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Welcome to SuccessPixel.com – a place where the new bloggers can learn about blogging, affiliate marketing, and social media marketing.

First of all, thank you for landing on ‘About’ page at SuccessPixel.com.

SuccessPixel.com is developed by Ankit Main with the honest desire to give the help to newbies in blogging and internet marketing. 

Most of the people think that building an online presence is very easy but it’s only for the experienced people and when you will try for creating and maintaining any online platform, you will know how difficult that task is.

But don’t worry, there are so many people who are ready to help you anytime and very experienced in this field including me. 

All the tips we share with you are derived from our experience and rigorous testing. 

We as successpixel.com always ready to learn and improve ourselves and share this knowledge with you to develop your blogging career in a different way.

About Ankit​

Hi, buddies! I’m Ankit Main, the founder of successpixel.com. 

I am from the technical background and have worked 2 years for a renowned OEM in the automobile sector. 

I like automobile and I love engineering from my childhood but honestly, I don’t like the schedule in the automobile industries – shifts work, no freedom, and limitations to express ideas. 

I always think that the God has blessed us with a single life and why not to live it in our own way. So I started my blogging career. 

I learned a lot from the top bloggers like Harsh Agarwal, Ankit Kumar Singla, Anil Agarwal, Akshay Hallur and many people before starting this blog.

I started with Blogger and created two blogs with it. 

I found that many people don’t get proper help for blogging and left before reaching the goal. 

I also faced many problems but I never gave up and continued learning new things always. 

Although Blogger is the great platform for newbies and for learning purpose but when you want to spread your thoughts to the world more effectively then WordPress is really awesome tool as the power it delivers is come from the community of millions of people bonded with the WordPress.

I recently moved from Blogger to WordPress with  websitetipstricks.com and I’m sure that I’ll always try to give you the best of the best I have ever learned and this journey will continue………

Once again heartily thanks for visiting SuccessPixel.com and knowing about us.