25 Proven Strategies to Master In Writing an Engaging Copy

Today, writing the engaging copy is a bit difficult job. What do you think?

The Internet has millions of websites and billions of web pages. And, still, it’s growing continuously.

Have you ever thought why people will come to you and read your content? Especially when there are already thousands of pages available for a specific topic?

You may ask, “Should I drop the idea of copywriting or blogging?”

Absolutely No!

In this article, I’m going to tell you how to write a great engaging copy for your blog or copywriting project.

I hope you will stick to the last point to get access to all my proven strategies to write a great copy. So let’s get started.

1. Undergo Deep Research

It’s a key to success in copywriting. Every time, when you write a copy or blog post you must research the topic and related information very deeply.

Searching the topic on authority sources on the web and offline (through books, magazines, research papers & case studies etc. the maximum sources available to you) and studying in details will give you enormous knowledge about the topic and you will get other relevant know-how also.

Take an example.

If you want to write on ‘Top 5 WordPress Plugins’ then you must take the time to study all available WordPress Plugins, review them.

(You can’t predict by 15-day trial and requires a lot of knowledge & experience in software testing field to judge the performance of plugins and this example has taken here for information purpose only).

Read the maximum review posts about these plugins. Don’t forget to go through the comment section of each post you are reading.

It’ll help more to understand the plugins and their pros & cons. Don’t even miss a single sentence while reading such useful resource.

Researching and studying the topic will help you in flourishing your contents as well as replying the questions asked by the readers.

Deep research can add value to your existing copy as well as give the ideas to be added in your content making it more complete. No one is perfect but you can try to the nearest point to it.

2. Selection of Topic For Your Copy

It’s a quite tough job where most of the bloggers/writers get stuck.

Deep research is hence important to get the idea of what to write.

There’re millions of keywords & topic on which you can write the contents. But an exact selection of the topic for the next copy is a bit tricky.

You should think, is the topic is trending or engaging in itself? And, more than that all is it useful to the readers?

If the answer is ‘Yes’ then only consider the topic for your copy.

If you are not going to deliver the quality through it or not confident about its usefulness. Drop the topic and move on another one.

Remember the 3 Don’ts while copywriting.

1) Don’t write unless you have an idea about what to write.

2) Don’t write unless you know the topic deep in all aspects.

3) Don’t write unless you are committed delivering quality.

3. Take Notes About What You Have Studied

Taking notes is a great technique for copywriting, especially when you don’t know the topic in deep. Go around the web or offline world and note down the points which you think important.

When you will start writing, just go through it and you don’t have to go the source each time to take reference.

I still write key points in my notebook which I observe while surfing the web & think important for my copy.

Ā You may think, it’s an old-school technique. But trust me, it works. At least for me. You can use online or digital platforms like MS-Word or Evernote etc.

4. Just Write, Forget About The Mistakes


Confused? Just a while.

It’s an important step for anyone who wants to write a great copy. You might be thinking, How is it possible without caring the mistakes in the copy?

This technique will save a lot of your time going waste into editing and correcting your copy unnecessarily. Leave the concept of editing besides when you start writing.

After researching & studying the topic and taking important notes, you should focus just on writing and not on editing. First of all, write everything you have planned for your copy and once it gets completed the move on other functions like correcting spelling mistakes & grammar or proofreading etc. all.

5. Think About The Writing Atmosphere

Choose a peaceful area so that you can convert your ideas into a great engaging copy.

Switch off the mobile or all other things causing distraction and start writing.

When I could not concentrate on my writing due to disturbance, I used to place headphones around my ears. I still use this technique and otherwise don’t write anything.

Another thing that helped me the most is writing whole copy at a single time. The main reason behind that was when I used to write the first sentence of any copy, ideas for next sentence were coming automatically to me.

This technique has given me the boost to write a great copy. Still, I write a whole copy before leaving my chair.

Why does it matter? Is there any advantage from it?

Yes. In case, when there is no idea for next sentence while writing a copy, you can combine your previous ideas and create the relevant contents to your title. And, that is possible when you write the entire copy at a single time, so you can relate all ideas and create an engaging copy.

Try it yourself, I’m sure the output would be the better.

6. Introduce Original Contents

Are you thinking that reader will engage the duplicate contents? Then you are in the wrong direction. What’s your opinion?

If you are not studying a particular subject and just doing copy-paste or altering context a slightly then I don’t think you will emerge as a good copywriter.

Most of the people just don’t trust on the single source and surf around the web simultaneously. They can easily identify the copied contents if any. And, you’ll lose trust as well as reputation also at your front end i.e. reader won’t give you much importance. It’ll be difficult to get reader involvement in your copy by such practices.

At the same time, Google also penalizes you for the plagiarized contents. It will lead to losing ranking in SERP (Search Engine Ranking Page).

7. Cite Sources

Everyone on the web who writes a copy himself/herself works very hard to deliver quality contents to you. He invests time, money and sometimes the emotions.

Is it right to copy his work? Definitely not.

Even you want to use a small piece of his content, please ask permissions to use his contents. In case, you have used someone else’s content then you must cite him or link back to the original source.

Giving credit to someone for his work is a nice practice, especially when he has taken efforts for you. Put yourself in his shoes and you’ll understand it in a better way.

Quoting the source will not charge you anything extra but it’s for the appreciation of the people working for a long time on their contents. It’ll again build your reputation and your copy will not be considered as plagiarized even when you have eaten a piece of pie i.e. used briefs from others.

8. Focus On Headline

Many people will tell you the importance of the ‘writing better headline‘. If you fail to prepare an attractive headline for your copy, probably great content can’t help you in getting the bunch of visitors.

According to statistics by Copyblogger,

On average, 8 out of 10 people will read headline copy, but only 2 out of 10 will read the rest.

It says all itself. Not giving power to your headline may harm your copy drastically.

Your contents go viral mostly by the headline. Again rest of text should be qualitative as your headline. Don’t fake it. If you’re not delivering quality contents promised in the headline, people will hate you and never come back to your site.

9. Create Short Paragraphs

While writing an engaging copy, you should not overlook this point. Large sections may give readers dreary feel. Would you like to read the 1000 words article without paragraphs? Surely no. You’ll just overview or try to find the key points from that article. Agree?

Making short paragraphs increase reader engagement. They can get the exact information what they are searching for. Short paragraphs can be easily scanned hence loved by the readers the most.

A single sentence can also perform and fuel your contents.

(See the above sentence. Isn’t it powerful and emphasizing?)

Again, the sentences should be small. You can leave a few incomplete sentences throughout your copy to check reader engagement.

10. Use Subheadings

Apart from writing short paragraphs use subheadings throughout your copy whenever necessary. It not only make sections of your copy more readable but maximizes reader engagement also.

Subheadings create parts or sections of your dense copy and help people to understand the idea about the content following it. Make sure; subheading has represented the entire section below in a better way and as a key point.

Using heading 3, heading 3ā€¦.. for subsections will make your copy more detailed and catchy.

11. Highlight The Important Points

While writing a copy, make sure that you are giving emphasis on the important points.

Use Bullet points or format the important text as Bold or Italic.

You can use the color scheme for your keywords or important points. It will help your visitors knowing there is something hot. And, if you are using anchor text through it, you would be able to obtain the great conversion boost.

12. Ice-Cream Cone Technique

This title is interesting, isn’t it? Do you know what does it mean? No? Here, I’ll tell you about it.

Have you ever eaten an ice-cream cone from a street hawker?

You might have noticed that the upper portion of the cone is full of ice-cream while lower is having very less of it or maybe the dry biscuit.

Still, you love that ice-cream, don’t you?


Because you know the more has to come first and you can get it quickly. It’s normal human psychology that everyone wants more at the first attempt and as soon as possible.

So you have to take care of this point. You must push your important points in the earlier portion of the copy, mostly in the starting paragraph. It will grab attention and engagement of your customers and make them read your entire copy.

This is generally called asĀ an inverted pyramid technique of copywriting and focused on bringing most of the valuable contents in the base of the pyramid i.e. at the top of your copy.

13. Check Your Engagement Level

Does your copy speak? No? Then think yourself, are you writing an engaging copy or not?

You might think that I have gone mad. But this is true that the engaging copy speaks with its readers. Now, you will ask, how?

Let me answer this question in details.

The engaging copy means it gives the sense of actual conversion between you and readers. Here, you are speaking with a reader through your copy. So make your copy narrative.

While writing, think that you are speaking with someone and then start writing. Then I’m sure that the new copy coming from you will give better engagement of reader and surprisingly higher conversion too.

Use ‘You’ instead ‘We’ or ‘Us.’ You can refer this article and able to get what I am telling.

Though I have said not to use ‘We’ or ‘Us’ but use the first person singular pronouns ‘I’, ‘Me’, ‘My’ etc. in your copy. It will help to create a strong bond between you and your readers. Being personal at such moments can make you built trust among your readers and your content seems more genuine.

Be yourself and be real and present yourself as you’re. People like this attitude. The only thing to remember not to exaggerate than your capabilities and possibilities.

You must be thinking then what’s about the ‘Nothing is impossible!’

14. Open Conversation

This is an excellent way to write an engaging copy. Once you get the chance, open conversation with your readers.

Ask them questions like “why“, “what“, “how“, “when” and “where” etc. sometimes be rude while asking questions like ‘Why Did You Fail To Master And Rule The World Of The SEO?‘ or ‘How The Kindle Garden Babies Understand The Puzzles Faster Than You?‘ etc.

Answer all possible question you have asked purposely, the expected questions to your copy or FAQs relevant to your title. It will make you virtually mentor for your reader and they will read more interestingly.

15. Make Your Copy Easily Readable

Has your copy passed during the first term examination? Yes.

Then the second term examination is coming nearby. So be prepared for that. Make your copy easily readable by anyone.

Many people only focus on the SEO copywriting to get more organic traffic. But if you are not going to get any conversion, then what’s the benefit of that all.

You’ll not get anything from your hard efforts. So keep hands on the engaging copy rather than SEO.

It means you must care for both SEO as well as your readers.

Making copy readable is not a tough job but you’ll need to be enough smart and keep practicing your writing.

I’ll tell a few key points to make your copy easily readable.

11 Tips To Convert Your Dump Copy Into Highly ReadableĀ Magazine Page

a) Use active voice rather than passive voice.

b) Make the sentences short, merely reaching 20 words. Crafting 10-14 words in a sentence is a good practice as it can be read very easily.

c) Avoid repetitive contexts, especially at the beginning of the sentences. It looks like a boring one.

d) No, every time your copy will be read by the university experts. All normal people also land on your site. So use the language, words & phrases which can be easily understandable to all.

e) If you are using abbreviations then it’s better to write the full form of that particular one into brackets next to it. Not necessary for everyday used abbreviations like am, pm, a.k.a., asap etc.

f) Leave the white space around you copy and use white background whenever possible.

g) Use average to the big font for your text contents. It will make your copy easily readable.

h) Choose proper theme and layout and make the contents appealing. It does not come under copywriting but it’ll surely help in boosting readership.

i) Optimize the line length of your copy to best for reading.

j) Avoid the ‘Stopping Words’ whenever possible. Also, eliminate all weak words like “in my opinion”, “perhaps”, “in order to” or unnecessary adverbs which only increase the length of the sentence.

k) Use lists (as it is) or put your contents into the charts or tabular format creating your copy easily understandable.

If you really want to create the copy which is easily readable. Write copy as a reader, not an author, copywriter or editor.

Because by doing that you can easily find the difficulties which readers face while reading and finally you will be able to write a genuinely engaging copy. Am I right?

16. Write A Long Tail Copy

I generally receive 300-400 words posts on my WhatsApp, at least 10-25 new of them daily. On Facebook, it’s quite similar.

Then why can’t you craft more than 800-100 words for a single copy?

Yes, you can.

Though some experts say to write short but sweet copy, you should always think about creating a larger but a concise one.

Why? Because the reason for it is given below.

According to the Hubspot,

Articles with a word count between 2,250 and 2,500 earn the most organic traffic.

Articles with a word count between 2,250 and 2,500 earn the most organic traffic and 25-Proven-Strategies-To-Master-In-Writing-An-Engaging-Copy


Articles with a word count over 2,500 get shared the most o social media.

Articles with a word count over 2,500 get shared the most o social media


Articles with a wordĀ  count over 2,500 earn the most links.

Articles with a word count over 2,500 earn the most links

It’s interesting, isn’t it? So try to write a long tail copy for your next blog post. Don’t run away. Still, you have a lot to read in this copy.

17. Make Your Copy Authoritative

When you publish your copy on your blog, offline or elsewhere, many people access and read it. They are ready to take reference from your copy.

Then the big question that you should ask yourself, ‘Is this copy is authoritative?’ ‘Am I providing 100% correct & trusted source of information to my reader?’

Making copy authoritative is not a simple task. You have to study from all aspects of that particular topic, collect 100% correct and most recent data from another authority sources or highly trusted sites etc.

When you speak anything through your copy, you must have the backup to prove that. Using facts and figures (official data) in your text can boost your authority.

Another one thing, write a copy about a topic in which you have expertise. It will not only help you become the authority in that particular field but also engage your readers.

Moreover, you can easily answer the questions raised by the audience or reply the comments.

18. Visualize Your Copy

How would the empty sky look like without the moon? Totally black. Would you like to look such empty sky without the moon? Probably you would not.

Then what about the copy without the visualized contents or the graphics? Only a few people will read the whole text of around 2500+ words without having images or graphics. Rest will leave the page even the matter in the article is qualitative.

Haven’t you heard that,

“The image speaks for itself .. a thousand words?”

It doesn’t mean you can save a thousand words per picture and only two pictures can give you search engine ranking & readership. But the images can definitely give the boost the both mentioned above, especially reader’s engagements.

You can add infographics, animation, charts or tables, and even videos to your copy. The people who don’t love reading will at least get engaged in the media and you will get the better content share, subscription or final conversion.

19. Be Narrative

Almost all people love stories. Why not tell them yours one.

Be narrative while writing. It will bring you an engaging copy which readers will love. Tell your own success stories to motivate them. Discuss the problems you have faced till date and got success by overcoming them.

Don’t feel embarrassing to share your failure. It will make you more genuine and real at the front end.

Apart from that, you can add others story which you think create an engaging copy and boost the readership.

Many people search for the solutions to their problem. If your story gives them the exact solution, the chance is that your content to be shared or bookmarked by them.

20. Craft a Self Explaining Copy

I already said that the copy speaks. Again, here I’m going to tell you that copy can explain all matter in itself.

Writing a self-explaining copy is not simple, but you can master it very quickly.

Your text should explain all the expected queries and doubts of the readers. When you can create such copy, you would not require many efforts to convert it into an engaging copy.

At the beginning eliminate all irrelevant ideas and process only filtered ideas. Craft the copy around the points you have noted downed previously and use the tips mentioned here to improvise it.

Answer the anticipated questions in details. Give the information about the authority resources to prove the facts and stats you have displayed in your copy.

Specify the contents from the first to last sentence but in a concise way and let them will read whole copy. Make each & every effort so the copy would become self-explaining.

21. From Engagement To Conversion

It’s the most important thing in copywriting. If the conversion is not happening then what’s the benefit of pouring soul in the copywriting?

All people here are for a purpose. Even someone who writes for a passion wants that people should visit his blog repetitively. Then what about the people who want to earn money or pursue the career in this field?

No doubt, your copy should be able to create the conversion, and nothing is wrong in that.

Conversion is not only regarding monetization but any action you expected from your audience.

Tips to Boost The Conversion

  • To boost your conversion write the reviews or comparison about the products you are referring. Tell them the benefit of the products and create urgency in terms of time & money both to let them take the strong decision, probably an action.
  • Unlock the contents by reason. Specify all your answers by reason because people need the strong reason before taking the particular action.
  • Add CTA (Call To Action) button or link in your copy where you think the more chances of conversion are possible. So the people can take action if they like your content & the product you are referring.
  • If you think that people won’t like your contents, make them available with new contents through the CTA buttons or links.
  • When you want to sell anything through your copy, make sure it is relevant to your title. Only refer the products which can deliver the expected quality and VFM (Value For Money) to your readers.
  • Occasionally, creating hype (not misleading) can get more conversion.
  • When you create CTA button use strong attracting phrases over it.

Take an example,

Use ‘Donate‘ instead ‘Buy Now‘ and ‘Book Your Seat Now For The Ultimate Course To Boost Your Conversion‘ or Claim Your Free Trial’ instead ‘Click here‘.

  • You can give the small portion of your highly converting content as a bait for free to your readers and ask to pay for full access to your contents. Or divide your copy into parts and let them subscribe to access the whole copy.
  • I have observed that giving downloadable contents, especially PDF ebooks can boost your email sign up than just adding ‘Subscribe Our Newsletter.’
  • The final point in this section is how to summarize or conclude? You must write a summary or conclusion that will boost reader’s instinct to take action. Make it actionable.

These methods will not create the engagement with the particular copy but the entire blog behind it.

22. Have You Optimized Your Copy For Search Engines?

These all tips mentioned above are for the better engagement of reader with your content. But what about SEO? All the tips are still following SEO but if you want to improve, you can do following things.

a) Use deep interlinking to closely relevant contents. Use anchor text whenever necessary.

b) Unless important, don’t create too many outbound links. As your copy is for solely made for improvising reading experience & engagement, minimize the outbound links.

Link only those authority resources where the reader can get more relevant information and if you are providing the qualitative source of information then why not to link more contents or authority sources around.

c) Make your copy socially shareable. Place the social share icons where they can be readily available.

Social media sharing

d) Add ‘alt’ tag to your media especially images. Use schema markup and let the search engine understand your contents in a better way.

e) Use LSI (Latent Semantic Index) or long tail keywords to get more direct traffic from search engines.

You can use SEO tools like ‘Yoast SEO‘ or ‘All In One SEO‘ to check your SEO score.

Still, there are many SEO tips, and you can study them and use to improve your copy score.

23. Have You Forgotten About The Grammar?

Suppose, you wrote a copy nicely and have grammatically incorrect, what’s the value of your text. Nothing or very less.

Your efforts are not of worth if you ignore the grammar mistakes. It can lead the different meaning of your context and create a hype.

So take care of grammar throughout your copy.

  • Be aware of the words like “then” and “than“, “your” and “you’re”Ā  or “there“, “their” and “they’re” and use only correct one of them fit in your context.
  • Using hyphens or colon repetitive is not looking good. Using quotation at necessary places and exclamations, somewhere in the paragraph is fair. But donā€™t emphasize on them.
  • Use proper punctuations like theĀ full stop, comma, and question mark wherever necessary.
  • Kindly use Connecting Words wherever necessary.

Use all grammatical techniques to boost the readership of your copy but don’t exaggerate them. Remember, the great engaging copy is never 100% grammatically perfect.

24. Proofreading

After researching and studying in-depth, you will be able to write a great engaging copy with the help of the above techniques. But before that, you must create skeleton a.k.a. prototype of your copy and check it thoroughly.

Read again and again at least five times, and you can easily notice the errors in your text.

Read again but loudly. It will surely help you find the mistakes by yourself or any other around you who knows the language very well.

If you’re getting stuck at somewhere, probably you have to turn back and fix the problem you have found in your copy.

Another better option is giving your copy to the native speaker of English and he can easily see the mistakes left by you. You can even hire a proofreading service or buy proofreading tools for the same purpose.

25. Editing As Finishing A Rough Diamond Into Gemstone

Now, you’re near the final destination. You have all things written in your copy and ready for publishing. Don’t you think to edit it?

Your copy is one of your products. Before your product is ready for marketing, you must be sure for its quality. So Do any necessary makeup or alteration in your contents and give them fine-tuning.

The draft is same as the rough copy. So use all available weapons to kill the enemies stopping your copy being engaging.

Make all efforts to bring out the best but don’t give even a single chance to anyone to criticize your copy.

Images & Graphics used in the copy should be high quality. Try to resize or optimize them for the better viewing experience.

Finally, wrap up your whole copy with embossing your idea on reader’s mind. It should establish the connection between you and the readers by letting them take action, make share your contents or connect through comment box leaving positive feedback about you.

What you will cultivate will return to you. If you create a positive attitude through your copy then you will not only get increased conversion but also create an active community of like-minded people.

Wrapping Up

You have read about 4400+ words, and still, you have not got bored. It’s the power of strong copywriting skills.

If you were thinking how to master in writing skill or write more than 1000 words, you might have to drop your perception here. No?

Great copywriting needs research, practice, consistency, and dedication. With these four, you can improve your writing every day. And, after a few days, you will observe the drastic change in yourself as a copywriter.

Are you ready for this transformation?

If you have any query or feedback, feel free to connect with us through the comment box or Contact Us.

Grab your copy of This book will teach you how to write betterĀ to get what you want, write better for the engaging audience & Ā better conversions.

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