your blog/website. Another important thing doesn’t use keyword stuffing only because of the money which will also be annoying.

Apart from these above methods, you can use SDK (Software Development Kit) to get paid for your app. When users will click on your app-links and purchase the products, you’ll earn the commission for each bonafide sale.

How to start an online business with Cuelinks?

For starting with Cuelinks, you can use your current blog/website, but if the niche is entirely different, then it’s better to start an online coupons & deals site.

Cuelinks will provide you with updates on new deals by email on a daily basis. These deals you can use effectively to drive sales through your platform. I’m suggesting to use premium themes like Coupon or Ecommerce to get better conversion.

Same time you can promote your links over the social media or through email marketing funnel. Use Facebook or Instagram where you can find many potential customers.

I hope you will find the better way to monetize your blog/website with Cuelinks.

Sign Up Free account Here (For CueLinks)

If you are already working with Cuelinks, let us know about your experience. And, if you find this article useful, then please share it with others on Facebook, Twitter & Google Plus.

If you have any query or feedback, let me know via comment box below.

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  1. Sai Krishna says:

    Hi Ankit,
    Can I know is it working for YouTube channels coz I am a YouTuber and I want to know best affiliate network for my channel.

    1. You can promote different Cuelinks offers on your website or use custom links on social media or YouTube. Since I don’t know your channel, I can’t suggest the best affiliate network. You can choose any affiliate network or in-house affiliate program depending on your niche.

  2. Juna Fe Alaya-Ay says:

    Great information. I just want to ask something about your blog. Did you use WordPress in creating your awesome blog Sir?

    1. Yes. We have moved from Blogger to WordPress a couple of years back.

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