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SuccessPixel (previously websitetipstricks.com) is a platform where every beginner can learn all the important tips and tricks about blogging and earning money online to take his/her blogging career to another height.

Right from creating a blog to advanced tips for website optimization and making money online, everything you can learn here and implement on your site.

Most people choose to blog as a part-time career and some of us do it full-time.

However, only a few become successful while others leave this career after getting disappointed.

 I have found the reason behind that.

Do you know what it is?

Many people think that they can start blogging and earn money within no time. It’s a totally wrong concept about blogging.

Blogging is all about learning, improving yourself, and sharing your knowledge with other people.

Always remember, learning is the earning.

Most people think it’s just a theory and need not be implemented in real life.

I firmly believe in learning and applying these things smartly in my career.

Here on WebsiteTipsTricks, I’ll be sharing my knowledge, experiments, digital marketing growth hacks and much more.

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My Story

Ankit Main WebsiteTipsTricks

My name is Ankit Main, living in a small town of Ratnagiri (MH).

After completing my Diploma in Mechanical Engineering, I started working in the automobile sector. It was a fantastic experience because I was leaving my home for the first time, working in a reputed company, roaming lots of new places with my friends and living a happy life.

I was also considering to complete my graduation, but I couldn’t break it.

Later, I also decided not to work in the mechanical field due to a boring routine.

During my engineering job, I learned many things, mostly because I never constrained myself to do specific things.

One of my friends referred me to network marketing where I learn how to understand people, interact with them, pitch the product, and finally convince them to buy it.

Although I couldn’t make tons of money in Network Marketing, it gave me the idea of how marketing works.

One day, I read an article about how to start a blog and make money online. I thought it’s the easiest option to be rich (No, it is not), and I should give try to it.

Initially, I started working with free WordPress.com and Blogspot platform, wrote 50-60 articles on each blog, threw some random affiliate links, and the results were obvious — got nothing out of it.

Since I wanted to make money online, I borrowed my friends’ credit card to purchase domain+hosting (I had a debit card) and created a WordPress blog.

I work on it for a few months but didn’t get much success.

November 2016 changed my life. I was working in a direct marketing company, meeting more than 100 people per day, trying to sell them our service and coming back tired.

I decided to give a try to blogging again because it was work from home opportunity and involves less physical work than my direct marketing job.

I started writing new articles, still no niche/KW research, no content planning, no strategies to drive traffic and sales, nothing.

When I got Zero dollars in my first month after starting WebsiteTipsTricks.com, I searched for how to do things in the right way.

It wasn’t the best decision at that time, but I chose to blog about blogging like thousands of other bloggers.

I received my first payout of $50 for referring a web hosting service to one of my friends (literally I pulled him to the blogging).

I knew that blogging can make money, but doing it manually like direct marketing is not the best way for the long term.

So, I started learning how to automate the blogging activities including research, copywriting, SEO, social media marketing, email marketing, analytics and much more.

For a mechanical engineer, it wasn’t quite easy to understand everything mentioned above.

Then I thought, what if I can simplify that complex knowledge into beginner-friendly tutorials and how-to guides.

And, I’m doing it for the last three years.

Currently, I’m managing business websites of four clients including content creation, promotion, and maintenance. Plus, running seven blogs under my network.

It’s a beautiful journey so far.

I hustled, I failed, I cried, I lost, but I won, and I’ll always be one who hustles to win.   


  • Google Digital Unlocked
  • Google Analytics
  • Hubspot Inbound
  • SEMrush Affiliate Marketer
  • SMstudy Marketing Strategy Associate


SEMrush Content Marketer of India (Won Big Blogging Contest)

For My Readers

I’ll always try to share all the best things I have ever learned, and this journey will continue…

Once again heartily thanks for visiting Success Pixel and knowing about us.

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